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DeVito: "View" Stunt Was a Joke!

12/12/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danny DeVito says his wacky appearance on "The View" was the result of being "groggy" after a wild night with George Clooney ... not because he was drunk.

The funnyman appeared to be wasted during the chat show, which included a rant against President Bush -- much of which was bleeped out by censors. He also cursed the "seven limoncellos" he drank the previous night.

In his first TV appearance since the incident, DeVito tried to clear up the situation last night on CNBC's "Conversations with Michael Eisner," telling the media mogul, "I was funny ... I was a little groggy ... I was joking, that was a joke." Ah, c'mon, that's a little Mickey Mouse.

DeVito added, "The media is a little bit cuckoo." And thanks for making it so, Danny!


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2872 days ago

coco puff    

Thank you, gagal. Now that we all know that Saddam had WHD ( weapons of Hollywood destruction) I am in complete support of the war.

2872 days ago


Why is this guy even having to defend himself for that stupid little incident. It was nothing that deserves this kind of attention. No harm No foul. Judge this guy on his body of work throughout the years and leave him alone. He is brilliant.

2872 days ago


This is for "The Truth" who felt so strongly about defending the President and was worried that speaking out against the President would only lose us respect around the world. The President and his staff have done plenty in that dept to leave us the laughing stock of the world. Do you remember the weapons of mass destruction the president was going to war to defend us against. The Taliban is back in control in Afganastan and killing teachers. Saddam is gone and Iraq is worse off than ever and had we not gone over there they more than likely would have never killed any Americans. Now they have killed just about 3000. Give me a God Damn break already with the President and the most powerful leader in the world BS.

2872 days ago


Claims not drunk..just being funny

Also claims---is a vegetarian---not looking that big in the middle are you sir

Also claims is a Scienentoligist---dont remember L Ron Hubbard ever indulging and acting that way sir

Which of the above 3 is correct Danny Da Vino? about this one, you are simply not being truthful, kinda like believing your own bs and wanting others too along the lines of OJ kind of thinking....

2872 days ago

Elizabeth Williams    

WHAT DID HE DO? I thought the show was great so let it end NO MORE QUESTIONS.

2872 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Clinically speaking, is that dreadful little pig a midget or a dwarf?

2872 days ago


He sounds even less believable than his good buddy Bill Clinton.

2872 days ago

Mike B    

That is such bullsh*t! Celebrities can say what they want then apologize for it and everything is suppose to be ok. BULLSH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!

2872 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

George Clooney probably knew about D's appearance on the view the next morning, and set him up by plying him with 'limoncellos'. George is a notorious prankster. Looks like Mr. DeVito owes him one. Look out George...

"the Truth" should rename himself "the Republican". Actually, truth, I agree with you on one point, though - thought the comments about wrecking the Lincoln bedroom were really disrespectful and more akin to a diva rockstar hissy fitting at the Hyatt... However, Mr. DeVito has the right to his opinion regarding this or any other president. The President works for all of you, and if he is or isn't screwing things up, it's your job as the electorate to let your displeasure or pleasure be known. That being said, Danny is exercising his right to free speech, and if a lot more people had done that 6 or 8 years sooner rather than give in to fear tactics and the status quo, perhaps the U.S. would never have gone into Iraq.
IS this president the strongest leader of the free world? Might doesn't always equal right. Patriotism for the sake of mindless patriotism can cause great harm.
Patriotism has to be mindful, and adhere to checks and balances. These Democrats are not disrespecting the office of the President; they feel they are trying to protect it from what appears to be a runaway train. In their opinions.
Furthermore, this type of agree/disagree discussion should always happen.
It wasn't. That was the problem. Everyone was afraid of being Dixie Chicked. Now there appears to be more balanced and mindful discussion, and that is a closer to democracy. IMHO.

2872 days ago

carol kalember    

If it was a republican that did that on their show they would have chastized him/her for weeks! All a democrat has to say is "I'm sorry" and all is forgiven. Barbra, Bill Clinton, Danny DeVito. And by the way JOY, Mel Gibson has more talent in his little finger than you do in your whole fat body!!!

2872 days ago

the truth    

To respond to #20, I guess you forgot about the 17 resolutions, & i guess they were just nonsense & should never be backed up by any kind of force. It doesn't surprise me that you would respond to the same old tired rhetoric that"there was no weapons of mass destruction" or that it was all a LIE or the "Bush lied"!! I guess you would also believe that the tons of mustard & sarin gas canisters that were found, were also harmless and could not be used again. I guess you also believe that when Powell stated before the war, that there was movement of what looked to be WMDs, moving towards Syria..I guess this too also was just fabricated. I could go on but I only have so much space to write this so called, "BS". Let me ask you this oh smart one: would you have preferred if Sadam had the WMD in operation and ready to launch at Israel or any of our allies? What would you have said then? Many in the Clinton administration, (your heroes no doubt) said that they had them and should be removed by force if necessary! The fact is that they did had them, maybe not functioning WMDs but without a doubt, reusable and very dangerous. It's also known that Sadam was looking to purchase uranium from anyone who was willing to sell it to him, and he would have done anything to build and amass nuclear weapons to destroy his enemies. Remember how close he came back in '81 but were it not for those 2 brave israeli pilots who, on a suicidal mission, destroyed his nuclear powerplants. As for Afghanistan, the taliban is NOT TOTALLY IN POWER there, but only in a small region where they basically have to hide because if they are seen by the US military, they know they'll be killed! So stop your BS Jim and be honest for a change! And by the way, Devito is STILL A DRUNK DWARF and should be ostracised forever by everyone with a brain!

2872 days ago


Joke my ass.

2872 days ago


When it's all said and done, who cares! Danny will be rich as SH** and we won't!!

2872 days ago
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