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Miss Nevada Wants Her Second Chance, Too

12/24/2006 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stripped beauty queen and former Miss Nevada Katie Rees begged Donald Trump yesterday to give her a second chance, just like he did for Miss USA Tara Conner.

At a press conference in Florida, Rees said that the racy photos that incited a hurricane of controversy were "from an isolated incident" and that they don't "reflect who I am or who I plan to be." Rees' lawyer, Mario Torres, pointed out Rees' 3.8 GPA in high school and said that he might take legal action against the pageant if the Donald didn't un-fire his client.

Rees used the incident to helpfully warn other young women not to expose themselves in front of random people's cameras. "Please don't let your guard down when it comes to being photographed," she advised.

Babwa Loves Rosie, Disses Other "View"-ers

Rosie might be Barbara Walters' pet these days at "The View," but it might not be making Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck very happy.

Just the other night, at "The View's" holiday party, as Page Six reports, Babwa took the mic to tell everyone just how much she adored O'Donnell (who wasn't even at the bash), but omitted any mention of Joy or Elisabeth, and left the stage. Joy Behar, says a spy, had some "animated" words with producer Bill Geddie, at which point den mother Walters had to awkwardly re-take the stage and gush about Behar and Hasselbeck as well. Babwa blamed the snub on the fact that she didn't have notes.

Meanwhile, Geddie brought the house down when he said, looking back on the year, "Meredith [Vieira] decided she wanted to leave, and we decided we wanted Star [Jones] to leave."

Trump Uses Nephews for Coat Check

Meanwhile, Donald Trump knows where to find the cheapest labor – right in the family. The Donald had a fancy fete to open his Trump Park Avenue building last week, and a spy for Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher says that when it came time to tip the coat-check guy, the attendant said, "Oh, no thanks – we're his nephews. We're just helping out." Confusingly, a rep for the building's real estate agents tells Widdicombe that the "nephews" might actually have been Trump's sons Eric and Don, Jr.

Party Favors: Schwarzenegger Breaks Leg While Skiing ... "Happyness" Guy Skips Premiere for Speech ... Hilary Duff to be Barbie

It'll be a painful Christmas for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who broke his right leg in a skiing accident yesterday morning in Sun Valley, Id. No details were immediately available about the accident, but no one else was injured in the mishap. ... Chris Gardner, the man on whom the Will Smith film "The Pursuit of Happyness" is based, missed his own film premiere in L.A. to honor a commitment to speak in Wisconsin. Gardner is a Milwaukee native ... Hilary Duff, like Lucille Ball and Beyonce before her, will have a Barbie doll made in her image. The Red Carpet Glam Hilary Duff Doll, comes complete with a polka-dot dress with a red satin sash.

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No Avatar


Enough with the Miss Nevada picture. It's beyond annoying.

2860 days ago


No, Miss Nevada should not get a second chance-I saw the photos & it was awlful!!!

2860 days ago


That isn't some isolated event that happened on one night. You don't just wake up one day and start sucking your friends tits and doing worse while fulling enjoying it - look at her facial expressions - but in reality you just study. That is a reflection of who she is. She's a wild porn watching partier. You can't be party girl AND Miss Nevada. You have to pick...and these pictures prove she did.

2860 days ago


figures this slut is thinking of suiing. if trump had donr the right thing with the other whore he wouldn't be in this mess. can someone just make these ridiculous pageants go away?

2860 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I wonder...was alcohol a factor in Barbara Walters "forgetting" any mention of those other two yenta's?

2860 days ago


#3: I agree with you in part, only because the pictures were taken allegedly prior to her becoming the now-former Miss Nevada and not during her current/now-former reign. What bothers me most about this woman, though, is that she's:

1. Begging the Donald for her title again WHILE her attorney is threatening suit.
2. Begging the Donald for her title again WHILE plugging myspace with her "how dare you judge me" comments. (although she IS right partially with that one, because if you're going to walk in her shoes, look at the fancy Bruno Maglis on your own feet first, Donald)

I think this is the best thing that could happen to her...not that she might learn not to do these stupid things again (I don't just suddenly wake up one day and behave like this), but because maybe this experience will teach her something she doesn't seem to have found yet...H U M I L I T Y. And if you want something from someone who has that power, you can't be talking from both sides of your mouth.

