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Little Miss Innocent

12/15/2006 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan may have given up drinking, but she's still having herself a good ol' time.

She hit up Area last night with Paris Hilton, and Teddy's a little later with Greasy Bear Brandon Davis. Making amends with old enemies? Seems like she's taking those twelve steps seriously!

"Studio 60's" Matthew Perry also strolled up to Area, followed by Nick Cannon -- who yelled out "What up!" to the cameras. Close behind were Kim Stewart and Bai Ling, who was nice enough to blow us some kisses. Rick Fox showed up in a hoodie, along with Jason Wahler and (new BFF?) Andy Milonakis ... Now that's surely a match made in heaven.

Check out these kids -- and more -- in today's Star Catcher.


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Lindsey is so cute. She can dance, sing, act and funny. I like her and hope that she does well. As much as I would like to dish these celebs.haha. I don't want to say anything bad about her. Well, she may have a little temper. But hey, she is a redhead and her dad has a temper. I am sure she may have a hard time but she is not her dad. She is herself growing more and more everyday. Good for her.

2867 days ago

Kate Jackson    

Does "innocence" involve drugs, by any chance?

2867 days ago


Lindsay is a WHORE!!!

2867 days ago


Check out Perez Hilton's article with a photo of Lindsay doing shots at a concert last night! Sobriety, my ass!

2867 days ago

Some dude    

Greasy bear….I wonder, first and foremost, if these a-holes get that, in the movie
Man On Fire Denzel’s character’s name was Creasy…not Greasy, and when what’s her face in that movie named her bear, she named it Creasy bear, not Greasy bear.

Anyway, maybe they do realize this…maybe not. Maybe they figured that even though they have taken a name and screwed it up, it applies, as every time I see that scumbag, he is dripping in his own disgust.

I understand he is an heir to an oil fortune, I wonder though, was he also the product of genetic testing using oil? Perhaps his genes were spliced with oil molecules when he was grown in a laboratory?

Anyway, I’m sick of seeing him. Literally, I am sick.

2867 days ago


Damn, that's an old picture. She wasn't doing shots. Sorry.

2867 days ago


She's given up drinking now all she needs to do is give up Paris and she'll be fine!

2867 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

It has been recently reported that Lindsay has been drinking vodka and that when she attempted to be served alcohol at one of the clubs she was frequenting as was refused she got pissed, so much so she asked someone at another table for some of their vidka, AA my a$$...

2867 days ago

Jared from Subway    

Sober people don't hang out at bars. F***ing cokehead.

2867 days ago


sober people dont hang out at bars? are you for real? you dont have to drink to hang out a bar or a club. people like you need a reality check

2867 days ago



2867 days ago


TMZ tell Lindsay that Halloween was 2 months ago.

2867 days ago

Dennis C.    

My first year in sobriety, I was 20 years old, and I went out to bars all the f***ing time, from dive bars to strip clubs to New York City nightclubs like the Limelight, not to mention going to bars in the village to see bands play or college parties to meet girls. I also did a 90 in 90, had coffee commitments and got told by everyone in the rooms, meeting makers make it, sober people don't hang out in bars, and there isn't a non-smoking section in a crackhouse. Fortunately for me I was friends with a lot of open minded, tolerant people in the program, many of whom happened to be musicians and as it is kind of an occupational hazzard, they don't make such a big deal about it. I also worked the steps, got a sponsor that I called everyday, and went to sober dances, conventions with lots of young people and joined the Matt Talbott society. I found all of those to be more important for my sobriety than whether or not I liked to have a good time at night, without drinking, no matter where I was. You know what, today I'm older and I've got a few 24's and I don't feel as comfortable in those places anymore and that's good too. But come on, young kids like to get sweaty and take off their clothes and be around kids their own age and do stupid things, so what, what's the harm? It's all good. If peeps want to point out someone to criticize, forget about Paris and Lindsay and Britney and go look at Nicole Ritchie. What does her dad have to say about her drinking and driving I wonder? If I went out to someplace where there was drinking going on, I always took my own water bottle and refilled it myself and didn't let anyone else drink from it and if they did, I got another. Of course I smoked like a f***ing chimney. Let me tell you honey, I f***ed more girls that first year than I care to tell, sobriety does wonders for you, you start to take better care of yourself, you know. But look at Paris, I applaud her, why don't more people concentrate on her taking a year off from sex, or at least trying to, than trying to tear down anyone trying to improve their life. I applaud Paris for her commitment, it was more than I could say for myself.

I'm sure Lindsay has slept around a lot and if you're part of young Hollywood you've probably had a pretty wild sex life, not saying she's not a slut or a whore or anything else all the mean deragatory posters in this and other posting sites have called her. I don't know if she owns it, that's up to her, I think she's pretty fierce myself, but I just wonder, if all the people in here with something negative to say tried instead to concentrate on more positive things instead, maybe we'd all feel a little better.

Lol I'm sure the next poster after me will tell me to STFU for supporting someone I don't know in real life, oh well.

2867 days ago


Why is she hiding her face so much with that thing she has in her hand? Is it to hide her double chin?

2867 days ago

Hello Kitty    

I wonder how it feels to part with your pride ?

2867 days ago
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