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"Michael Richards" Gets His Ass Kicked

11/28/2006 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Still fuming over Michael Richards' tirade, WWE superstars JTG and Shad Gaspard (aka Cryme Tyme) decided to get even with the embattled comic by kicking the living crap out of him ... or at least someone who looks like him.

On last night's "Monday Night Raw," the WWE brutes lampooned the "Seinfeld" star's now infamous rant. In the sketch, the duo confronts a Kramer look-a-like after he calls them both the "n" word.

Let's just say ... it doesn't end with a friendly handshake.


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wwe fan    

micheal richards needs to watch this! the WWE was doing what the black community really wants to do to him!

now lighten up

2885 days ago

U Know Who    

Jesse Jackson is the real racist. His career is built upon racism, he's been a racist for decades. Michael Richards made one racist remark, as far as any of us know.

We DO however KNOW that Jesse Jackson makes racist remarks daily..repeatedly.

Yep - It's ALL Kramers fault!

2885 days ago

Puh der Baer    

The word here is "Typical". Typical n*gger sh*t. Typical n*gger mentality. Typical n*gger action. Typical n*gger. And right Jackass Jackson...let's take money away from those who didn't do a thing....don't spend your money on something relatively wholesome and pretty damn funny, but rather spend your money on the black community, for the simple reason that it's for matter how poorly they behave with money. Typical. Oh yeah Jackass, don't forget to go to Hymie-town to spread the word of keeping the White man at bay. You f***ing hypocrite. Typical. Typical n*gger crap. And Jamie (where-is-he-know) foxx, if you weren't to busy talking about "I'd a whooped his ass" than worrying about your current 'movie', it wouldn't have tanked. Well, would have. 'Cuz it's typical n*gger sh*t.
Typical n*gger crap: "I'd a whooped blah blah blah.....I'd a sucked his blah blah blah.....I'd a taken a lead pipe up my blah blah blah..."

2885 days ago


Check this out...
It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of which is hating someone for thier color. That pathetic moron Micheal Richards said what he said and I dont care if he apologizes 1 trillion times, the first impression is always the best and the initial way he expressed himself is how he feels deep down in his gut. I dont hate him for what he says, no. The bible teaches not to hate and besides, we are here, we are not going anywhere and there isnt nothing he (Mr. Career Suicide) or any other racist out there can do to change that. Its God's plan for us to be here just as well as whites, mexicans, cubans, puerto ricans, and any other ethnicity out there. And if God says that it the way things will be then who are we to try to change that. Stop the hate! It takes more energy to hate and less to love.

2885 days ago


You cant tell a black person "its time to f***in move on" you idiot.

And Whatever person --- U really think I care what you think? No! I will answer for you ass munch.

2885 days ago

brian scott miller    

That sucked so bad it gave me Cancer.

2885 days ago


Im sure those blacks walking down streets in GA were also being called a N.



2885 days ago

mIchael Lawrence    

It is amazing how the media and public are ready to forgive Michael Richards for his tirade. I have to wonder if he was conservative in his beliefs, would all be so forgiving. As much as people say enough already, where were these people when the Mel Gibson incident happened? Nowhere to be found.

It is nice to know that Richards' best friends growing up were black. I bet if he insulted the Jews, his best friends growing up would have been Jewish. If he insulted XX group, then his best friends growing up would have been from XX group - fill in the blank. He sounded like he pulled his apology from the liberal 'fill in the blank' book to cover my ass for the group that was offended.

Now that he spoke with Jesse Jackson (by the way, who keeps electing the King of the Back People?) it seems that all is forgiven. And if he is the king, is Al Sharpton the Prince of Black People?

This was a skit - good or bad, it was a skit. I bet when they do it on Saturday Night Live, all the naysayers and whiners will laugh.

2885 days ago


nope your still the dume ass. LOL!

2885 days ago


always will be the dumbass. LMAO!

2885 days ago


Don't you have to pee? Step away from the keyboard

2885 days ago


I did pee and now Im back mr president!

HA. Isnt your time up in office?

2885 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Whitegirl; we "was" brave???? Learn English.

2885 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Sorry....I meant 'partygirl'.

2885 days ago


Let the fun begin WEEE

2885 days ago
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