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"SNL's" Gibson Movie Trailer -- Hilarious!!

12/10/2006 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We don't usually sing the praises of "Saturday Night Live" (because they usually aren't funny), but today we applaud them for sticking it to Mel Gibson in last night's episode.

Just after the monologue, "SNL" aired its own "re-cut" version of a trailer for Mel's new movie, "Apocalypto." Let's just say they made more like the Gibson movie we expect from Mel after his anti-Semitic rant from earlier this year.

Check it out!


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Would you f**king get over it already, you crybabies?

2841 days ago

tired of it all    

Drop it already, I don't see you cruicifying Rosie for her comments against Christians or anything else that comes out of her loud, dyke mouth. He was drunk, its over, move on already.

2841 days ago


I found that to be as about as funny as cancer. God help us all if that would have been muslims they were making fun of.

2841 days ago

Lenn K    

SNL was funny at one time, but now it's to political towards the left-wingers. Make fun of that fat pig Rosie or Danny Divoto. We know you think Bush sucks that goes with saying. What about big nose Barbara Streisand or Alec Baldwin. Mel Gibson has paid a price, stop banging on him.

2841 days ago


I guess you are easily amused. SNL is over.

2841 days ago

g grant    

leave me alone.....he was drunk and so what if he hates jews..he doesnt have to like anyone he doesnt want to..but jews run the media and jews run hollywood so keep doing your best to get rid of the non jewish threat to your have hated him since passion of the christ and now your running with your lameass oportunity to banish him..go pick up pennies off the street since you need every dime ever made

2841 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Mel Gibson f***ed up, so what? Tequila will do that to you. Is his "crime" that he was drunk driving, or that he was "Jew Baiting"? The market place will tell if his career is over in Hollywood or not. My guess? He'll be around for a long time!
I've tried watching SNL a few times over the last couple of years, it's like visiting a friend in the hospital who is dying of some incurable terminal disease: hard to watch, harder to remember how "alive" it use to be.

2841 days ago


SNL hasnt been funny in such a long time, and it still isnt. Cant you think of anything original? Mad TV had a sketch just like this one on. All they do is make fun of conservative people. Its just old. Even the sketches that have no political lean fall flat. Who are their writers anyway? Just one "sketch" on Studio 60 is funnier than the whole show on SNL. Pathetic. Do they pay the studio audience to laugh or do they have to used canned laughter now?

2841 days ago


that was weak.

2841 days ago


The Mel thing---its WAY over...even if you guys don't know it!

and by the way, if everything we say when we are drunk is considered the "unvarnished truth" then let's start requiring all witnesses in court to get drunk first BEFORE they testify? Since according to you that is the only time we speak the truth?
Gimme a break. You see how stupid that is??

Move on. We are begging you...This is not longer recent or funny. And I agree with the other posters---SNL is one of the unfunniest shows on TV.
why don't they take it off the air, already?

2841 days ago


I thought the bit was HILARIOUS. I haven't laughed out loud at SNL in a long, long time. They should do more of this kind of stuff -- straight on punches at celebrities, politicians, whoever. They should abandon all political correctness and be this direct and funny all of the time. It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And those of you feeling sorry for Mel, whatever. He did the crime, he as to do the time which in this case is getting skewered by the media and SNL. Small price to pay for being a drunken bigot.)

2841 days ago


Gee, have not heard a peep about Rosie racist comments about Asians, Christians and Israelis....Oh yeah she is a leftie so she gets a pass

Jealous of Mel%u2019s success SNL? SNL bee in a coma for years.....

2841 days ago


Oye vey really sixxty3vette what up with the "Jews run the media" crap spewing from your finger tips. Im a Jew and found what you said WAY more offensive than what Mel said. He was drunk and saying stupid crap......... whats your excuse??? The ability to find humor in f'ed up situations is key in letting comments like yours roll off my back. Ive been called a lot worse for being the religion that I am, but plane ignorance just pisses me off....... SHALOM homie! My bagel is waiting for me..............

2841 days ago

Tmz is lame    

No one cares about this anymore. People have moved on and so should you.
Get the damn chip off of your shoulder already.

2841 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Also nothing about Devito's drunken rant. I was very offended by that, why nothing about that? He made a total ass of himself in front of millions of people during daytime television and that's ok? What a pile of crap.
Oh, I know. It's ok to make fun of conservative white people. We just have to lie down and take it, right?
But look the f*ck out if someone uses the "N-Word" or says they don't like Jews.
The sh*t really hits the fan then.
Shame on the people who think this is ok.

2841 days ago
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