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What Garrison Did

Before Fatal Crash

12/5/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ has learned that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison has hired powerhouse defense attorney Harland Braun in connection with last Saturday's fatal car accident.

Lane was at the wheel in his Land Rover on Saturday night when it crossed a median in Beverly Hills and crashed into a tree. A 17-year-old boy sitting in the backseat was killed and two 15-year-olds were injured.

Braun tells TMZ that Garrison had never met the three teenagers before the night of the accident. Braun says Garrison was at a local supermarket earlier in the evening when the trio recognized him in the checkout line and asked him if he wanted to go to a party. Braun says Garrison went to the party and had one drink. Braun says Garrison also had one margarita at a Mexican restaurant that night, but that was the extent of his alcohol consumption. Braun tells TMZ that as Garrison was leaving the party to meet a woman at his apartment, the three teens asked to accompany him. According to sources, the boy was an only child and was extremely well liked by his peers.

Braun says Garrison has no recollection of the accident, which Braun says rendered him unconscious. In fact, Braun claims Garrison's first memory was waking up at the Century City Hospital emergency room with a taxi coupon on his lap that had been given to him by hospital staff so he could get home. Braun says he was not told by hospital personnel that someone had died. He learned of the death later from a friend, Braun says, and was "totally despondent."

Braun says a sample of Garrison's blood was taken at the hospital, but it could take several weeks before the results are in. Braun says he doubts Garrison was intoxicated, but also says, "Who knows if someone put something in his drink at the party."

Braun also says Garrison's Land Rover had been experiencing alignment issues as of late and had been pulling to one side, and added that the SUV had brake problems. Braun says he is forwarding repair receipts to the police.

According to Braun, "Nobody knows what happened, it's a mystery."


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Jo Blo    

lol how would they have witnesses to the crash? if they had that, some random passerby or, according to the morons that have been here "5000 people saw it with their own eyes!!!", there wouldn't be any discussion and he'd be booked. they have nothing but a civil suit against this guy.

2824 days ago

Jo Blo    

Ya, and even if the chicks say he was drunk, it's a case of he said - she said. So he will walk.

People need to stop posting and asking why he was with teen girls. Isn't it obvious?

2824 days ago


This is horrible. This story is a complete fabrication and it is horrible that this man is lying. His car was fine. SUVs aren't the safest cars on the road, but his was no different then any other one. As to the rumors of some one slipping something into his drink, please. He is a 26-year-old man at a party with children. He was clearly drunk and obviously a moron. He agreed to attend a party with minors and he wants the public to believe he was sober. The man is a criminal and a horrible person. Sadly, the boy who died isn't here to tell his side of the story. So people, like me, have to stand up and state the obvious. As for Jessica Simpson, the fact that she chooses to come out with a quote backing him up is understandable. Yet, her publicist's complete disregard for the boy is pathetic. These kids lived in Beverly Hills, you think one simi-celebrity would cause them to go nuts. No! Have some sense.

2824 days ago

Richard benichou    

"LOL. I bet all those little morons that came in here, making those kids seem like saints feel dumb as f*** now. It was THOSE little bastards that came up to HIM.

Posted at 9:46PM on Dec 4th 2006 by lolz"

I don't know who you are since you are hiding behind a "pseudonyme", but what it seems to me that you are not worsted! You sound like a clown and not of the best kind, a stupid one! Nobody made these kids look like "saints", they just are kids. But he is a grown up. He should know better! He should be responsible! In fact he is responsible for his acts...He should at least apologize to V and his parents! To the girls still in the hospital. Yes, he should apologize! Not that will bring "V" back to life, but these will show a human side of "Lane Garrison". He is probably not a bad guy, but what he did was wrong! Teens or not, he should not drive drunk! Teens or not he should not take anyone in his car if this one is not safe as per his attorneys! He met the kids at a party. He may not have known they were teens, 15 and 17 years old. May be. But still his negligence cost the life of a young fine men, 17 years old. His life is destroyed! His parents life his destroyed! His friends, and he has a lot, are also completely confused and partialy dead with him. These is a HARD reality, not some kind of joke! Please have respect for Life and respect the honor and decency of the young guy who lost his life! Don't be a "Jerk" as your words could make us believe! Unless you are drunk, I don't see how someone could post a message like yours. Nobody is a saint, definitely not you and surely not Lane Garrison. But he must face his responsibailities, like a man! He must face the parents of "V"! Tell them how much he sorry for what happen, taking the life of their "Star", "V"! He should not play "amnesia" I don't remember" I don't know", that is life unfortunately. We cannot leave it to lawyers who will destroy all commun sens and all values of life just for money. These guys don't care about the truth! These guys don't care about the facts! Lane Garrison will have an entire life to remember the smile he took away in killing, this young fine men.
The only "bastard", as you say, I can see, here it's you, the hidden person behind the screen!

