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Britney Gets "Greasy"

11/30/2006 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears: Click to watchWith Paris Hilton nowhere in sight, Britney Spears settled for a D-list sidekick last night.

TMZ spotted the pop star-turned-trainwreck at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, and while she finally kept her goodies to herself, she had a posse even more pathetic than her recent late-night peep shows. Among the hangers-on; Hilton BFF Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis.

We're down for you having fun Brit, but what do you see in a guy whose claim to fame is making the word "firecrotch" synonymous with Lindsay Lohan? Ick.


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I cant believe Britney is acting this way .Britney wake up and smell the roses instead of the trash that you are digging yourself into. You have kids ,act like a responsible mom should act like. If i was your dad i would not want anybody to know me cause of the way that you are going. You dont see any other stars act like you that have kids, so why dont you start acting like a mom and not like a girl of the streets. You are sad very very sad.

2850 days ago



2850 days ago

All American Girl    

I seem to recall Britney saying she wanted to be a young mother! She really should have waited to have children... It seems to me that she is being selfish to her children and not bonding it all with her second child. This is why people wait to have children at an older age, so they don't feel like they are missing out on anything. The only thing she seems to be missing out on is being a mom. Some people don't deserve fame!!!!

2850 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

I'm nineteen and Thank God I had a mother who taught me goodies that are covered will always be the goodies that are most intriguing. I'm not quite sure what Britney is thinking by showing the whole world her nether regions. It takes away the mystique and leaves her less desireable. I was really rooting for her when I heard of her split from Kevin and that she was hard at work on her new album but now!!!....there's no way I'd pay money for her album or be caught dead listening to it. I wouldn't want to be associated with a skank. I find it really sad that these women (Paris, Lindsay and Britney) who have money and have worked hard on their careers would lower themselves to the equivelant of street trash. Porn Stars and hookers at least get paid to show their goodies these girls are just giving it up for free and ruining their reputations. Short skirts with no panties?....Gross, haven't these girls heard of the flesh eating bacteria that's out there or the Super Bug. Not to mention showing a little panty (if that's what you want to do) is so much hotter than showing the world an ashy beaver! Sorry Brit but that's just Toxic!!!

2850 days ago


#29 You sound SO stupid. Would you like to be raised by nannies that are of NO relation to you???????????!!!!!!!

Would you like to wake up and look for your mom only to find out she's NOT home????????????/ Give me a break, these children are TOO young, they will end up more attached to the nanny than their own mother. Go some place else with that nonsense you are spewing!

2850 days ago


she is young and obviously needs some guidance.

2850 days ago


Hey maybe now she will get pregnant with Greasy Bears putrid offspring, and that would be truly terrible..... Cos, Greasy Bear MAKES ME WANT TO BARF, IN HIS F*CKIN UGLY, RICH BOI FACE!!!!!!!!!

2850 days ago

So Sick Of...    

#29 Gail, I won't shut up you dumb ass bitch!

She has 2 kids under the age of 2 and she has been out for almost 2 weeks straight!

She is a Mother, Mother's stay home with thier kids instead of partying every damn night of the week!

They don't need nannies, they need thier MOTHER!!!

2850 days ago


"29. Gawd, shut up about the kids already! Even though I agree that Brit apparently is on a downhill slide with her selection of friends, I'm sure her children are well taken care of. Posted at 11:51AM on Nov 30th 2006 by Gail"

Well taken care of by paid help, not their mother. They don't need paid help, idiot, they need a MOTHER. Babies need their mothers and if you don't believe that please don't have any yourself.

2850 days ago


Way to go Brit real classy bouncing from one a**hole to another. Woman clean up your act you have 2 young sons at home that need you.

2850 days ago


"Finally, the REAL Britney emerges! It's about time you "fans" saw through her bullsh*t "image". She's a big PHONY, albeit a smart phony, she got rich of you idiots! LMAO!"

Do you know her or something?

2850 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

Exactly!!! She's a rich women! So why go around acting like trailer trash? She has a hot bod?.... Let me tell you, she seemed alot hotter before showing her ashy crotch and her scar from her cesarean. The guys I know don't think she's hot anymore, someone should tell her about Shea Body Butter. She should keep in mind how she makes her her audience which consists of young impressionable girls who's mothers will never pay $$ for them to go see her concert. The only ones who will, will be the fat, bald headed beer bellied perverted old men who want a snatch shot. Come on Brit, whatever you're smoking put it down long enough to know I'm right.

2850 days ago

J Doe    

its chrstina whos coming out on top !!!!!

2850 days ago

So Sick Of...    

I don't think climbing out of this hole is going to happen. And I don't think we have seen the worst of it, I bet there is more to come!
She can always lose the scum she has been keeping compnay with, but the actions is what is going to cost her in the end!
You cannot justify all the nights out on the town with wanting to raise your children!

2850 days ago


#37 ...... you have GOT to be kidding me. That makes me scared for the future if there are actually fans of hers that are that stupid. Someone not liking her recent actions doesn't automatically make them a hater. It could mean that they are a fan of hers that doesn't have their head lodged so far up Britney's derriere to see that there is something wrong with this chick.

Using your logic that this is America and people can do whatever they want means that ANYONE should be able to do what they want without people judging them. You do realize that that would include pedophiles, rapists, drug dealers, serial killers, etc. So we should just leave THEM alone because this is America, people are allowed to live their lives how they choose and they are just being themselves?

The bottom line is, it *is* a free country so people can do whatever they want, but that doesn't mean that everything a person does is morally or ethically right or even legal for that matter. So Britney being herself and doing what she wants doesn't automatically make it right. She is a mother now and she can't just think about what SHE wants to do. She has to think how her choices and actions will affect her children, and if she wants her career back, how they will affect that.

2850 days ago
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