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Nicole Richie

Pigs Out

12/22/2006 1:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie loves gravy fries and inspiring rudeness in children.

Richie was seen stuffing her face at Johnny Rockets on Melrose Avenue yesterday. Joined by pal Nicky Hilton, the rail-thin wrong-way driver shoveled gravy fries, a hamburger and a soda/milkshake combo down her throat.

Two kids came up to her, asking if she'd pose for a photograph. Nicole repeatedly told the older boy to flip off his father's camera while they posed. Gosh, she's adorable.


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coco puff    

After smoking a blunt you get the munchies.

2871 days ago


Yeah, and she probably went home and everything she scarfed down came right back up ... with a little help from her friend the finger.

BTW: Could someone remind me why she and Nicky Hilton are "famous?"

2871 days ago


Maybe her stomach will explode

2871 days ago


Most of that food wont even hit her intestines.

2871 days ago


lol! for sure she has munchies! don't let that girl drive!

2871 days ago


Yeah, pretty sure she was headed to the nearest toilet to toss that meal.

2871 days ago


Why is everybody so negative towards this girl and her "friends"? First you talk about how sickly thin she is and now that there is "news" about her eatting, you're still not satisfied.

2871 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

speaking as a NON-FAN of nicole ritchie, all i can say is 1 week ago, all TMZ and others had to say was how freaking THIN she is!! now, if she decides to "shove it down her throat" to quote TMZ, again, the best they can come up with is MORE snide remarks!! give me a break!!

2871 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#5, you & i must have been on the same wavelength!!

2871 days ago


and you wonder why todays youth have eating disorders, two months ago it was poor nicole and now you mock her for eating ? i'm done with this site because of this story.. i hope harvey levin dies of aids

2871 days ago


Let the girl eat people!

2871 days ago


It looks like she was pretty nice to them, and the flipping off was kind of funny. I think she was a lot nicer than a lot of celebs tend to be. So I give her kudos for that (even though she's not really a celeb, but I digress)

2871 days ago


Gee Harvey, I thought you were all panicked that "SOMEONE WILL DIE!" But I guess that was just another grab for publicity. She finally puts some grub in her mouth and you call her out for pigging out. (Hopefully someone buys you a mirror for Hanukkah so you can see what fat really is.)

Thanks for showing us your true colors, Harvey. The educated among us all knew the compassion act was bullsh*t, but i know your site is populated with rubes who might otherwise not know better.

2871 days ago


Many of you have reacted just as I have. First, we see one skinny photo of Nicole after another, saying that she she deathlike in appearance, etc. Now, you write as if she is pigging out.

Harvey, do you understand how serious eating disorders are and how difficult it is to treat them? What if Nicole comes on this website and sees you making fun of her for eating? That could be the catalyst for a huge setback. No, nobody can protect anyone from all of the world -- we don't live in a bubble. But when you have a popular website like this, you might want to show SOME responsibility for your content.

I'm glad to see Nicole is eating. I hope she gets better. Personally, I'm not a fan of hers, not am I a detractor. I was VERY angry that she drove the wrong way on the 134 -- she is VERY lucky she didn't kill anyone. So, I prefer to encourage her -- not trash her.

2871 days ago


Let darling Nicole (aka Tramp, Skank, Drunk, Air-Head) eat. She needs energy to make ass of herself one more day.

2871 days ago
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