Richard B.

2824 days ago


Richard B,

How many of Vs friends have gone to his parents and apologized for letting him get in the car of a man that was so obviously intoxicated? How many of his close friends have gone to the parents and apologized for sending their good buddy V on a beer run when the booze ran out? After the memorial service, how many of these friends sat around talking about their late great buddy V while they were drinking?

2824 days ago

Jo Blo    

They were probably tight-knit because they didn't want the government up their illegal asses.

2824 days ago

Jo Blo    

And let's address how this kid's student visa was f***ing expired. Yes, time to be deported Setian Family.

2824 days ago

Richard benichou    

Who was driving the car?
I believe the driver, "drunk driver" is the one responsible for his acts especialy if he is the only "Senior", 26 or 27 years old of the group. He should be the exemple to follow. He surely should stop finding excuses and just apologize, a true Apologie.. not a "marketing" one. According of "Lane Garrison" younger life known, this kid went through a lot in his life, it is too bad that he is the one and only one responsible for this, but that is the fact.
Now as you may know, at a party, too many people, espacially kids don't really think straight...they are just kids! That is why, Lane Garrison, as a mature person should not have accepted to drive these kids in his car! That is why, if drunk he was, according to the witnesses, he should not been driving! Any driver under the influence is a danger and a potential "killler"; may be unvolontary, but still... Again, this kid, Garrison sounds like a good kid that just had discover what it is to be accepted, somehow, and it is too bad for hi, his life is kind of "behind" him...It is terrible...But more terrible is the death of this young fin man, "V", and even more terrible is the suffering of his parents, That is not right to mourn his own child...G.D forbid! It is not right!
I feel very sad for this young life taken away; I feel very sad for his parents; I feel very sad for his friends...
I feel sad as well for Lane Garrison, but he must face reality and take it from there. That will be his only way out if any...He must accept responsibility for his acts, react like a man who respects life and face the consequences! That is the only he will be able to live with himself, stop hidding behind lawyers or any other...
But today, my thoughts are with this young guy, "V", a good soul as per his friends; this life cut before it had started! My thoughts and feelings are with his parents, G.D help them face the emptyness of their coming life,. My thoughts are with all these kids, his friends, that for the first time really, face the reality of Life, the reality of Death. It is hard to understand that we are not "invincible"!

Sorry, but I don't share completely your thoughts about his friends...But surely they should think twice!

Richard B.

2824 days ago

Richard benichou    


I wish I could go back to Mexico, only if I was coming from there! Don't you forget that the USA were built by immigrants and immigrants only! Don't insult yourself!
Stay here in the uS, I don't believe any one could accept you anywhere in the world with such a state of mind!
Keep insulting, that will help you digest your alcool level!

Richard B.

2824 days ago


Very sad situation for everyone involved. I wish people wouldn't drive when they get drunk. It never seems to work out well.

2823 days ago


My heart goes out to the little boy and his family. R.I.P

2823 days ago


Apparently the 17 year old and the 2 girls had no friends at the party! The teenagers that are posting this crap here about how they witnessed the teenagers get into the car after getting drunk with this actor are MORE AT FAULT than the 4 people in the car. It doesnt matter how old Lane Garrison is. If a houseful of teenagers watched him get drunk and then allowed him to leave in a vehicle then they are criminally negligant for the result! But apparently they are too stupid to keep thier mouths shut!

2823 days ago

Jo Blo    


2823 days ago


I 100% agree with you PO

What true friends did they really have?

Where were the adults that own the house? This party was at, and if there was no adults there.

Who was the adult that purchased the alchocol for this party?

Yes, it is pretty sad the 17 year old boy past away. That least he's in a happier place now. He will be mist by his family & true friends.

2823 days ago

avi amitai    

well one of the girls was my ex her name im not giving out shes in the hospital and is in bad condition thx to fucken garrison the boy vahagn setian was buried today may he rest in peace. the toher girl is ok basically lane should of just said i cnt and go and kill him self not another!!!!! hes 100% bullshitting everyone also his lawyeer is 100% bs these girls were inocent he should be locked up or killed for taking the life of an iccocent teen. he should of thought im drink i shouldnot drive.....

2823 days ago
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