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Jacko in the Box

12/1/2006 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Micahel Jackson DollNothing thrills a jaded former fan quite like a vintage doll. Lucky day, eBay has a European auction for a Michael Jackson HIStory doll, still sealed in its box.

Dressed in black and white, and complete with that creepy arm brace thing he was wearing in the 90s, this doll is sure to warm the cockles of hearts that remember the days before Neverland search warrants, putty noses, and dangling children named Blanket.

Now your child can finally play with Michael, worry-free.


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Suprised he doesnt have lirttle boy dolls, this f***in has been pedophile.....ROT IN HELL U PERVERT PEDOPHILE ASSWIPE

2892 days ago



2892 days ago


too bad we cant put the reaj Wako Jacko in a box.

2892 days ago

no pervs allowed    

At least the doll is realistic, pull down its pants and there is nothing there. Guess that's the price you pay for wanting to be a white man.

2891 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


2891 days ago


For a moment, I thought that the picture was of a Lindsay Lohan doll, updated with her new dark hair.

2891 days ago


You guys are so mean. I've always believed that Michael Jackson was innocent and I still do. If he was guilty, believe me they would have found some evidence. He has an artistic temperament which most people just don't understand. That alone makes him seem suspect. I don't think he's weird at all. He seems likes such a sweet, sensitive, caring human being. Maybe he just needs to grow up, that's all.

2891 days ago


you people are so hatefull in your reporting on Michael and he's the only one you guy do this too. If theres something good about him in the news you guys spin it in a negative light. It's so obviouse the hate you have for this man, and I bet you people never even met him. If you dont believe he has fans look at the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS. you people are a bunch of Nancy Garce and Diane Diamond faghags!!!!
he was found not guilty treat him that way.

2891 days ago


Michael Jackson looks like a freak of nature. When he was little I thought that he was cute. Ever since all of his plastic surgery and his involvement with young boys, I can't stomach him.

2890 days ago


I find it shocking how "legitimate" news outlets have followed behind the National Enquirer and started calling this human being Jacko as if that is his real name. I have never seen that with any other celeb no matter how "strange" or screwed up they were. His name is Michael Jackson. As rich, famous and yes loved as he is I don't envy him.

2889 days ago


I think you all are being a little to harsh on Micheal Jackson it is so amazing how people can remeber the bad things that he was found noe guilty of . But never do you guys mention how much he has done for people all over the world. He has help so many people trying to make things better for alot of charities. If you want to report something report that. I guess mabye if he was just born white he would not get so much smack. Everyone has there own choice to how they want to look and dress mabye the way he dresses is not to our likeing but, Trust me I could name a few famous stars that a weird and you never hear about them. I wish for once you all would just let it go, because i guaranteed that the one that is reporting all the bad stuff use to be a micheal jackson fan too.

2889 days ago


The Evil Nasty thing a man can think of another man is amazing. How can you say these nasty evil thing aabout a man that is truely innocent. The real evil doers in this whold matter is the man that tried to bring a good man down ,because of his hate toward him. The accusers like the mother who would allow her kid to lie all for the Love of money,And you the people who will go along with the evil nasty thing that the accusers have said about this innocent man. Neverless he will still be love my thousand of people and you the accusers will see that Good allways outshine Bad.

2889 days ago


Wake up Jeanie:

They DID have plenty of evidence that the courts wouldn't accept. You must have not seen the jury when they were interviewed a month after the aquittal. All of
them recieved death threats from numerous people. You have to realize that
when Micheal makes money touring, so do a whole lot of other people, and he
is their cash cow. Managers, attorneys looking over contracts, agents, promoters,
writers and editors sell stories interviews and articles, and on and on and on.
Nobody is going to let the testimony of one little kid mess up all that capital.
Everyone knows that he did it. He has been paying boys off since 1973. he bought
a house and two new cars for a boy's parents 2 nights after spending the night over their house when he was only 15, and it shocked everyone, including his
father. The problem is that they do like a whole lot of black families do. They think if they ignore the problem it will just go away. They should have got some help for Micheal when they had the chance, but they were too afraid it would hurt
their publicity if someone found out he was seeing a shrink. All they had to say was he was depressed over his auntie's death or something. Nobody would have had to know why he was seeing a shrink. So the problem got bigger and bigger and it blew up. He had to move out of his parents house because Joseph confronted him about bringing a 15 year old white boy to their family reunion years ago, and just hugging and kissing him on the top of the head. Joeseph had a fit and called Mike a little faggot, and Micheal and his father got into an actual fist fight in the hallway, and he moved out the next day. So they ALL knew. Even Jermaine wrote a book about all this. You can still view some of the pages online about the stuff he knew. The book was recalled, but nobody would have to guess what was in it. Micheal loves little white boys and Latino looking boys. He loves the ones that never had a male figure in their lives and don't know when Micheal is crossing the line. He takes advantage of that, and he should be ashamed to even look up to
the sky.

2889 days ago



2888 days ago

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