Miss Nevada Replaced

12/22/2006 9:35 PM PST

Miss Nevada Replaced

Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA, was officially replaced after scandalous photos of her hit the net.

The Miss Nevada USA website has been updated to show First Runner-up (and insanely tan) Helen Salas as the current crown-holder, with a statement saying that Rees "has been relieved of her duties."

The salaciously entertaining photos showed Rees exposing herself inside a Tampa Bar, Fletcher's Backstreet Grill, and outside of a nearby audio system company, Donovan Audio Designs Inc.

Donovan issued a statement on their website distancing themselves from the racy photos, saying, "There is no denying that these pictures were taken in front of our old office. However there were a number of pictures depicting a rather wild party as well. These pictures were not taken inside Donovan Audio's offices, nor did the parties occur there."

Though she's said little in a public forum, Rees' MySpace page holds a telling Bob Marley quote, "who are you to judge the life i live? i know i'm not perfect - and i don't have to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."