Ana Navarro Calls Out Clooney Over Biden Exit ... He Better Pony Up $$$


Ana Navarro is putting George Clooney on blast after he called on President Biden to exit the election ... demanding the actor now show up for the Democratic Party in a big way.

Check it out, the political strategist sounded off on the A-lister during Monday's episode of "The View," where they discussed Biden's historic decision. Ana said she was mad, on behalf of Biden, as many of his friends dragged him for weeks and essentially forced his hand.

Specifically, she called out the donors who ran their mouths about Biden leading up to his exit ... and so, Ana said these people should thank POTUS by writing the party "a big check."

Joy Behar Blasts Trump As Narcissist ... Real Christians Don't Say God's Watching Them!!!


Joy Behar's Sunday schooling Donald Trump on live TV ... slamming the former prez for claiming God was watching out for him during the attempt on his life.

The 'View' cohost ripped the 45th president's RNC speech Friday -- her show's 6,000th episode -- and said it wasn't very Christian of him to say God was watching over him while, just feet away, another man ended up dead.

Check out the clip, Joy -- who says she grew up Catholic -- claims it's not proper for Christians to say God's looking out specifically for them because it's "narcissistic."



Joe Biden's got at least one cheerleader in Joy Behar ... who took a swipe at George Clooney for joining the chorus of stars urging the President to bow out of the 2024 race.

Speaking on "The View," Joy vented, "George Clooney wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times claiming that after he saw Biden's condition at the recent fundraiser, he doesn't think he's up for the gig. George Clooney? Couldn't he tell him that in person, for God's sake?"

Behar didn't hold back ... calling out GC for not mentioning in his op-ed any of Biden's solid achievements, like his economic track record.



Joy Behar is totally keeping her options open, hinting she might just switch lanes and give the same-sex dating pool a whirl ... eventually, anyway.

On Thursday's episode of "The View" Joy was put on the spot by her pals Sandra Bernhard and Judy Gold -- both members of the LGBTQ+ community -- who asked if she'd ever dabbled with a lady.

Joy didn't hesitate, responding,  "No ... but someday I will!"

Sunny Hostin On J Lo I Support Her Flying Commercial ... Back to Bronx Roots!!!


Sunny Hostin says it's humanizing to see Jennifer Lopez flying commercial, and a sure sign she can still be a humble girl from the Bronx ... even though she's a world away from "the block."

We got Sunny Tuesday outside ABC Studios in NYC, where our photog asked her about the images we got of J Lo sitting in a window seat on an Air France flight from Italy to France. Now, she was flying business class, but it's still a far cry from her usual private jet lifestyle.

Sunny says the commercial air travel makes Jennifer more like a woman of the people ... and she likes the fact the singer/actress/dancer can still fly among the normies, despite all her fame and fortune.

Joy Behar Don't Drug Screen Biden ... Trump Needs Lie Detector Test!!!


Joy Behar says it's Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, who needs to be tested before this week's debate ... and she wants Trump hooked up to the polygraph.

We got "The View" host out Tuesday in NYC outside ABC Studios -- and our photog asked her about Trump challenging Biden to take a drug test ahead of Thursday's debate ... something DT floated in an attempt to suggest Joe is on PEDs, which is unfounded.

Trump's been attempting to fan the flames on this speculation about Joe before big public events -- but Joy's seriously downplaying those concerns ... and flipping the tables on DT.

Joy Behar Mocks Belichick's New Romance ... Only So Much Viagra!!!

how young is too young?

"The View" turned into a roast of Bill Belichick's love life on Friday ... with Joy Behar ripping into the Patriots legend for dating 23-year-old Jordon Hudson.

The panel weighed in on the love birds' 49-year age gap during the ABC show ... and while a few hosts defended the romance, Behar scoffed at it -- and cracked several jokes at the coach and cheerleader's expense.

"This girl is hearing wedding bells," Behar said. "The question is -- can HE hear them?"

Meghan McCain J Lo Was 'Deeply Unpleasant' ... When I Was on 'The View'

Citizen McCain with Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain says Jennifer Lopez is getting bad-mouthed and dog-piled these days -- which is odd ... 'cause she just threw some extra shade herself with an ugly anecdote.

The ex-talk show host didn't have very nice things to say about J Lo on her most recent podcast episode -- recounting a time when Jen was on "The View," and claiming she was "deeply unpleasant" ... and, allegedly, not a very nice person -- at least according to MMC.

Take a listen ... Meg doesn't specify what year this all happened, but says that during a time when Jen was a guest on the show, she just wasn't all that sweet -- and didn't fake it either.

'The View' Gleeful Re: Trump Verdict Whoopi Speaking, Joy 'Leaking!!!'


"The View" hosts couldn't contain their excitement a day after Donald Trump was convicted -- especially Whoopi Goldberg ... who took her sweet time to rub it in on the air.

