Jacko's Baby Mama Loves the Attention

11/27/2006 2:39 PM PST

Jacko's Baby Mama Loves the Attention

Her days as Michael Jackson's incubator are long over, but the paparazzi still pursue former medical office assistant Debbie Rowe.

The plump former Mrs. Jacko was caught by photogs at LAX, and while most celebs run and hide, Rowe struck up a jolly conversation with one of the shutterbugs.

The mother of Jackson's two oldest (and perpetually masked and wrapped) children asked a photog about his Thanksgiving and joked about there hopefully being someone better coming off the plane for the waiting paparazzi.

Rowe, who is now a horse trainer, told the cameras, "We're hoping for a couple boys (horses) this year." Michael Jackson has a boy ... er, and a girl, with Rowe.