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J. Lo on Thin Ice

12/29/2006 1:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez traipsed the icy streets of Aspen in five-inch heels, accompanied by a bevy of fur-lined friends.

Lopez set off a photog frenzy in the Colorado ski community, with one onlooker asking paparazzi, "Are you sure that's her and not just some random person?" Uh, yeah.

How many Jennifer Lopez lookalikes wander around Aspen in five-inch heels and (hopefully) faux fur?


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We, are not amused.    

Since we're correcting spelling here: it's LETS, not LTES, okay mon! And don't you PUERTO RICANS come from PUERTO RICO? No reada de inglish? I guess you meant to use commas instead of periods: must be a CHICANA thing, huh?
would you mind doing the windows in the living room next time you come, okay?
Ay...mama sita!

2856 days ago

Mrs M Shadows    

Just another stupid bitch who thinks wearing fur will give her class and dignity that she so desires. Her career is over. Heartless broad.

2856 days ago


Wearing FUR is completely normal, a very HUMAN thing to do.... And without the utilization of fur, we, as humans, would not have made it this far, on this planet.

Do not fall into the political trap that some fanatics have set for American society. They are trying to instill revisionist history.

Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities, as well as mere mortals, do look good in fur, to be certain, but more than anything, until you have lived in the colder climes, you will very likely see it as mere vanity. It very well may be, but... do not forget.. we are superior to the animals around us, and there is no shame in that.

2856 days ago


Elle No 8 you took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to post something but never mind you said it all. You told the complete truth.

2856 days ago

Mrs M Shadows    

Fur is NOT normal for humans to wear, because if it was we would be walking around covered in fur just like them. We do not have fur therefore it is not normal and not right to wear it. It is for heartless people who want to look like they have class and dignity but that cannot be bought. Animals are not and should not be viewed as inferior to humans. And by the way, there is this thing called wool which keeps humans warm without having to slaughter poor defenseless animals. It grows back unlike the poor, usually endangered animals that are sacrificed for their fur.

2856 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Honey, you are right!
That's why I pay for sex with little latina your moms working tonight, I didn't see her out on the stroll? Well, I guess you'll do
Don't worry about the windows my little cuban firecracker...just don't scrape your tooth on my man burrito!

2856 days ago



Just because you can't afford fur doesn't mean you can envy people who do. People should wear fur. If you don't like it, simply close your eyes and you won't see it. This is nothing more than the pussification of America by extremists like you.


2856 days ago


isn't it past time for her next divorce?

2855 days ago

raccoon dog    

I hope it wasn't raccoon dog fur like was found on Sean John jackets.
Fur wearers, can you watch the footage that accompanies this story?

2855 days ago




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2855 days ago


She is pure trash. Only a talentless tart like her has to wear fur to gain attention because it's certainly not any original work that she's written or produced HERSELF that's gaining her any decent recognition.

Only Latinos support her and her crap. It's a blind thing.

The rest of us know she's had her day and should pack it in.

Also those who mention upcoming "projects" must be getting paid to do so.

2855 days ago


#22 - I would be no more inclined to watch animals being skinned than I would go hunting, shoot a living thing, clean a dead animal for eating, bait a hook, clean a fish, and so on.....

Just because I have not HAD to do the above things - - unlike our ancestors, or unlike some citizens of lesser nations - - does not mean that they do not have to be done. We have simply formed a more efficient society do that some of us never have to deal with the more unpleasant realities.

After the first Industrial Revolution, many citizens of the first world no longer had to perform all subsistence tasks within their family or community. So we have moved a great deal away from the REALITY of what it means to survive.

Do not forget our humble beginnings. We are not so far removed from them.

We must eat animals and utilize all their resources to subsist on this planet. You must realize that you cannot criticize those who devour animals nor those who choose to wear the skins of animals, whether fur or leather.

2855 days ago


Can anyone explain why Mike Tyson should not be euthanized (sp?)

2852 days ago

Puerto Rican Diva    

Waz up ... ok here it goes:

This is for U
#8: U Obviously do NOT have a damn life and that is a shame. Someone that knows that much about JLO and what she does with her money is Caught up in the Hollywood whirlwind. Please Get a life, a man, something...

#12: It is evident that a Puerto Rican man used u for sex and left u frustated.

#14: And U have class.. spending time on internet hating while u should be spending time trying to keep ur man that might be cheating with another JLO??

People, I am not a super fan of JLO but I do not Hate. She is puerto rican and doing her thang. So get off her back...

2851 days ago


#19 you are just a retard.i think you are just mad because you saw your mother selling herself for a dollar.i do think is cruel to animals to wear fur but come on if somebody gives you a fur coat you would take honest to your self.i think that jennifer has come a long way .now in days for a latino or an african american is hard because white people dont give them a chance.but nobody realise that the world is nobodies we can go were ever we want to and we dont need to feel out of place.

2847 days ago
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