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Knievel Sues 'Kanyevel' Over Jumpsuit

12/12/2006 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World-famous daredevil Evel Knievel, 68, has sued rapper Kanye West -- over a cheesy jumpsuit and a rocket-propelled Skycycle.
Evel Kneivel, Kanye West
In a lawsuit filed Monday in Federal Court in Florida, the daredevil claims that Kanye infringed on his trademark name and likeness in West's video for "Touch the Sky." In the video, West portrays a character named "Evel Kanyevel" who attempts to jump a large canyon, not unlike Knievel's famous 1974 jump of Snake River Canyon in Idaho, which was not successful.

Knievel argues that the white jumpsuit he wore for the stunt and the "Skycycle" that he used are trademarked. Knievel also claims in the suit that "vulgar and offensive" images depicted in the video damage his reputation.

The lawsuit asks for damages and seeks to halt distribution of the video. West's reps couldn't be immediately reached for comment. No word on whether Knievel knows how many of Kanye West's fans were actually alive in 1974.


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Rebekka, you got your facts mixed up. Your claims make you no better than those you are trying to refute. Just becuase R&B/Jazz and Latin muic may have been INFLUENCED by Gypsies does not mean they created it. Both R&B/Jazz and Latin music have several influences. The music and dances are true blend of several cultures. No one group can claim true origin.

As for Elvis, he did not create rock & roll. Neither did Little Richard. They both played a part in making it popular. That's all.

2850 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

No, Move on does not mean Move forward... Or Move Forward would be said instead. Nobody dwells on it but like I've stated when you're called a racial slur, it brings back the negative memories... Nobody thinks about his everyday when dealing with their lives, hopefully most people are happen but when an unfortunate incident of bigotry happens.....

2850 days ago


To Simone #45 - I wasn't going to write anything till I read what you had to say. Amen, Amen! I am American and frequently of the same thinking as you there in Oz - (get it folks FREQUENTLY - which means often - but not all the time) - sorry Simone - but here in the states you have to define everything and every little word you say lately because of the lack of education and language skills in our country because of people like skanky, whiney Kanye - I know - I live through it every day - every single day because there is always someone in this country looking for a fight - that's all it is.

And before one or many more of you tell me to go live somewhere else - I'm one step ahead of you and have given it thought many, many times. There are many Americans choosing to live in other countries because they can't stand the haughty American demeanor and lack of manners and etiquette any more. I am just another one. Even Californians are choosing to live in Mexico - after they pretty it up of course. Now there's a switch. So the Mexicans move here, we move to their country.

I only wish I had written what you said - so thanks for saying what waaaaay too many think. That jerk Kanye, is so full of himself and is constantly throwing little girlie hissy fits when he doesn't get the rewards he thinks he deserves. I too hope that E.K. wins big on his suit. Kanye is a theiving dirt bag.

Thanks for the thoughts Simone.


2850 days ago

do something about it    

Some people are so ignorant. Just because I said Im hispanic you automatically assume im from mexico. If that was the case I would have said I was mexican and would have been proud of it. Since this has been made into a race issue let me share some light: Caucasion people did not find america. It was already here you guys have been taking credit for something you barely had took part in doing. You screwed up alot of peoples lives is what you did know take credit for that. And people please dont believe everything you read in the history books it was written by man so it comes with all the flaws of man.

2850 days ago

coco puff    

The Spaniards invaded and conquered the Indian tribes of Mexico, Central America and South America. Spanish was not the native tongue of the indigenous peoples. Of course the ignorant Mexicans don't know that Spain is a part of Europe, as in, European. The bottom line is, European countries came to this part of the planet and conquered it. This is nothing new, just read a history book. As far as the Negro's go, they were sold to the Europeans by there own chiefs and kings. The Dutch ran the slave trade, it was a business. Slavery has existed for thousands of years. How do you think the pyramids were built? The ignorant blacks in this country always bring up slavery when they cannot discuss racism intelligently. It's a cop out, period.

2850 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Rebekkah we are talking about here in America...

2850 days ago



2850 days ago


#56-My facts are dead on. The styles were not INFLUENCED by Romani music, they were created by the Roma. For the Latin styles, it is already fairly known in those countries that the Roma created it, esp Flamenco. A simple google will show you this. The spanish have admitted who created the styles, they just don't go around saying it regularly. As for blues, even the Legend B.B.King stated once it was the Roma who created it, and the Blues influence brought about R&B and Rock. I never claimed Roma outright created the latter 2. I said rather clearly that they would not exist had it not been for the Roma creating the blues. And I also never said Elvis created Rock, I said his people did.

These are all well-researched facts. The Roma brought their soulful music to America when they were shipped here as slave labor. Because they were put together with black slaves, the blacks learned the music from them. But Roma are not really recognised by people, despite being recognised nationality by the UN, so most people attributed the music to blacks. Especially cos Roma integrated with American's at some point and virtually disappeared from America at that time. Well, they are still here, they just don't know their heritage. It's estimated that 60% of whites whose ancestors lived in the North Eastern states during the time the Roma began integrating, have Romani blood.

I don't just talk out my ass. I'm an anthropologist. I don't speak up on these blogs unless it's in my feild of knowledge. I know exactly what I'm talking about here.

2850 days ago


God u american's sue for anything ! you should lighten up !

2850 days ago


Mark-I agree with almost everything except the quip about the pyramids...Dr.Zahi Hawass recently discovered the workman's village which shined new light on who built the pyramids. They weren't slaves(or Jewish for that matter). They were Egyptians working out of their devotion for their God's. It is very interesting, everything he has discovered, you should google him if you are curious.

2850 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Mark, your ass is freaking ignorant. Lying to people in order to betray them and take something for your own personal gain should not be applauded, that's what the the Europeans did to the Native Americans. Whether or not black slaves were sold by their own kings and chiefs, who were under false pretenses on the way they would be treated and maybe some did this for gread, does not excuse slavery. Yes slavery had been going on for centuries though people were slaves based on social/class structure not by race... This type of slavery was not acceptible either just stating the facts.

Mark you need to stop calling people ignorant and look at your ignorance towards those who are not of your race/religion/ethnicty or philosophy...

2850 days ago


So just because Africans sold their enemies into slavery, it absolves whites? Please. Now who's ignorant. You act as if it were bother selling brother. That was not the case. These tribal wars have been going on for centuries (can you say Darfur?).

I doubt the the salve trade involved the African leaders giving the white traders details such as whipping slaves, throwing cargo (i.e., humans) overboard, delcairing them unhuman (3/4 of a human being????) but that and much more happened.

But Slavery was not the worst it was what came after. Jim Crow was a disaster. There was never a seperate but equal. The rapes, lynchings, hosings... And you can not claim it wasn't you. It was a little as 60 friggin' years ago. If the Jew can't forgive the Nazis (nor should they), I don't see why you think we should forgive you? Not that you are asking for forgivness. You don't even believe you did anything wrong. People like you disgust me.

2850 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Rebekka read my posts thoroughly, I did say that black people were not the only slaves... And I'm not discussing nor debating issues about a country were I am not a citizen of, we are discussing race issues here in America aren't we?

2850 days ago


I'm leaving now, I just know some idiot will pop out with unresearched heresay. Knowledge is power, you should study your so-called facts before spouting them off like L.A.Dime...

2850 days ago


Then you must have barely graduated from University because your claims are just that claims...not facts. There are several OPINIONS of orgin. Not just what you learned in school. So get off you high horse. You don't know everthing. There is more to a culture that what you read.

2850 days ago
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