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Nicholson's Family Shocker

12/17/2006 2:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Legend has it that Jack Nicholson found out at age 37 that his sister was actually his mother.
Jack Nicholson: Click to link


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Ya Know! It doesn't matter how he got here; the important fact is that he is.
He is & always has been the Greatest Actor.
I haven't seen "The Departed" yet; however I can't wait to.
Jack, keep going.... you get better every year.
Besides, I don't know who my father is......
I heard a joke by a comedian one time.....he didn't know who his real father either. He said, "That man is not my "Dad", he is just the D**K I rode in on.
Lightbulb moment for me, it helped me put my situation into perspective.
Keep going Jack!!!

2846 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Hmm, I agree that Jack Nicholson is one of a kind. The old saying that I have always remembered about paternity is:
"All women are liars, and its a wise child who knows its father"

2846 days ago


FINALLY........something from Jacks corner......Jack is the ONLY actor in Hollyweird who works and comes anywhere remotely close to earning the mega dollars paid to these people. When I watch him I forget that he is Jack Nicholson. He "IS" the person whose part he is portraying.

2846 days ago


#'s 2 & 3 YEAH!!
I am so glad I posted what I did about Jack.
You are right, Jack is the ONLY actor in Hollyweird who does earn the big bucks.I also forget he is Jack when I am watching him; I also believe he IS the character he is portraying.
There have been some movies that I have watched with him in them, & actually forgot that I was in the movie theater, or @ home in my chair if I am watching him on DVD. I heard Martin Scorcese (Marty) say that is the sign of an excellent actor. (You are so engrossed in the movie, you forget where you are at.) I love movies. Last night, for instance, I just had to watch "It's A Wonderful Life",even though I have seen it @ least 50 times.
James Stewart another AMAZING ACTOR. (Miss him a lot).
#2- I also heard this phrase about not knowing paternity, from a very famous Psychiatrist. "There are not illegitimate children, only illegitimate
parents." I thought that was a good one.

To sum it up; none of us ask to be here, & none of us get to choose our parents (Damn It) Ha Ha!
We just have to make the best of what we have.
I am thankful, I have what I do have:)

2846 days ago


#4...I've heard the same thing about the mark of a really good actor( forgetting your watching someone portray a part). I've seen Everything Jack has done from "Easy Rider" on. I think it was the late 60s thru today.....some of um several times. I've told my grown daughter if she doesn't call to tell me about a Nicholson movie coming on TV and I miss it she gets written outta the will(LOL). The last rant in remember about Jack he put a golf club thru a windshield when someone cut him off in traffic! ! ! ! Thats been years & years ago. I guess he's mellowing out a tad. He can still more than hold his own with all of the "amateurs" in Hollywierd !

2845 days ago



You are absolutely right, if ya don't update us on Jack, out you go (LOL).
Have you noticed also that in all the award shows, he gets the best seat in the house? He deserves it to me.
I heard about a website this morning on CNN.
If someone cuts you off in traffic now, you can go on-line and give their plate#, state, etc.... (saves on the road rage thing) Ha Ha.
What would we do without the internet now?
Did you hear? We are all Time magazine's "Person Of The Year",
(Anyone who uses the internet).
So Congrat's to us!
What ya think?
P.S. Love the Handle

2845 days ago


........#4 Kylie......I saw the Time "Person of the Year" and thought "Dam are we I trouble now" if I can be a person of the year...LOL. The handle :"Wink" comes from the name of a long gone pet cat I had. My grown daughter says I' m wrong and claims it's a name she gave me when she was little. I'm Mark, real first name, but answer to Wink or Mark.

The internet IS a great thing. I have kidded people a lot about the internet being a passing trend But I guess I was wrong( YA think ! ). It's helped me find a childhood friend from the 1960s(needles to say I'm no kid now. I'm a young 60) and an old girl friend from the 1980s.......all this and the internet has only been in everyday consumer/business use since about 1990. It's absolutely changed the way I do business AND get news AND lead everyday life...THE WAY I/WE DO MOST EVERYTHING I THINK.

Your right now that I've thought about it. Jack is NEVER seated at the back of the room for award show's.. If they tried to do that to him he'd probably kick someone's tail ! i I guess I've taken this off topic .......but it's really ah kick talkin to ya :) ........ Have ah good holiday (also known as Chirstmas if ya don't givahdam about political correctness :) )........Wink

2845 days ago

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