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TomKat's Guests: When in Rome ...

11/17/2006 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith & The Beckhams: Click to watchWith just one day left until the colossal Roman wedding, guests keep pouring in. Today saw the arrival of Will Smith, British tab faves Victoria and David Beckham. Fellow Scientologist Jenna Elfman has also been spotted in the Italian city of Bracciano.

Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, who arrived yesterday, was spotted enjoying the sights of Rome, and the shops ... she had a handful of shopping bags. Tom and Katie's moms, along with Holmes' sister, were seen headed into the Vatican Museum this afternoon. Can you say "souvenir Pope snowglobe?"

The TomKat wedding circus will (hopefully) die down after tomorrow's ceremony. Then comes the honeymoon circus!


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Mary Worth    

I can just hear the song, "Here Comes the BEARD!, Here Comes the BEARD!"

2864 days ago


I'm just wondering...
Who in the hell is Tom trying to impress? The media? The other celebrities? His ex? Katie's parents? It's seems like this guy is going a lot out of his way to be magnanimous for some sneaky reason.

To #4-Kevinbgood621,
LOL to the list of celebs from over two decades ago. You forgot to include Paul Ruebens (aka Pee-wee Herman) on that list. He'll be disappointed! Ha!

2864 days ago


Everything that I have heard and read says they are not really getting married. The mayor of this town has said they have NOT applied for any of the proper docs. She said the Catholic church has already said NO and so has the CO$ of Italy. This was reported on both CNN and Foxnews.

It has been reported that the normal $50,000.00 fee to use the castle was waived because of all the business brought to the area.
Also, that Tom is paying for everything for all of his guests.

SO, a weekend in Itay, all expenses paid. That 's how you get so many "friends" to show up!

2864 days ago


Elaine and all the others who say they are tired of the TomKat spectacle: As long as you guys click on the articles and send your comments TMZ will continue to supply you with all the gossip. If you truly were tired of reading about them then you would not be reading everything shown here. As long as there is an audience for this sort of stuff they will continue to supply and demand.

2864 days ago


I hope no one believes that he is actually paying for this farcical overblown cartoon....the "new Employer" will be picking up this tab no doubt..and that is why he is inviting all of these "business" artist types....lokking for some pay back from them in his future efforts to earn his keep.

2864 days ago


Thumbs up for #15. who is Tom tryin to impress? he
cannot have more luv for Katie than all the ppl who are also truly in love with their
wives or galfriends. He's actig as if he should be on National Discovery - the first man to find L.O.V.E. How does his exes feel about his over the top public emotions for katie ? he's behaving as if his other relationships were a big joke. That's an insult to Nicole and Penelope ! Didn't Scientology teach him anything worthwhile? Katie is surely drugged or something or she must have lost her head after her incognoto self was given the attention of his MI future husband. After all not evryone gets to be with to Tom Cruise, since she was D-list before the relationship started (wicked lol).
Next item: I think Posh was really mad at Beck for getting carried away by all the atention he was getting from his fans gathered, that Posh was left alone to get out of the car by herself. (Roll back the video for proof-muahhhaha).
She was obviously feeling shitty bcoz when david finally remembered to escort her poor little wife inside, Posh was sulking and stomped off inside without waiting for David to catch up. And the Becks are really a notch away from
Tomkat concerning public affection. they are really scared of
spoiling their brand and losing the football money left.

2863 days ago

Nurse Jane    

I can only hope that Katie Holmes is ready for this 'Scientology' life that she has allowed herself to become immersed in. It is only a matter of time before she comes to her senses and recognizes that she is living and raising her daughter in a powerful cult. Hopefully ,when realized, she will extricate herself from this nightmare and reclaim her personal life; free from Mr. Cruise and his delusions.

2862 days ago


Post#18 - Thank you! Next.

2861 days ago


Finally there married! They were engaged at what seemed ages ago. I do think they make a great couple though. I remember seeing in a magazine about them, Brangelina and Penelope Cruz with Mathew M. There were votes on whose relationship would last the longest. Tomkat was the lowest and Penelope Cruz with Mathew had the most votes. Penelope and Mathew aren't even together any more but Tomkat is still going strong. You should never really believe what you read in the magazines. And btw Katie's a big girl and can decide for herself if Tom is no good for her. I would also like to add, if you don't like Tom Cruise then stop talking about him. Drop the subject altogether and the next time you see him in the media ignore it. I like him so that's why I'm here writing this. I think he's a great actor and I like Katie Holmes too. I loved her in Dawson's Creek.

2860 days ago


I would like to say one more thing...HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE HEE! You all who go on about Tomkat and think all this what seems like garbage mostly not true bad stuff make me laugh! Where do you get all your ideas and why do you hate them sooo much? Let them live there lives and shut up about it! Please!

2860 days ago
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