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12/20/2006 12:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the celebrity equivalent of hell freezing over, Tara Reid got into Hyde last night.

It's a huge step for the famous party girl, who was immediately rejected the last time she hit the Hollywood club. Now, the velvet rope has finally been lifted.

There is an asterisk next to this monumental feat though -- had the club not been holding the after-party for the "Black Christmas" premiere, which Train Wreck Tara was attending, she might still be waiting outside.


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Tara is 30 still trying to get into tacky clubs with the 21-27 crowd. Pathetic, sloppy drunk.

2862 days ago

Brit Ate Paris    

Wow Tara....Your Ass and Tits look great. Hyde was luckly to have you doing drugs in their establishment last night. Party On You Old Skank.

2862 days ago


It's a Xmas miracle.

2862 days ago

im just sayin    

Post #1
Yeah your right, how dare she because there is such a big difference between 27 and 30!

2862 days ago


Thank god! I find it apalling to think she would have to drink in a place with a bunch of average nobody's. I hope she get's hammered , she certainly earned the right. Bless her heart.

2862 days ago


wonder who's d*ck she had to suck to get in...maybe one of the bear brothers, greasy & gummi

2862 days ago


You would have to pay me to go to HYDE. Not interested....

2862 days ago


That's not Tara Reid.

2862 days ago


Hey Jenny (post#11) That was Tara.... She was just soooo happy to get in she could hardly hide it, and had plenty to drink to make up for last time. Although at one point she was very offended when my friends prertended not to "know" who she was.LOL
Anyway, why is it that you all hate Hollywood clubs??? Oh never mind, I know, its because you are all unattractive or dont have the FUNDS to go to places like Hyde...oh yeah, and partying on a tuesday night its not an option for those who have WORK hahaha,..better stick to the grungy dirty neighborhood bars, I heard the drinks are cheap!!!!
By the way, if hollywood clubs, celebutantes, movie stars, rich kids etc, etc are so bad why the obsession with reading about them on this website???? Losers, go read the newspaper or something better....

2862 days ago

Agent D    

Wow! #12, aren't you just the privleged little girl! You must be soooo much better than us workin' kind, you can get into Hyde. Big deal.
I think you are a bigger loser than the working class. We actually value money and have real friends who don't give a damn about what clubs we got into. You know there is a lot more to life than being at Hyde. And I am sorry you will never find that out for your self.

2862 days ago


Poster 7 you would not be calling people nasty names if we used our real names and email address here! Must make you feel like a big man bashing people behind your computer. coward.

2862 days ago


Tara Reid needs to go to rehab. She isn't in her twenties anymore she is approaching thirty and needs to grow up and lay off the sauce before she looks like she is forty.

2862 days ago


Haha Danielle, sure you may "value money and have real friends", but yet you are ENAMORED with the Rich and Famous... don't ya think it's a little silly for you to be reading up on celebrities and what they do, where they go, where they party etc,etc? Why don't you spend more time on your "real friends" lives (never mind, not as exciting huh?) instead of religiously following the moves of everyone in hollywood. Trust me, if you VALUED your J.O.B... you would not be here reading this stuff while at work LOL. One last thing...I have experienced soooo much in life;) (thank you mom & dad), that spending a night at Hyde is just an afterthought!!!

2862 days ago


" Haha Danielle, sure you may "value money and have real friends", but yet you are ENAMORED with the Rich and Famous... don't ya think it's a little silly for you to be reading up on celebrities and what they do, where they go, where they party etc,etc?" Posted at 6:59PM on Dec 20th 2006 by Lauren

Look who's talking? Aren't YOU here for same reason? If you're life is so freakin' great and better than working people's, shouldn't you be doing something much more exciting than posting on TMZ? You stupid bitch!

2862 days ago


Tara is no worse than a drunk Lohan, a silly Paris, a Beverly Hillbilly Britney, a smelly Brandon, a over-the-hill Courtney Love, Elton John, finding Angelina and Brad Pitt kind of the Depressing Couple, not the Angle Glow Couple the media and the blogs are trying to make them out to be.
Why do we read about these train wrecks? Because it's silly and petty and it's a nice respite from what's really important, like the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars, Al Quaeda terrorism, child pornography, politics, a useless United Nations, an Insane president of Iran who, in one breath says that he is making nuclear energy for ... energy (doesn't Iran have energy... as in lots of oil?), and in the next breath say that America, Britain and Israel and doomed and going to perish?
That's why we read about these worthless losers. For the sheer entertainment of it. Like, in the old days, going to the circus and sneaking into the Freak Tent.

2861 days ago
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