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Paris To Brit: Go Ahead, Let It All Hang Out

11/26/2006 12:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsIt seems little miss Brit is hanging out – literally -- with Paris Hilton a bit too much these days. On Friday, Spears was spotted once again with the heiress, and without underwear.

While partying at L.A.'s trendy Hyde nightclub, Britney looked a lot like Paris' on-again, off-again nemesis Lindsay Lohan, donning hair extensions, a white T-shirt and black mini-skirt. Then, according to the New York Daily News, the pop princess flashed the paparazzi while getting into a car. Stunts like these could be why she's having a hard time finding a new publicist. "She is kind of a mess," a source tells Page 6.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Sheds Her Stylist

It looks like spring came early for Nicole Richie, who has been doing some house cleaning. The stick-thin "Simple Life" star fired stylist Rachel Zoe because she "wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences," a source tells US. Apparently, Richie feels Zoe, whose clients also include waifs Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan, has a knack for promoting unhealthy body images. Nicole has replaced her with Cristina Ehrlich, who has dressed Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz.


J.Lo Mesmerized By Beckham's Big Hat

It seems the TomKat union brought together another powerful pair -- Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham. According to Page 6, the fashionistas traded tips during the wedding weekend and have been BFF ever since. In fact, they've already discussed starting a clothing line together, which J.Lo thinks will be "seriously sexy." Let's just hope that bringing oversize hats back into style wasn't the main topic of conversation.

Party Favors: Michael Richards Talks to Jesse Jackson ... A Concert for Princess Di ... Singer JoJo Stops By Bar to Get Some Cookies

Michael Richards will appear on Jesse Jackson's national radio show, "Keep Hope Alive," today to discuss his recent racist rant. Jackson says it's a chance for the former "Seinfeld" star to reach out and apologize to the black community ... Princess Diana's sons, William and Harry, are planning a celeb-filled charity concert in honor of their late mother. It is scheduled for next summer on July 1, which would have been Di's 46th birthday ... Fifteen-year-old pop singer JoJo raised some eyebrows after being spotted at L.A. hot spot Hyde. But the teen says, "I didn't know it was 21 and over. I had milk and cookies! I wasn't drinking alcohol."

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No Avatar


Put on some underwear and remember you are a mother Britney--oh and maybe you nightlife you revolve around family life while the boys still babies.

2890 days ago


I'll tell you the same thing I told Cheryl Burke, stay away from those sluts. They are nothing but trouble. Your a mother of 2 have a little more sense and responsibility.

2890 days ago

Did someone say...buttplugs?    

Oh momma!
Nothing says "new found freedom" more than going out and flashing the ol'beaver! Don't let the jealous haters hate on you; men ALWAYS like knowing you're reliving the glorious days of the 1960's by going bear, down there!
I think I'm in love!

2890 days ago


Just think, in a few months she'll be whining to Matt Lauer about losing custudy of her two boys to social services, or worse yet Federline because of her inappropriate behavior. She's got all the money in the world so she has the financial means to give these two little boys a stable upbringing, but she is choosing not to. Imagine what it's like teaching your children that their mother would rather party and slut around than to spend time with you. She's pathetic and the saddest part is she's just doing what her mother taught her to do... slut around and exploit your children (which is what she will do next).

What Spears needs to do is get her tubes tied, she's continuing to build her image as an unfit mother. Maybe she can take Paris HIlton and Lindsay Lohan with her and get a three for one on tubal ligation. None of them should ever breed again.

2890 days ago


Guess Brit doesn't really want custody after all. Neither her or Kevin should get those babies! She's a train wreck! Those boys are going to grow up in a really F-upped world! Sooo sad.....

2890 days ago


#3: I don't think she wants custody either. If I was a judge, I would either grant joint custody or give the kids to one of the grandmothers. Because those 2 are totally screwed up. Frankly, I don't know she is divorcing him. She's just as trashy as K Fed. They actually make a great couple.

2890 days ago


I think Kevin should have custody, he can get help from his family but Britney has no excuse.. She wanted to have children, She wanted to be a mom and She got her it's time for her to grow up.

I'm more convince now after hearing and seeing her judgement and decision making that Britney is not the responsible one for having sole custody...I think Kevin would be the better parent for the boys.

I don't confuse Kevin's job with his lifestyle and although he is building his career he has never used his children to further it...while Britney has. Why she would bring her son out in this enviroment , where she is surrounded by paps carrying Sean Paul is truly amazing to me. It seem Kevin was the stabilizing anchor in that relationship.

And I also don't think Britney family should be granted custody of the children as they are working for Britney and can't control or advise her...Britney is a mess...she a walking time bomb.

2890 days ago

J Doe    

The disk jockey on KISS FM said it is common knowledge that people pay Paris big bucks just to show up at their club for a few minutes to sort of hang out and that she also gets paid to be seen with people because she is such a popular socialite.

He went on to say that it will come out soon enough, although Paris and Brit don't want it to, that Paris is being paid to hang with Britney to get back at Kevin but also to launch her right back in the public eye.

2890 days ago


At least Parasite hasn't procreated yet thank whoever.
I hope someone with some sense and caring gets Brit and Kfed's boys.
These two are total self centered, immature whacks.

2890 days ago

ya dig!    

the only reason she wanted them kids is because shar jackson had two children by k-fed and she was probaly jealous about that.she seen how kevin did shar.and she turns around and gets pregnant .britney is a f***ing idiot .she has her kids now but where is she??? hanging out with loose puss paris with no panties on what type of sh*t is that???britney needs to grow up and handle her bussiness can go out everynight and screw 50 guys and thats ok why? beacuse she has no CHILDREN and no serious resposiblites like britney does.. girl you need to get it together b4 its to late .and the stuff she's doing now you better believe kevin is gonna use that in court ya dig!!

2890 days ago


#6: Dear Lawyer: At least there are pics of Britney WITH her kids, although I see she's out there showing that she can be Useless Mother of 2006 now. The last pic I remember of K-Loser with his kids was that one with him and her and his two other kids (I'm sure he can't remember their names now) in the swimming pool.

Talk about your two useless parents.....

2890 days ago


why do i get the feeling that paris is setting up this hillbilly for a fall?
I really do think that paris is encouraging that britney idiot to do stupid crap & then laughing at this dumbo behind her back with her talentless cronies.
sort of like, "watch how far i can tear down americas pop star to make myself feel better" know, like what we do here on tmz.

2890 days ago

J Doe    


she looks like a 2cent truck stop hooker

2890 days ago


Get that poor little innocent Paris away from that freak Spears.

2890 days ago


While I agree that Britney does not need to be hanging out with Paris and she should be spending A LOT more time with her extremely young children, she did in fact have on panties. Unfortunately for her, she chose to wear flesh-tone or pinkish ones. Had she been wearing bright purple, there would be no argument as to whether she had any on or not.

2890 days ago
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