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Britney -- The Plot Thickens

11/22/2006 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She played it cool on stage, but Britney Spears was "pissed" at ABC over a derogatory sketch aimed at her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, during last night's "American Music Awards," a Britney rep tells TMZ.

E!'s Marc Malkin first reported Brit was upset, and now a rep for Brit tells TMZ, "She had no idea" that the skit would immediately precede her appearance. We're told Britney was "incredibly upset" and "inconsolable."

The sketch featured AMA host Jimmy Kimmel sealing a Federline look-a-like in a wooden crate and shipping him out to sea. Kimmel called K-Fed,"the world's first ever no-hit wonder." Less than five minutes later, Kimmel introduced Spears as a surprise presenter.

When contacted, a rep confirms to TMZ the idea for the skit was Kimmel's and he went forward with it because, "I knew they wouldn't mind because I know they both have great senses of humor."


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She knew what was going down!!! She is trailer park trash, she comes out chewing gum like a horse...A pig Why did she have kids to act like a whore taking her pants off!!!!

2890 days ago


She knew what was going down!!! She is trailer park trash, she comes out chewing gum like a horse...A pig Why did she have kids to act like a whore taking her pants off!!!!

2890 days ago


going by what was said in the article about what happen on the show, i would be pissed too. it's tasteless, and rude, and intruding. it should have been cleared by her.

2890 days ago


that's tacky. no one thinks K-Fed is a real winner, but don't trash him minutes before his ex-wife walks on stage. no one would think that was funny if they did it to Reese about Ryan. Save the jokes for SNL and keep it classy.

2890 days ago

Mad Balls    

Sorry I missed it as I was watching Xtina sing with Tony . Tony is just a jazz jewel and what a great show . ANybody who has a brain knows the AMA are ABC owned and ABC artists often win no matter how good or bad they are ....FIXED !! Jimmy can be a DICKHEAD but as Frank Sinatra once said to me " I think your funny ..I won't kill you this time " I did laugh at that line . But Brit shouldn't be offended . The real insult is K-fed trying to sell the sex tape and those two trying to tell us it did not exsist . That and the OJ no show gets this call ----DICKHEADS .

2890 days ago

alicia richmond    

i am really tired of the media portraying K-Fed as the worst person in the world. Just because he married Britney and they have kids...come on please.
the guy is trying to make a name for himself and it's a problem...if he's not working (at least in their eyes) it 's another problem. Britney thought he was good enough to have 2 kids with and that's her choice...Only insecure people target others so they can feel superior...enough is enough, it's getting old.

2890 days ago


I agree with Mike. The world may be in "K-Fed bashing mode", but to do a skit like that with a) not notifying Brittany and b) directly before her presentation was in really bad taste.

2890 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Ah, always shows! Nobody likes to be blindsided, but what the Hey...

2890 days ago

That's REAL!    

OH PLEASE! Why the hell is this broad acting all new with this bull-ish like she wants nothing to do with Kevin??!! Trick you were f***in married to this dude, laid down with him probably over a million times AND bore 2 , not 1, but 2 of his damn offspring!! Get your nose out of the air - you will FOREVER be tied to the bastard because of your children! Get off your high horse!

2890 days ago


I think it is hilarious. She picked the guy and is now paying for it. She is a dumbass and deserves what she is getting. Go check out her disaster of an outfit on X17..she is just clueless. Poor stupid girl.

2890 days ago

Mad Balls    

Ohhh ... how well Brit has recovered from her night out with Paris . I hope she found her pants . I LOVE FISHNETS !!
1. She was told she would be the one to hammer the nails in the coffin !
2. She did not win anything
3. You'd be pissed too if you spent 10,000,000 dollars on a " No hit " wonder !
4. Her Breast just didn't protrude out enough to her liking
5. Was told she couldn't wear FISHNETS !!
6. Heard the award show was in a doublewide ...
7. No Pork-rinds in the greenroom
8. Someone refered to her as " Mrs. Federline"
9. her night out with Paris left a bad taste in her mouth
10 . Thats' the father of my Babies your making fun of ... OH SH*T !

2890 days ago


Kimmel is a no-talent ABC hack. How else could he get his job, jobbing people looking for real comedy? He is offensive and bland. Well at least like Larry King, and Ted Coppel, we know that unlike him, they have talent, but like him, they never got their jobs because of their looks. Isn't it amazing that the people who make their own living living off celebrities, honk the horn over pretenders like "K-Fed". Federline is out to sea, working fast food again. Big deal, when the ABC exes get Kimmel's lips of their anuses, then Kimmel can join him at Mickey D's!

2890 days ago


Anyone know where I can find this hillarious clip

2890 days ago


Brittany looks like trash...what was up with that dress in the middle of November?..she was acting like it was 90 degrees outside. But then when she goes out on a night on the town in Vegas wearing a button up shirt and a damn neck tie? Who is being paid to dress that women. And I don't know if it is because of having two kids back 2 back but that girl looks like she in her thirties now.

2890 days ago


Who really cares about either one of them?

2890 days ago
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