2860 days ago


TMZ, You owe it to your readers to talk about the community service, and real contributions of todays young people who participate in pageants. With millions competing don't resort to the negative three or four. That does a horrible dis-service to the wonderful girls I've met through pageant competition. Some nice news for a change.

2860 days ago


no, but what purpose do these ridiculous pageants serve? aren't we just a tad past parading women on stage in bikinis to see who is the most beautiful. they've always been a joke (if i had one wish i would wish for world peace-please) but they are even more meaningless now. to compare these twits to the office of the president? give me a break. even comparing them to baseball is still ridiculous. if that is the best argument you can come up with i rest my case. and something tells me you are either involved in the pageant in some way or hope to be in one. either way it's time to stop this foolishness and these two "role models" are just one reason to do it.

2860 days ago



I respectfully disagree. I have participated in pageants since the age of 16. This has been a very positive experience for me.When young women are held up as role models their behavior must be exemplory. As someone who has participated in pageants over the past three years I am reminded of the responsibility I have been given. I owe it to the pageant organizers to behave in a manner that other young women can look up to. It's not difficult. I attend a variety of civic functions, visit convelescent hospitals, and have contributed many hours in volunteer work. Most of my so-called "pageant friends" also do that.

I resent the media and the way we are being portrayed. It is not the real story.
I have earned over $12,000 in college scholarships thorough pageant competition. I have gotten to meet important people in my community, in addition to visiting young people at schools where I speak on the abuse of alcohol in today's society. I also have networked with other young women who are active in their communities through pageantry. It has been a positive experience from the start.

Women aren't just parading in bikini's. After all we see more skin on a beach don't we? That is such a small part of the actual pageant. My public speaking skills have improved tremendously from the opportunities it has offered me.

Did you know that you can't even be a Miss USA or Miss America without a college education? They are looking for educated young women. They did a survey at USC whereby they found that women who compete in pageants are among the best students in college.

Pageants aren't for every young woman, but neither is knitting, golf, or any other activity. If you support a women's right to make her own choices, you should be supporting those women who choose this activity.


2860 days ago


That ho doesn't deserve a second chance! Have you SEEN the uncensored pics?!

2860 days ago


I don't understand what the big deal is over this. Americans are just so sexually repressed + uptight it's absolutely ridiculous. We're just talking about bear breasts for Christ's sake, In Europe no one would even give this any attention at a nightclub, on public television broadcasts, at the beach, or even around a luxury hotel swimming pool! Jeez, it's not like they are actually having sex in public or something. Who in their right mind would deny that those pics are not pretty damn hot! It sure looks like these Miss USA hotties really know how to party big-time if you ask me. Hey Miss Nevada, since Mr. "Frump" has fired you, I have a job waiting for you here in Las Vegas, and you are more than welcome to bring along your girlfriends too! LOL

2860 days ago



Unfortunately for you she is NOT representative of the vast majority of pageant girls I know.


2860 days ago

Mad Balls    

I would love to party with Katie and her friends . Why don't they have a face licking contest in the Ms USA contest ? Sure would add a shot of Viagra TV to these flagging T&A contests . Otherwise I will continue to miss these value added Television Tart fests . Dickheads .

2860 days ago

Brian Mann    

These pageants are the dumbest f*cking things on the planet and those of you who are in favor of them are some of the dumbest f*cking people on the planet.

Plain and simple.

And this "Miss Nevada" might take legal action??? What the f*ck is that??? How f*cking stupid, disgusting, and how revolting can one person be?

Get this b*tch and all of these pageant loving idiots out of my face, please.

2860 days ago



You might consider consulting with a mental health professional. Your anger might give you a heart attack.

Bring on the girls. I love the Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageant.


2860 days ago
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