The actress-comedian -- who apparently hasn't used Trump's name on the show in years -- riled up the crowd at the end of the show ... when she repeated "guilty" 34 times in reference to all of DJT's convictions, for 34 seconds no less.

Fox News

Watch ... WG promises fans a quick recap of the trial, before firing off the word "guilty" repeatedly. She's even forced to yell over the crowd ... 'cause they break out in applause.

Jill Biden Mics Will Be Cut Off at 1st Prez Debate You'll See Joe is Smart!!!


Jill Biden is promising some semblance of decorum for the first 2024 Presidential debate ... teasing how the moderators will put a stop to any rambling with the hit of a switch.

The First Lady stopped by "The View" Wednesday morning, where FLOTUS promised the audience -- and a concerned Sara Haines -- that Pres. Joe Biden and Donald Trump's mics will be turned off during the forthcoming debate to prevent the candidates from talking over one another.

She says this was a key point in the debate agreement, as she noted ... "They've built that in where they're gonna turn off those mics so that somebody can't ramble, or scream at somebody. Not that my husband would be the one doing that."

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Chiefs' Harrison Butker Has Right to Speak Mind!!!


Whoopi Goldberg is coming to Harrison Butker's defense following his controversial college address -- but she's not so much agreeing with what he said ... more so his right to say it.

The TV star came out swinging on Thursday's episode of "The View" ... saying the Chiefs star was technically right to speak his mind during his speech this past weekend, especially since he's a devout Catholic addressing a Catholic college.

Harrison's og speech
Benedictine College

WG says that while she doesn't agree with Butker -- noting that the women at the commencement didn't have to either -- she still feels like he was within his right to speak his views.

Joy Behar on 'The View' Let's Be Honest, NO One WANTS TO BE FAT ... Defends Kelly Clarkson


Joy Behar said the quiet part out loud while defending Kelly Clarkson hopping on weight loss drugs ... saying nobody wants to be heavier than they need to be, period.

The topic of Kelly copping to the fact she's on medication that helped drop major poundage got brought up on Wednesday's episode of "The View" ... and Whoopi Goldberg was pointing out that Kelly can't win here, getting criticized no matter what she does or says.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

The group of hosts debated over whether Kelly should've been more forthcoming early on in her dramatic weight loss -- and eventually, Joy just came out and dropped a truth bomb.

Whoopi Goldberg Misses Good Old Days of 'The View' ... It's Kinda Gone Woke!!!

watch what you say

Whoopi Goldberg says "The View" ain't what it used to be -- explaining audiences are ready to jump on hosts for any little comment they make ... regardless of intention.

The EGOT winner -- who joined the show way back in 2007 -- opened up about hosting during a sit-down with Chris Wallace on his interview show ... and, he asked her if she liked moderating the program.

Goldberg says she liked "The View" more before 'cause audiences cut the hosts slack and didn't immediately jump to the conclusion they wanted to make nasty, horrible comments.

Whoopi Goldberg "Fui adicta a la cocaína desde muy joven"

Whoopi Goldberg dice que fue adicta a la cocaína al principio de su carrera y se puso tan mal, que al parecer comenzó a alucinar... finalmente esto la llevó a dejarlo.

La actriz y presentadora de televisión es muy sincera en su nuevo libro de memorias, "Bits and Pieces", acerca de cómo hizo su paso por las drogas desde una edad temprana, en los años 70, para luego sumergirse de nuevo en ella en los años 80 cuando estaba empezando a despegar en Hollywood.

Whoopi dice que la coca era su mayor vicio, y estaba literalmente por todas partes... abundaba en las fiestas y reuniones en Nueva York y Los Ángeles.

Whoopi Goldberg I Was Addicted to Cocaine Early On ... Had Light Bulb Moment

Whoopi Goldberg says she was addicted to cocaine early on in her career -- and it got so bad, apparently, that she started to hallucinate ... eventually forcing an a-ha moment.

The actress/TV host gets very candid in her new memoir, 'Bits and Pieces,' about how she was doing drugs from an early age -- only to get clean in the '70s ... and then dive back into it again in the '80s as she was starting to hit the Hollywood scene.

Whoopi says coke was her biggest vice ... as she explains it was quite literally everywhere, and being dispersed with such ease at parties and get-togethers between NY and L.A.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Slams Sunny Hostin ... 'She Turned on Me'!!!


Gypsy Rose Blanchard is scratching her head over Sunny Hostin's decision to blast her on national TV -- especially since they were friendly in the past ... an about-face, it seems.

Gypsy tells TMZ ... she finds Sunny's harsh criticism about her on Friday's episode of "The View" -- where SH continuously said Gypsy had "murdered" her mom and questioned how any man could fall in love with her -- surprising ... 'cause she says Sunny was nice when they met.

She adds ... "Her comments are weird because she was so nice to me on 'The View.' She was so understanding and sweet and wished me nothing but the best. Everyone was so supportive. I wonder why she turned on me." Gypsy was on "The View" back in January.

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