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TomKat's Guests: When in Rome ...

11/17/2006 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith & The Beckhams: Click to watchWith just one day left until the colossal Roman wedding, guests keep pouring in. Today saw the arrival of Will Smith, British tab faves Victoria and David Beckham. Fellow Scientologist Jenna Elfman has also been spotted in the Italian city of Bracciano.

Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who arrived yesterday, was spotted enjoying the sights of Rome, and the shops ... she had a handful of shopping bags. Tom and Katie's moms, along with Holmes' sister, were seen headed into the Vatican Museum this afternoon. Can you say "souvenir Pope snowglobe?"

The TomKat wedding circus will (hopefully) die down after tomorrow's ceremony. Then comes the honeymoon circus!


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D.Esp.Long Bch    

Nothing is wrong with having religious beliefs but one would think of someone so high up with Scientology or any spiritual group knows humility is of the utmost, and I see Cruise lacking with that. You can't sell spirituality but you sure can sell the churches names, like organized crime and it is a crime that this L. R. Hubbard from the 70's draws more attention then things that have been around for over a thousand years, Mr. Cruise will be tested even more in his life and he won't be able to wrap it neetly either, things will be out of his control, which he hates.

2829 days ago

the wise old owl    

What a farse !!! He does love paying for a lavish FAKE ceremony for all his cohorts to enjoy. doesn't he ?? Makes it look so convincing doesn't it ?

Anyone who believes this fairytale is just hopeless. It won't be long now. Soon TMZ will be running an editorial on here about the break-up of this SHAM of a marriage. If he keeps her brainwashed for a long period of time she might be able to put up with it for a bit longer. At least now they will be " married in name only " till death do they part..............Ha

2896 days ago


BLAH BLAH BLAH. im tired of the Tomkat spectacle. cant they just hurry up and get married already!? im so sick of seeing them everywhere.

2896 days ago


Are Wil and Jada split or what? I haven't seen them photographed together in a while and when I do, they always have that weird "deer in the headlights" look on their faces. And now here they are showing up separately to one of the biggest events of the year (Celebrity wise). I really hope not. They seem to be two people that truly get each other and love being together.

If anyone knows or can confirm or deny, please just say it isn't so.

Best Wishes to Tom and Katy and that gorgeous Baby Girl, Suri :)

2896 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass with these 2?

2896 days ago


Uuuhhhggggg! Go away you 80's hasbeen Tom Cruise- you are obsessed with your own self importance and -oh yeah, THERES A WAR GOING ON! what happen to your private life? please get one! We are so over you . Its gross how much E.T. and Extra are pimping this stupid wedding. We Dont Care! and we see through all of your pathetic attempts to make us love you Tom. too bad Brooke Shields sold her soul to get an invite....

2896 days ago

Mad Balls    

1. Wow ...pulling up in a limo ..ITS" BOZO AND HES' WEARING HALSTON !!
2. Looks like Mr. Belvadere got his invite
3. Oh course Mario Lopez is the cats pajamas
4. Heres' Madonna -- watch your kids !
5 Theres' Micheal jackson !!== WATCH YOUR KIDS !!
6. Fresh from the View -- Rosie !!
7. Hey that guy served us breakfast at Mc Donalds -- ITS K=FED !!!
8. Isn't that he weatherguy from " THE TODAY SHOW" ??
9. Hello !! Everyone welcome ABe Vigoda !!
10. One of the biggest stars of all time -- don't crowd Mr . Hasselhoff ..PLEASE !!

2896 days ago


Did Oprah get a last minute invite?

2896 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Post #4--LOVED IT!

2896 days ago


To #3: No, Will and Jada are not split. WIll is doing promo for his upcoming movie, "Pursuit of Happyness," in which he is starring with his son, Jaden (who is just too cute, btw). I just saw photos of the family the other day, and I've seen pictures of Will and Jada together this summer as she was touring with her band, "Wicked Wisdom."

BOY, oh BOY...David Beckham is SIZZLING HOT!!! That boy is 'smokin! WHEW...I hope Posh got him on a leash cuz he is most 'def an international hottie!!!

2896 days ago


To #5, Ginger.. If you don't care, why do you keep posting about what a so called "80's has been"... Seems to me you care a lot. AND why should Oprah be invited? If they're not friends, then why does should she be invited? People are making a big deal out of nothing.

2896 days ago


Jealousy is a bitch!!! So sad but true that most of you so some jealous, envious ass people!

Oh please, Tom Cruise this Tom that, leave these people alone already they seem more civilized than half of the nitwits on this site...I bet you guys love typing behind that keyboard than to be Mr. or Mrs. Cruise...YA RIGHT!

So stop hating and wish people well cause what you wish on someone will happen to you eventually...oh and by the way stop saying they have a pathetic list of celebs #4 cause as pathetic as you may think it is you sure aint there!

2896 days ago


It's like that cheesy old Godzilla movie in which all those tacky rubber-suited monsters converge upon Tokyo from various parts of the world to battle the cackling, three-headed monster (Tom).

"Jenna Elfman was spotted in the town of Braccioli."

Like THAT'S actually some kind of notable celebrity news item????

Jenna Elfman being spotted in the unemployment line would not even qualify as "news."

2896 days ago


I'm tired of this whole TomKat thing too. The wedding at least...I still love it when he makes a fool of himself. Just have your wedding already and get divorced. We all know it's a big shame anyway. I love how straight people can get away with crap like this but gay people who really love each other still can't get married.

2896 days ago


#12 your full of sh*t, read comment #10 and think about it!

2896 days ago
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