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K-Fed -- Still V.I.Pimpin'

11/27/2006 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Once-aspiring rapper Kevin Federline trotted out family -- and some rather impressive family jewels -- for yet another release party for his album "Playing with Fire," which has sold less than 2,000 copies.

The recently un-Speared Fed-Ex graced Las Vegas hotspot TAO with an an entourage of ten, including his brother, his bodyguard, Leor the Jeweler (the Jacob of Vegas, as it were). Sources tell TMZ that the studiously un-thugged-out Federline had some dinner, then headed upstairs to a VIP lounge where he seemed to take in the atmosphere (i.e., pensively surveying a soon-to-be lost world?).

His family was there to lend support -- handsome brother Chris gave him an affectionate hug for the snappers. Perhaps he was just making sure nothing happened to the astonishingly large four-karat diamond studs Kev had in each ear. The Feds and their followers ended up in the casino, and who knows...maybe even playin' craps for bus fare. Watch for these earrings soon at a Vegas pawnshop.


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U Know Who    

Debbie, when calling someone "retarded" or "LOSER" it is imperative one spell the put downs correctly. The word loser has only one "o".

Unless of course you meant to call him a looser, in which case I am confused. What is that like the opposite of a "tighter"?

And finally I HIGHLY doubt that "Nielsen Soundscan" was incorrect, being as tracking and reporting on sales data is what they do all day every day. It is the industry benchmarking tool, I doubt they fouled up their numbers by 4K.

But I DO NOT doubt that Harvey has a personal hard on for K-Fed And will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make Kevin look bad, including BLATANT lying.
Harvey is a douche right up there with the top douches of our time.

2854 days ago


C-Fed looks just like MARK DAVID KARR (sp?) the pedophile, Or is just me?

2854 days ago

just me    

hey too silly - you're the f'in moron. soundscan counts the freebies that are given away to radio stations, and in this case, anyone who will take one of this piece of shits so called "music". there aren't 6400 people in this world stupid enough to pay for that crap.

2854 days ago


Fed-Ex's...ahem...what doesn't even pass for an album...has actually sold approximately 8,000 copies to date, and that information is readily and publicly available. Get yer facts straight, lest you appear as bitchy, whiney, and irrelevant as those you like to snark on. Given your recent inability to keep your shit accurate, your 15 minutes of fame may last about 2.3 minutes longer than Fed-Ex's.

And #11, sorry, but you're off base. Soundscan only counts actual retail scans, not shipments. There are easily 8,000 people in this world stupid enough to buy K-Fed's craptastic failure. I mean, even that many people managed to buy tickets to Gigli, for fuck sakes. That doesn't mean K-Fed didn't go out and buy all 8,000 copies himself. Heh.

2854 days ago

Get Over It    

Ewwww, his brother is not cute. Or maybe it's just the angle he's standing at. Regardless,I think Kevin is sexy. He still has no kind of talent and has no class, but he's def cuter than his brother.

2854 days ago

U Know Who    

Nielsen SoundScan is an information system created by Mike Fine and Mike Shalett that tracks sales data for singles, albums, and music video products in Canada and the United States for Billboard and other music industry companies. MTV, VH1, and many other North American cable music channels use Nielsen SoundScan data as well.

Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales data for Billboard on March 1, 1991 and the first Hot 100 chart to debut with the system was released on November 30, 1991. Previously, Billboard tracked sales by calling stores across the U.S. and asking about sales; a method that was inherently error-prone and open to outright fraud.

And no sorry - Promo Discs are not tracked by Soundscan.....

2854 days ago


I think he is very handsome and talented.

2854 days ago


If he gets his kids, which is doubtful, they will be raised by nannies.
Just like BritSlut. She's not raising them either.
Either way these poor boys who never asked to be here will
now be raised by some Columbian nanny who can hardly speak English.

2854 days ago


"Despite months of promotion, Federline's album debuted in the Billboard 200 at #151, with first-week sales reported at 6,485. According to SoundScan, Playing with Fire placed 16th-best out of 19 new releases that week. Second week sales were far worse, with only 1,200 copies sold, dropping the album from being ranked within the Billboard 200"

Thank you, Wikipedia. Around 7,700 copies in two weeks. For a record incessantly pumped by every teen outlet in the nation, that's beyond pathetic and sad.

#16 sure got it right, though.

2854 days ago

U Know Who    

Hey Number 17.

You are extremely short on reading comprehension aren't you?

Wow I am not even going to bother trying to explain this to you.

Go back to blues clues there lil'Billy

2854 days ago


Too make a long story short his album flopped and he's a dead beat dad too all four of his children! But Britney is no better out every night for the last couple of weeks with Paris! She is not helping her image any!

2854 days ago

the boy    

K-Fed's brother is clearly an anal spelunker.

But anyway, while it no doubt bombed, I'm fairly certain that "Playing With Fire" sold more than 2,000 copies in its first week alone. I haven't heard it yet, but I stand by my claim that it's gotta be the album of the year.

2854 days ago


I actully met Kevin at in Vegas last week, he's not a bad dude, really friendly and he doesn't think he's all that, just a regular guy. Not sure what the whole fuss is about this dude.

2854 days ago


I don’t understand why people hate k-fed, I mean, if he is a loser, so is Britney. She is trashy and soooooooo fake, she pretends to be soooooo sweet when she is obviously not . People seam to like her, so what is this hatred towards k-fed all about?. I actually think that some of his songs are really good “Privilege” for example. And he is not bad looking at all. I’m not his biggest fan , but I don’t understand why the media makes him out to be such a loser.

2854 days ago


The skankier Britney gets, the better looking Kevin becomes. I honestly think he's the good one now and she's the bad one. Really, he looks pretty darn good in those pictures.

2854 days ago
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