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Nick Hogan Smokes Mom

12/7/2006 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan: Click to watchHe's just 16-years-old, but Nick Hogan is already burning rubber ... and mom.

The spawn of Hulk met his mother for lunch yesterday at the ultimate celebrity eatery, The Ivy. As the Hogans left to go their seperate ways -- Nick jumped into a suped-up Dodge Viper, while his mom climbed into the back of an ancient red SUV. Not very fabulous.

Nick then peeled out hard into traffic, leaving a cloud of burnt rubber smoke in the street. Imagine what this kid will be like if he starts hanging out with Paris Hilton!


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He is such an idiot. I hope he drowns in the bathtub.

2885 days ago


"that is so GAY I'm posing for picture?" Gay is a bad thing? Not a good choice of words but what do you expect from white trash. She could use a few Gay friends to help out that bad hair and style.

2885 days ago

blah blah blah    

ohhhhhhh good gawd
just a typical male teenager. give me a break

2885 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

#2.....I am guessing you are gay. Only gay males would recommend helping another with hair and style. Just a guess......lighten up bro.

It was just an expression...........or were gay people oppressed too? Should we not say the g-word? What is the world coming to?

Damn nice viper.....and agreed with #3. Typical teenager, I did the same thing with my GST when I first got it.

2885 days ago


I did the same thing with my '83 Mercury Zephyr. Stand back, y'all!

2885 days ago


what teen doesnt do this........i did..........with a 97 galant

2885 days ago


I hope the Hulkster takes him aside later to lecture him about his poor driving habits...

Aside from the other car honking at him as he starts to pull out, burning rubber like that MIGHT have caused him to fish tail (naturally, or as a result of something slippery on the street) and grind up against a parked car or two.

Not to mention this vid will come in handy if he ends up in court for crashing into someone at a later date.

...and of course I'm also personally displeased to see this punk has a ~$100K Viper (likely never having worked a day in his life) and I don't... :-)

2885 days ago


What a tool. Hope he gets pulled over and gets a ticket.

2885 days ago


and the next celebrity related auto-fatality goes to.....

2885 days ago


Not that it matters, but she wasn't in a old red suburban... it was a red Ford Excursion. I just don't understand how she can mistake a Suburban for a Excursion. They look totally different.

2885 days ago


Oh man, I really cant wait until he crashes that hideous car.

2885 days ago


he almost crashed already. barely made it through the red light, hitting that ugly honda in front of him too. he must think he's all that. and did you see the mom? trying to be all cebelutant(however you spell it) and sh*t. hah. that mom is disgusting.

2885 days ago


I guess we know now how Hulk lost his 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT when his some was driving it and it burnt to the ground back in Sept! Hmmmmm, accident?? I guess he'll never learn!

"Hulk Hogan's teenage son was at the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini when it caught fire last Saturday on Bay Harbor Islands, the family's publicist Elizabeth Rosenthal has confirmed."

"He pulled over and got out -- just moments before the car burst into flames."

2884 days ago

Jeff Jackson    

I have seen nick cruising in his retarded supra fa.ggotmobile with lots of other posers in their ricebucket supras. what a bunch of losers think their cars are all that. next time i see them driving like idiots i am going to throw sh!t at them.

2882 days ago


In response to post 14, it was in fact not one of the Hogan's vehicles, so be sure you get your facts straight.

In response to 16....... Is someone just a bit jealous?

Leave the kid alone damn it, everyone does this sh*t when they're young. i've done it in front of my parents.

2882 days ago
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