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Britney Booed, Boo-Hoos, Bails on Lakers

12/18/2006 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How the tide has turned – now it's Britney who's getting booed and K-Fed, or something like him, eliciting cheers.

The exhibitionist pop star was among the fans at last night's Lakers-Wizards game at L.A.'s Staples Center, attending with sister Jamie Lynn and agent Jason Trawick. When Brit's face popped up on the Jumbotron, according to a TMZ spy in attendance, the entire crowd booed loudly, making Britney so mad that she left even before halftime.

To add injury to insult, the image of a K-Fed-alike graced the Jumbotron shortly thereafter, and the crowd actually cheered. Fellow celeb-fans Chris Tucker, Ellen Pompeo, Andy Garcia, and, of course, Jack Nicholson, stayed around to watch an overtime thriller, which the Lakers lost.

Firecrotch Burned by Stripper Pole?

Lindsay Lohan is taking her job very seriously – seriously enough that she's giving her famously fiery no-no special place an absolute beating with some varsity-level pole dancing.

In another e-mail uncovered by Page Six, Lohan tells friends that she's practicing for her role as a stripper in her next film, "I Know Who Killed Me," and that three hours of pole dancing rendered her a "walking black-and-blue mark." Thankfully, she provides even more anatomical detail: "We're talkin' like, UPPER AND INNER THIGH ACTION-bruised ... I didn't know it was actually possible to have bruises in such areas of the body."

Lohan has also gained a newfound respect for professional ecdysiasts: "Strippers dude, I tell you, I really respect the c***s now ... I'm not going to lie to ya." Her rep, oddly, feels the same way: "We should give these women credit," says Leslie Sloane Zelnik to Page Six.

Jacko's Touch Too Pricey, Even for Japanese

Michael Jackson was going to make a big Christmas splash in Tokyo, but it looks like the chance to shake his de-pigmented hands was just too expensive for the Japanese, says MSNBC's The Scoop. Some tickets cost up to $3,300, just for the opportunity to meet, greet, and be photographed with Jacko (no singing or dancing though), and paying half that only got you the meeting and greeting bit. Some cheaper $425 tickets were offered as well (perhaps buying you a glimpse of the King of Pop?), but the normally fanatical Japanese were reportedly "outraged" at the demanded outlay. The CEO of the company putting on the event says he wants to be "inclusive" for Michael's fans, and now there will be a "Fan Appreciation Day" in Tokyo in March.

"Happyness" Is a Warm Reception at Weekend B.O.

Will Smith continued his run of #1 box office debuts with "The Pursuit of Happyness," which took in $27 million, finishing ahead of the dragon tale "Eragon," with $23.45 million and the live-action version of EB White's children's fable "Charlotte's Web." Besides "Happyness," Smith previously won the weekend ticket take with "I, Robot," the "Men in Black" films, and last year's "Hitch." Meanwhile, "Dreamgirls" opened strong in limited release, with $360,000, as did "The Good German," the latest Steven Soderbergh – George Clooney collaboration. Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" took a steep dive, picking up just $6.3 million in its second weekend.

Party Favors: Obama Not Ready, Says Alec ... Seinfeld's Got Hives ... TV Yule Logs Face Off

45-year-old Barack Obama is just "a kid," according to 48-year-old Alec Baldwin, and thus ought to wait ten years for a White House bid. "I don't think Barack should run for president," says Baldwin to Page Six. "I admire him, but he's a kid." ... Jerry Seinfeld is writing and producing a new movie, next year's "Bee Movie," about a bee who leaves the hive and discovers that humans are stealing honey. And Jerry tells Newsweek that his home life is providing all kinds of material. "If my life was total misery – which it's not, it's heaven, I love my wife, I'm having a great time – but if it was total misery, it would still be worth it for the jokes." ... And if you read nothing else today, check out the AP's piece about the TV Yule Logs, those brightly burning picture logs that stand-in for an actual fireplace for apartment dwellers. WPIX says it's actually very well rated, and another log will air uninterrupted on INHD in, yes, high-def.

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No Avatar


Um waaaaaay to much information Lindsay!

2834 days ago


Lindsey is a cool chick. She is real to me.

2834 days ago

Dr. M    




H20 / H20 / H20 64 OZ. MINIMUM



Dr. M

2834 days ago


Aw, I'm so happy for Will Smith. =) I've been a loyal fan of him for over five years, and grew up with him (through his ups and downs, praises and flaks from people). He seems like a nice guy and it would be an honor to meet him one day. Pursuit of Happyness looks touching. I'm going to see it this week sometime.

Michael Jackson's a freak and Lindsay's a nutcase. I don't think I know who she is anymore. And I don't know this Obama guy (not huge on politics) but he seems interesting.

Team Fresh Prince!

2834 days ago


Should I feel bad for Lindsay? Ummmm, NO.
I'm sure bruising is the least of her problems down there and everywhere.
As for MJ he should stay out of the media for a long time and please
someone, anyone, check on his children! A father(?) who makes his kids
wear masks and veils is a couple bulbs short of a chandelier.
Alec Baldwin is a whack and I'm sure Obama could care less what he thinks.

2834 days ago


Has MJ lost the rest of his mind? 3,000 for a photo with him? What the heck is he going to do with the money? Buy more jesus juice? Pervert!

2834 days ago


It's one thing to boo Britney but to cheer for k-fag? How that turd partied makes Britney look tame.

2834 days ago


I wonder if Brit can get her whole "country fried" fist in her mouth?

2834 days ago


I feel bad for people who get booed.

2834 days ago


Lindsay needs to wash her mouth out with soap! Calling other woman c**ts? Nice girl. Britney had it coming to her. I think both ladies will get lumps of coal this year.

2834 days ago


i think that is really rude that they booed. I feel bad for brit.

2834 days ago


Britney -- Take note. The crowd at the game was not your "handlers" and giving you a glimpse of how we in America are viewing you right now. I don't think any of us are ready to write you off, but surround yourself with some folks who will be honest with you.

2834 days ago


What makes Lindsay so cool? The fact that she respects strippers? That girl is in bigger trouble then I thought!

2834 days ago


LOL! Hopefully after she left the game she went home and finally took care of the kids! Maybe she will learn that neglecting them to party has put a sour taste in the public's mouth.

2834 days ago


Maybe if Clitney had been at home being a mother she wouldn't have put herself in a situation to be booed. Lindsay is a complete wackjob. Hopefully they washed the pole off after she swung her firecrotch all over it.

2834 days ago
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