Beyonce 32? It's Just a Bad Dream, Girl

12/8/2006 7:15 PM PST

Beyonce 32? It's Just a Bad Dream, Girl

The Internet has been ringing with the alarming news that Beyonce Knowles is 32 years old, and not, as she's claimed all along, 25. TMZ did a little digging -- and we've got the definitive answer.

Celeb gossip site claimed earlier this week to have a document from the Texas Department of Health proving that the pop princess was born September 4, 1974, making her 32. But an authoritative source in Texas tells TMZ that the authenticity of that document could not be confirmed, that the document wasn't an official birth record, and that 1974 is definitely not Beyonce's b-day.

We also put in a call to the High School of the Visual and Performing Arts in Houston, which Beyonce attended, and they told us that she was a student from 1997-2000. If she was born in 1974, that would mean she attended high school from age 23 on. Beyonce might be gullible (at least enough to be ambushed by PETA), but high school at 23? We don't think so.

Beyonce's rep said she had "no idea" how the faux-age rumor began or why it was disseminated. says that they have "thoroughly inspected" the posted document and that it looks "very real."