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Guests To TomKat:

So This Was All Bogus?

11/19/2006 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent $2.5 million on their Italian wedding circus, but the official ceremony took place right in the U.S. of A.

TomKat's rep confirms that the couple actually tied the knot earlier in L.A., but the gaggle of Hollywood A-listers who flew halfway around the world didn't seem the least bit ticked. "I hope they remember this whole weekend," says former foe Brooke Shields. Hey, who could forget Victoria Beckham's hat?

Meanwhile, PEOPLE reports that Katie gave her new hubby a $23,000 watch as a wedding gift. Does this officially begin the countdown to splitsville?

Fans To Madonna: Your Book Sucks

Despite all the brouhaha about baby David joining her brood, Madonna's latest children's book is tanking.

"The English Roses: Too Good To Be True" has sold just 9,000 copies in four weeks, according to FOX News. That's a whole lot less than the first installment, which sold 350,000. It probably won't help sales that David's baby daddy just got married again, and his new bride is expecting. Could it be that the Material Girl already has another adoption lined up?

Money Well Spent? No More Call Girls For K-Fed

It looks like K-Fed was living in the lap dance of luxury right before Brit slapped him with divorce papers.

According to the New York Daily News, the soon-to-be-FedEx was allegedly spending some time in Vegas with some lovely ladies in the weeks leading up to the split. Unlucky for us and US, what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas. "Prostitution is legal in Nevada, so it's no big deal to say he was 'partying' with them at a club," says the source. Yeah, right.

Party Favors: Jaime Pressly Is Pregnant ... Fergie Wants To Dance With The Stars ... David Blaine Has More Tricks Up Sleeve

Jaime Pressly confirms she is pregnant, after initially denying the rumors. "I was only a month pregnant so I lied, which is a woman's right," she says ... Sarah Ferguson says she'd like to be on next season's "Dancing With The Stars." The Duchess of York admits, "I'd like them to teach me the tango" ... David Blaine will suspend himself off a New York City building while shackled and spinning for four days starting this Tuesday.

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No Avatar

Mark Bellinghaus    

What a stupid and silly hoax that really was and I have to agree with Liz Smith--who said:
"I think back to the embarrassing smooch David Gest gave Liza Minnelli at their wedding - an embrace Liza seemed to be struggling to get away from."

That's it--bingo.
Hello--anybody home in your normal thinking brain?

2856 days ago


Armani says that he made a balck, empire-waist dress for Katie's matron of honor, Nancy, her sister. However, in the wedding photos shown in Hello! magazine, the woman standing at the altar with her is wearing an ivory dress. So is that Nancy, or is that her $cieno minder, Jessica? And did the other two sisters come to the wedding? We just heard about Nancy, but never the others.

2847 days ago


Thats what that scientology teahes scams. Also Victoria and her husband gay David make a good pair for gay Tom and his so called wife. As far as K-fed once a joke always a joke.

2859 days ago


"Prostitution is legal in Nevada" is true, but it only legal in Nye County (which is 2 hours or more outside of Vegas). If K-Fed was with prostitutes in Clark County (Las Vegas and its subburbs) then he was breaking the law. Sorry,K-Fed and co. should have done a little research in Nevada law.

2859 days ago


Tattoo sounds jealous... who cares if Tom and Katie got married. Is it any of OUR business when and where and if??? Obviously, the man is not gay, they have a child, and if he was, would it really matter? Does it affect our lives? No, it doesn't. It may make for interesting reading but when you come right down to it, it's all just entertainment and nobody's business but his own.

Tattoo needs to get a life!

2859 days ago


Why do people attack other bloggers. ..All are entitled to their opinion wether positive or negative we dont have agree with everyone..,26325,1073518,00.html

2859 days ago


Ya gotta love Madonna. Remember her other book? The one
with her having sex with anything with a pulse? She's seen more ass
than a toliet seat and now she's writing children's books. Yeah, okay.

2859 days ago


Another Madonna miss. Can't stand this overrated, self-absorbed has-been.

2859 days ago


Okay, first off, I dont think anyone should care about Tom and Katie..Toms become ugly and fat, and Katies prettty...but....nobody should care. I think it was good of Madonna to write a book, even if it wasnt that good. I knew that the whole Italian wedding was bogus

2859 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

These two repulsive shits spend millions to scam the public with their million-dollar nuptial nonsense--while too many children go to bed hungry and people are forced to live on the streets and eat out of dumpsters.

I guess that's part of Scientology philosophy.

How ANYONE can have anything but total contempt for this eternally grinning miserable puppet master and that ugly dunce who made her Faustian pact with him is to me totally inexplicable.

You idiots who post comments in support of this bastard and his miserable games are as disgusting as he is--and THAT'S disgusting!

I will hold nothing but bad thoughts for him.

And I must say I have no respect for the "stars" who flocked to Italy like lemmings to the sea, to be part of the whole fucking charade.

2859 days ago


For all you gossips (I mean that in the good way) here is “Project Celebrity”, Hubbard’s plan to recruit celebrities which he calls game and quarry. Read and be amazed that you see it unfold in front of you and see what he himself thought of them.

After reading that, does anyone think that the wedding was part of “Project Celebrity”?

2859 days ago


I dont know how david blane is doing all those amazing stunts the guy is good best ever

2859 days ago


I read where the wedding cost 9 million dollars. That is truly ridiculous. What's up with Katie's hairline? Oh well, I guess congrat's are in order.

2859 days ago


seriously, all that's going on in the world, this is what people focus on? geez! i hear "divorce" bells.

2859 days ago


Having a child out of wedlock is the bad part of this story. How do the poor children explain all this to people and to themselves? Doesn't it make a mockery out of marriage? I cannot see the point of "tying the knot" at all as this way of doing things has become a trend and only feeds the pocket books of attorneys.

2859 days ago
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