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Sin City Kicks Brit's Ass

1/2/2007 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems like Britney's hard-partying ways may finally be catching up with her. The pop princess reportedly passed out shortly after leading a New Year's Eve countdown at Caesars Palace's Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.britney Spears

At 12:45 a.m., after swigging some champagne and dirty dancing to her own "I'm a Slave 4 U," the party mom "went into a dead faint and just fell right on the floor," reports the New York Post. Her entourage picked her up, shielded her from gawkers with an oversized, hooded poncho and quickly whisked her out of the club. We're guessing this isn't the kind of attention Caesars was expecting when they paid Spears the big bucks to show up at the bash.

Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, claims that "nothing out of the ordinary" happened to Miss Brit. "She was not drunk," he says. "She was just tired and falling asleep."

Oprah WinfreyOprah Disses Inner-City Kids

Oprah is raising some eyebrows after snubbing needy American kids and opening a $40 million school in South Africa. But the talk show queen is ticked that people aren't appreciating her generosity, and says Americans would just waste a golden opportunity to get a good education at her expense. "I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools [in the U.S.]," she tells Newsweek. "If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don't ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school." But that didn't stop Oprah from including a yoga studio and beauty salon in the plush girls' school.

Jessica SimpsonJessica and John: Caught Red-Handed

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were canoodling at New York's Hudson Hotel at a party thrown by Christina Aguilera on New Year's Eve. "He was scratching her back, they were kissing, it wasn't subtle," a source tells the New York Daily News. The "secret" couple then spent the night at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo. "John has been thrilled that they have been tricking the media, but she doesn't really care," the source says. John's Christmas present to Jess? A framed copy of the Us Weekly cover that says, "Dumped: John Ditches Jessica." That'll save her a little cash, which she'll need since she's not getting an expense check for her botched tribute to Dolly Parton. Jess won't be getting back the $15K she shelled out for hair, makeup and stylist fees for the fiasco.

Party Favors: William Shatner to Host Space Camp Hall of Fame ... Jackie Chan Starts Chinese Film Company ... Donald and Paris Top Year-End Polls, But Not in a Good Way

William Shatner will help Space Camp celebrate its 25th anniversary in June. The former "Star Trek" actor has agreed to emcee the camp's inaugural Hall of Fame induction banquet, which will honor 10 people who have either attended Space Camp or been major supporters ... Jackie Chan has a new film company in China, and plans to produce 10 projects. Throughout his career, Chan has continued to make Chinese-language flicks alongside such Hollywood blockbusters as "Rush Hour." The last Chinese movie he produced was "Rob-B-Hood," about kidnappers who steal a baby ... Donald Trump was voted "Most Annoying Money Personality" in an AOL poll, while Paris Hilton was named "Most Overpaid Celebrity."

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No Avatar


TMZ- You are late in the Britney story.

2852 days ago


I kind of feel bad for her. New Year's without Kevin, all lonely. She's lucky she is a star.

2852 days ago


I agree w/ Oprah, even if you are a poor inner city kid, for you to be asking for an ipod (when you don't even have a computer) is ridiculous.

2852 days ago

Candy Shand    

Whilst I agree that Oprah should not generalize when it comes to any group, for the most part she is absolutely right. Listen people she do not need to explain to anyone why she chose to put the school in South Africa. But the world should know that giving those kids the chance for a good education, one I might add they will most certainly make use of, unlike some of our kids in North America who already have that opportunity and waste it, these kids will show the world why she did what she did, as her efforts will be rewarded when you all see the graduates in a couple of years going on to Universities and Colleges. So people instead of being critical of her actions or comments, use your energy to volunteer in the various schools in your community, go to the innercity schools and encourage the American kids to stay in school and get educated. After you have done that then and only then are you qualified to criticise what Oprah says or does for the very poor in South Africa......

2852 days ago


I know this article has nothing to do with Michael but there was this huge scandal on lotsa websites about the kiss michael gave james brown...well for those of you who read that and michael fans would be happy to read this and a word to all the mj haters....just beat it:)

2852 days ago


Has Oprah ever considered how she contributes to America's society indulgence and want of things like iPods? She only does regular shows featuring Oprah's favorites and includes such items on them. I'm sure if the children in South Africa had televisions they too would ask for the items routinely advertised during programming geared at children. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense to put a beauty salon and yoga studio in that school-NOT. Jon Bon Jovi (who donated 1 mill to her Angel Network) said it best on the Big Idea-speak globally, act locally. Clean up your backyards before trying to clean up the world. There are going to be people who are ungrateful, sure, but I'm sure there are a lot of inner city kids who could use new, safer schools to help them get out of the inner city and a life of gangs, drugs, and jail. Shame on you Oprah.

2852 days ago


what is it with celeberties in this country? they all go help other countrys, adopting there children , feeding other countrys, housing other countrys. we got just as many people in the u.s.a that need that kinda help. this is the united states and we got families on the street, people starving everywhere, homeless kids. celebs and the goverment should start helping familie here at home first, taking care of number one!

2852 days ago

Ms Kris    

Holiday that is why TMZ was NOT first with the story.

Could NOT happen to a nicer dumb, no talent, piece of garbage.

2852 days ago



2852 days ago


that picture of britt looks like shes on steroids! or the drinking catching up to her.

2852 days ago


All Oprah has to do is walk down Michigan Avenue in Chicago to see
homeless w/kids begging for money. There's missions here who
desperately need help to to feed the hungry and homeless.
Do something for the city who made you a freaking millionaire.
Just like Bon Jovi said, clean up your own backyard.

2852 days ago


For Oprah being in denial about the homeless in America because the bitch has been in denial about being gay for years..

2852 days ago


Oprah can do whatever she wants with her money. What is Britney Spears doing with hers? Or Paris Hilton? Do they give anything at all to society, any society, except fodder for you with nothing better than do that follow them? I thank God for Oprah's generousity in a country as poor as Africa. If some of these rappers would give to the inner schools instead of pretending to be gangstas and pouring champagne on the floor, we all would be in better shape. And by the way, dear reader, what have you donated to the poor inner city kids lately?

2852 days ago

Lenn K    

I read the story about Oprah and at first I agreed, but then I read 5-Nicole and had a different thought. Watching the inner-cities from a distance it's easy to say this is how they live. But you don't see any black leaders trying to help right this ship. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just come and take advantage of the people. Oprah needs to realize that it would be great if she tryed to find ways of helping people in these neighborhoods help themselves. Education is always the key. Also, with 70% out-of-wedlock birth rate this is a huge problem to tackle and education is also the key. There are other celebrities who run around with 50k watches and don't give back a thing Sean Coombs comes to mind.

2852 days ago



I believed Diddy ran the New York Marathon to raise money for inner city schools. Diddy might be extravagant, but he does shell out money for charities, and that is not discussed as much as his parties.

I am sick of Oprah, lately some of the things that come out of her mouth is downright stupid and she is becoming those celeberties that she is so foubd of talking up. Sure, third world countries need up and someone has to speak for them, just not her. Trust me,those girls in Africa were schooled on who she was before she arrived, if not, that school would not be there.

2852 days ago
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