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Dr. Phil Lays the Smackdown

12/15/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He might act like a softee, but Dr. Phil doesn't take any s**t from anybody.
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The TV shrink was fuming during a segment involving Ty Beeson, the man behind the controversial "Bumfights" DVD series -- and kicked the guy right off the set!

During a graphic video profile featuring footage from "Bumfights," an outraged Phil demanded that his crew immediately stop rolling tape. Phil then booted Beeson from the set while telling him, "That's despicable. I don't want to talk to you. You can go. You can go."

Beeson, who appeared on the show in a Dr. Phil costume (baldcap and all), didn't leave without getting in a few choice words, "Every time you bring a guest on this show, you exploit them and spread whatever problems they have to the whole world. You think that's helping them?" Security then rushed Beeson offstage.

Phil apologized for the incident, telling the audience, "That is absolutely despicable, and I refuse to publicize that ... he clearly could not have a serious dialogue about this."

The episode DID make national air on Tuesday, with clips from "Bumfights" included in the show. Dr. Phil episodes are all pre-taped. Our question: If Dr. Phil was really against publicizing the material, why didn't he edit it out of the show?


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i saw the segment and i watch dr. phil from time to time but yes he has become a media whore , he, his wife and the stuck up kid of his i see around town who thinks he is a star, but sucking off daddies money...and his playmate, it seemed odd, when i saw it, like why did dr. phil bother with this guy? honestly, i think he kicked him off the show for the only reason that he was mimicing his look with the bald cap, and for no other reason.... he was grandstanding about taking the high ground, but that was bullshit, he booked him he knew what he did, but he did not know he would show up with the bald head and moustache , so he cancelled him and labeled the reason that he did not like his videos...............bullshit dr. phil...absolute bullshit...

2832 days ago

anne daly    

"Dr." phil is a hyprocrite. He is not a licensed anything. He lost his license to practice in Texas and was working with a law firm when he met Oprah in Texas when she was sued by the beef people. Check out his biography online.

2832 days ago


Dr. Phil is the new Hitler

2832 days ago


HA, the post is back, its disappeared, thought tmz had succumed to the power of dr. phil....he is an interesting character, cause you got to understand, only 3 to 4 years ago, he was a nobody in a small texas town, his wife and kids were nobodys, so they still act like lottery winners, his son lives up in the hills in a house he is trying to sell for 4,000,000 its worth about 2,500,00 but when i watch them and see the kid around town, its like they are still kinda cheesy, but its refreshing, cause they still don't know exactly how to behave, its refreshing, cause they are kinda like the beverly hill billies...but soon the L.A. attitude will show up...but for now its fun, cheesy, like the playmate wife.....would love to have been there when the son came and told dad and "robin" he was marrying a playmate, love to have seen the reaction especially on "robins"face, is she real? i think she thinks she is....sure she has some mean meltdowns...shes too pulled together, its not real. so concious of how she comes off.

2832 days ago


hey dr. phil,at least my son did not marry a porn queen???

2832 days ago


Hey Doc , like putting "The House of Hate" on air is any better! You & Paramount are in it for the ratings.
Take it from someone who worked on this show ..... The only person he wants to help is himself! I love how he tells parents to stop spoiling their kids but in 2004 he bought Jay a sweet Hollywood Hills crib!

2832 days ago


dr. phil is lame! why would he invite beeson on his show if he's not going to talk to him? &why did he pretend like he's never seen the bumfights footage before? what a drama queen!

2832 days ago


Hilarious that Beeson showed up as Dr Phil, Genius!! Just like looking in a mirror! Why did he show the clip and then refuse to discuss it? Moron! ...And isn't this the same guy who put crackheads in a house in a decent neighborhood in LA fitted out with hidden cameras, without consulting the neighbors? They sued him, result.....they had to shut production down for reasons of common decency and endangering minors! Practice what you preach Doc!! Dr Phil is an exploitatious fraud!!! He's weeks away from getting caught with a tranny hooker!!

2832 days ago

Michael Ilyinsky    

That's showbiz, folks.

2832 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This "Dr.Phil" is nothing but a fraud. We can thank Oprah for unleashing this piece of crap on society. He's absolutely, in Howard Stern's words, pig puke.

2832 days ago


Saw was so fake and set up, just for drama. They did the whole introductory - "look at this bad behavior"- video piece and when it ended Dr. Phil made this big holier than thou, showy, moral stand about not wanting to talk to the guy. Why did he have him on his stage waiting to go on if he was so disgusted with him? PS, Phil's wife should lay off the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, she's looking a bit plastic!

2832 days ago


twins.............i love it.."pig puke" thats perfect... and of course "son of pig puke for that fat little brat of his....

2832 days ago


I absolutely agree... why did he bother showing any of it? Why did he go to the expense of bringing the guy on his show at all. Because he's no longer a "doctor", he's an entertainer. The problem is that he takes on people and issues that are serious and dangerous, and goes on to say that he's going to help them, all in the name of his own personal gain. This is further demonstrated by his "Dr. Phil House," which seems to serve no further purpose than to bring a Jerry Springer-like exploitation in an attempt to keep the viewers coming. The fact is, by airing this show, he gave the "bumfights" guy the greatest commercial opp of his career. I can not watch Dr. Phil any longer. He's so fake. I don't have the stomach for it.

2832 days ago


I agree. He is all about ratings. My daughter goes to college with "Jamie" off the segment he recently did on "nightmare brides". Jamie said that they told her to say that the pocket book she bought before her wedding day was "real" and $600.00 when in fact she had bought an imitation of the designer brand. She was also told to say other things that weren't true and to be more aggressive towards her husband on the show. She said that she kept shaking her head when Dr. Phil was trying to imply things that weren't true, and during commercial break he asked her to stop doing that. (Shaking her head). Jamie also said that Dr. Phil didn't say goodbye to them when the show was over with nor was he friendly. Coincidentally Nastassia off the same segment was from the same area here in VA. as Jamie. Personally, he is all about ratings and nothing more. He isn't into helping, he is only into "Helping with his ratings". This was nothing more than a publicity stunt for "ratings".

2832 days ago


Anyone else get the sense that nothing is really ever resolved on his shows? Yes, what was the point bringing this guy on? Dr. Phil always says how much home work he does on each of his "guests", so certainly he must have previewed the tapes.

On a more disturbing episode, what about little Kaylee? I have nightmares of that child being molested by her father. Come on, this is so inappropriate. No one can go and protect the child till it's figured out? In my opinion, it's exploitation of this poor little girl. As of today, I have watched my last episode of Dr. Phil.

Robyn darling, you don't look natural with whatever cosmetic enhancement you're doing. I'm not being mean, I'm being honest as to what I see, and I think you need to know the truth. You are very sweet.


2832 days ago
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