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Ethan Embry Held Up & Fires Back?

11/29/2006 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Ethan Embry was mugged at gunpoint by two men Sunday night outside his Studio City home.

TMZ has confirmed the "Can't Hardly Wait" star told police that two men recognized him from his film and TV roles, and robbed him and wife Sunny Mabrey in their driveway. The thugs allegedly stole Embry's wallet containing $400, a watch, and threatened Mabrey.

As the men fled in a silver SUV, one eyewitness tells TMZ that Ethan raced into his house, emerged with a handgun and fired three rounds -- though it is unclear whether they were in the air or toward the vehicle. Police, however, refused to confirm this information to TMZ.

Mabrey's spokesman Jeff Raymond tells TMZ, "they are fine and the police are handling it."


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Poor Ethan and whoever the female was! Why are people so mean???

2883 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Were they white guys?

2883 days ago

Zachary G    

This is a bit of a gray subject, for me. While it's certainly not safe to fire a gun into the air or even at a fleeing vehicle, a part of me cheers Ethan Embry for doing what he did. I even somewhat wish he'd been able to get to his firearm before those guys got the chance to mug him and his wife. Thank goodness they only wanted his money and belongings. Though injury and loss of life is entirely regrettable, if us ordinary citizens don't take steps to let criminals know they're going to get hurt if they try to victimize us, it's just going to keep happening more and more frequently. And what can the cops do about this? Practically nothing. Many times it comes down to every day people to make the biggest difference. Not always with a gun, but at least do something.

2883 days ago


Were they white guys?.....Haha, that is like asking if Paris Hilton is a saint.....

2883 days ago


Of course they were white. Who else would be in Studio City?

2883 days ago

John C jackson    

Of course they were white. It was K-Fed and his boys.

2883 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Let me see if I understand this...
A guy, living in the LA Metro area who owns a gun goes out with his woman, comes home and gets mugged. He then goes inside his house to get his gun and either fires INTO the air, or at a vehicle fleeing the secene?
Where I come from, when we buy handguns WE CARRY THEM. White guys won't get jacked up by the cops, and if they do most cops understand. What good does a gun do you INSIDE your house?
Ai, yi yi Pedro this is a muy loco world!

2882 days ago

Lite it    

People are a**holes who cares what color.At least no one was hurt.

2882 days ago


Filed under where has this guy been lately?

2882 days ago

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