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Dr. Phil Lays the Smackdown

12/15/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He might act like a softee, but Dr. Phil doesn't take any s**t from anybody.
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The TV shrink was fuming during a segment involving Ty Beeson, the man behind the controversial "Bumfights" DVD series -- and kicked the guy right off the set!

During a graphic video profile featuring footage from "Bumfights," an outraged Phil demanded that his crew immediately stop rolling tape. Phil then booted Beeson from the set while telling him, "That's despicable. I don't want to talk to you. You can go. You can go."

Beeson, who appeared on the show in a Dr. Phil costume (baldcap and all), didn't leave without getting in a few choice words, "Every time you bring a guest on this show, you exploit them and spread whatever problems they have to the whole world. You think that's helping them?" Security then rushed Beeson offstage.

Phil apologized for the incident, telling the audience, "That is absolutely despicable, and I refuse to publicize that ... he clearly could not have a serious dialogue about this."

The episode DID make national air on Tuesday, with clips from "Bumfights" included in the show. Dr. Phil episodes are all pre-taped. Our question: If Dr. Phil was really against publicizing the material, why didn't he edit it out of the show?


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I'm going to have to side with Beeson on this one. I mean if we aren't entertained by bums fighting then what good are they? Without bum fights they are reduced to worthless, stench infested, tax draining, piles of human garbage.

2868 days ago


Video link doesn't work.

2868 days ago


They aren't garbage. They are human beings just like everyone else. However, Dr. Phil exploits people and their situations for the sake of ratings. Rather than just have DCF intervene, he airs video of three year olds crying about daddy messing with her peepee ad nauseum.

Bum fights and those who encourage them are disgusting but so is Dr. Phil.

2868 days ago


"Dr" Phil is no Dr. A doctor is sworn to "Do No Harm" But thats what Phil is all about, exploiting others for $$$$

2868 days ago


hes right, phil doesnt help anybody, he just imposes his western values onto people assuming that they will resolve issues. He probably didnt edit it to promote himself as 'hard hitting' and display that hes not 'light weight' when it comes to certain issues.

2868 days ago

Black Sheep    

It's all an act. He's become no different from Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. A ratings whore. Wake up people!! Stop watching his show!

2868 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Always has been..always will be

2868 days ago


Because he's a friggin phony just like the media whore Oprah who spawned the ridiculous cue ball headed piece of crap...

2868 days ago



2868 days ago


I saw that segment--I was glad he rushed the "bum" off. The bum fights guy is as worthless as they come, exploiting the misfortunes of others and becoming a millionaire...wait, so is Dr Phil, exploiting the misfortunes of others and becoming a millionaire...difference being at least he offers paid for help whereas the bum fights guy offers 20 bucks for a guy to pull his teeth out with a pair of pliers. Maybe they both are serving a purpose---but I'm still glad he threw the bum out.

2868 days ago

Robert S.    

Dr. Phil is and always has been a very strange man who probably need more help than the people he has one his show.

2868 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

This is surely the guy I want giving me advice on weight loss, saving my marriage, raising my kids or how to live my life in'd think with all the moola he's earned sucking Oprah's ass he could at least afford a decent rug or some plugs for that dome of his.

2868 days ago


"Dr." Phil quit counseling people because "they annoyed him" and suddenly because he's on Oprah he gets his own show exploiting people. Right. He's all about getting the attention for himself and exploiting others for his own profit. I can't believe anyone actually bought his DIET book.

There's no point in trying to make yourself look better by throwing someone off your show. Try not having the person on your show in the FIRST place.

2868 days ago


I asked the same question; if Dr Phil thought he didn't need to talk to Beeson, then why did he invite that guy to appear on his show in the first place? I think Dr Phil is trying to fool the viewers, creating drama and surreal situations to improve ratings! And if Beeson knew he would be ditched by Dr Phil, why did he come in the 1st place? I think they have made their little compromise to maintain the impression of realitytv. Since we know already Dr Phil is pre-taped, who knows how many and how many re-takes were made!

I wonder what agreements lies behind all those pop spychology shows like
Jerry Springer, to lure people into airing their dirty laundry on national tv????
I think these guests are paid to act. Most of the time Dr phil embarras them in frn of everyone, and I always wonder why they come on the show to confront the other person they hate the most..What good does it do to any of them exposing personal matters? those trashy women on Jerry springer ????

2868 days ago

george vieto    

Dr. Phil is the newest graduate of the Laura Bozzo School of FightClub television show business.

2868 days ago
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