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Miss Nevada Replaced

12/22/2006 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA, was officially replaced after scandalous photos of her hit the net.

The Miss Nevada USA website has been updated to show First Runner-up (and insanely tan) Helen Salas as the current crown-holder, with a statement saying that Rees "has been relieved of her duties."

The salaciously entertaining photos showed Rees exposing herself inside a Tampa Bar, Fletcher's Backstreet Grill, and outside of a nearby audio system company, Donovan Audio Designs Inc.

Donovan issued a statement on their website distancing themselves from the racy photos, saying, "There is no denying that these pictures were taken in front of our old office. However there were a number of pictures depicting a rather wild party as well. These pictures were not taken inside Donovan Audio's offices, nor did the parties occur there."

Though she's said little in a public forum, Rees' MySpace page holds a telling Bob Marley quote, "who are you to judge the life i live? i know i'm not perfect - and i don't have to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."


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Papa Smurf    

And by the way, Miss Nevada, enough with the damn quote!! You know why we are pointing fingers at you? Because you chose to want to be Miss Nevada. You chose to represent that! Ever heard of responsibility? Why were you Miss Nevada anyway? For free entrances to the clubs? Bragging rights? So I'll point all my fingers at you (in hopes you won't try to suck them!). You dumb TWIT!

2827 days ago


The former Miss Nevada USA was 17 when the photos were taken. She is now 22. She has changed alot. Having attended the Miss Nevada USA Pageant nobody there was surprised she won, although I liked the first runner up who is now the new Miss Nevada USA. Katie Rees (former) will re-bound. We grow alot between the ages of 17 and 22. I believe the state director did the right thing. Each girl signs a contract stating that she has not done anything in her past that would reflect negatively on her or the pageant. They know in advance when they sign the contract that it is binding and that they can lose the title should anything be found out. I applaud Maureen Atwell the Miss Nevada USA State Director. It wasn't an easy week for her, but like many of the State Directors I know they wouldn't hesistate 30 seconds in canning a girl who did anything in her past that would reflect poorly on the pageant. Donald Trump was sold a bill of goods from a crying Miss USA. Let it be known he has the final say with Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA. The State Directors are under the guidance of Paula Shugart, President of Miss Universe.

2827 days ago

Mad Balls    

They should have a drink and slut acts section in the pagent show . If the girl does very well then she is sure not to win , Dickhead . And NEWS FLASH Don was not the decider on if MS. USA should go or stay . He personally wanted to " fire " her . He has plenty of hoes to shine his knob -- why should this one get a break -- because others " Above him " decided it was good press . Dickheads .

2827 days ago


She'll land back on her feet and have an enchanted life regardless. She probably has changed alot between 17 & 22. Who gives a f***.

2827 days ago


I'm waiting for her porn movies.

2827 days ago


"Does anyone know where to find these photos uncensored?"

Now someone who's thinking along the same lines as me.

Am I the only person who thought those pics were hot? Sure she looked slutty.. that's why they were hot. ;)

2827 days ago


The AOL poll speaks volumns on whose side the public is on regarding the Miss USA controversy.

Whose side are you taking?
Trump's 61%
O'Donnell's 39%
Total Votes: 252,656

2827 days ago

duh...totally !    

oh another Pageant skank.....WOW.....and from Vegas...I am shocked !

2827 days ago

Interesting Fact    

Donavan's issued statement on their website ( actually reveals some interesting information. On their site, they stated that the pictures were taken inside a bar that occupied the building next to them from 2004 until mid-2005.

Recent news stories have stated that Katie Rees is currently 22 years old.

If Donovan's statement is correct, then Miss Nevada couldn't have possibly been only 17 years old, as she is claiming.

2827 days ago


She must have forgotten that she was not in Vegas anymore....

2827 days ago


too bad........the bitch will be in playboy now and make few millions with her nasty USED UP P***Y at 17.

2827 days ago


Her tongue looks like a dick

2827 days ago


Hum... Girls Gone Wild!... That's exactly what it is. These girls get intoxicated or do drugs and most of the time do not seem to recall what they did that was so wrong. It is sad to see this. Especially during spring break, teenage girls tend to let loose... really loose. It makes you wonder where mom is or what she was thinking allowing such an event.

2827 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

Ahhhh good old sleezy entertainment. She's pretty of course, she's a beauty queen. But she's young and wild, and Probably snorted a bunch of coke before these pics we're taken. These girls are a dime a dozen, she should go into the porn industry.
There's nothing wrong with being bi-sexual, but it's cheap and sleazy to broadcast it and have pictures taken of it.
Besides, these other girls she's messing around with are NASTY...

2827 days ago


Mom must be so proud.

2827 days ago
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