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Paris Taken Over by German

1/4/2007 1:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Would you travel to another country to meet your favorite celeb?

Paris Hilton and Usher met fans from around the world on Tuesday -- one who crossed the pond from Germany to meet the celebutante, and one from Mexico who stopped the R & B crooner at a valet stand.

Hilton was awkwardly gracious with a cute and somewhat sweaty dude from Deutschland who showed up at her house, gingerly hugging him and giving him a signed photo.

Usher, on the other hand, smiled and jetted away when fans from south of the border asked for a picture, saying "Sorry, gotta go!" But the smile was great.


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800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

You have millions of loyal fans.

I think you are a very beautiful and gracious woman.
I am watching the Simple Life 4.
You gotta chase those cockroaches with a blower.
James L. Crum

2793 days ago


Wow, poeple can just show up at her door? That's kind of dangerous considering how many people hate Paris.

2793 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

GERMANY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2793 days ago

Kevin M    

Paris who?

2793 days ago


#3 that's only on TMZ --where losers and so-called liberals flock to hate others anonymously . I'm sure she got millions of Fans.

2793 days ago


You know she can't wait to whip that guy's dick in her mouth.

2793 days ago


Paris Hilton has legions of fans, who do you think buys her products?
She just made 5 million over the New Year's eve weekend , and the owner of Blondi beer said she really deserved twices as much.

Just because a handful of hateful posters here bitch about Paris all the time does not mean the rest of the world feels that way.

On her fansites,like , you can always see people hanging around outside her house. There are always plenty of papps who record everything, so I think she is reasonably safe.

2793 days ago

Dark Knight    

she's going to end up dead if she doesn't get some better security. If someone ran up on that dude from the soap opera, he isn't nearly as known as she is. I would be concerned.

2793 days ago


Paris Hilton is big in the wealthy western European countries, no on cares about that stupid six year old private tape she made with her bf back then.

That's why I don't think the reports are true which say that the Niarchos family doesn't like Paris.

Grace Kelly's daughters, the princesses Caroline & Stephanie in Monacco ,used to be referred to as "those Grimaldi sluts" in the European press. And people forget how really hard the press used to be on Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Onassis in their time.

Paris Hilton will do fine. She will shortly mature from party princess into high society princess, you can see it start already. I for one am happy to see it and wish her the best.

2793 days ago


What else is new in regard to Usher.....Does he ever personally acknowledge his fans? I can answer that NO! Me and my daughter received a royal diss in the Wynn hotel where 4 people recognized him and we were 2 of them ...yet he had no time to even shake her hand.....What a punk
P.s. Usher you need to beware and not bite the hand that feeds you cause BROTHA MAN your fans feed you!!!!

2792 days ago


Anything positive you see here about Paris Hilton was written by Paris Hilton. She is completely self-absorbed and thinks the rest of us are pathetic little poor people with nothing better to do than bitch about her, the truth is we bitch about her because we can’t stand her and her slutty bigoted behavior. She thinks that she is soooo much better than the rest of us and that she is above the law, she is such a pathetic little wannabee princess who thinks the world should worship her and grovel at her feet. Parisite is the worst kind of celebrity because she has done NOTHING worthy of credibility nor does she have any talent, except for flashing her herpes ridden crotch at the paparazzi. Parisite is the worst role model in the world for young girls because all she encourages them to do with her behavior is to look and act like sluts.
Also, that person saying that all of the hate blogs were posted by one person is also Parisite, there is no way that one person could possibly write all of these blogs because of the times they were written, they would have to sit at their computer day and night and no one could do that, and anyway why would anyone waste their time writing about that skank anyway, it’s ludacrice. Parisite WILL NOT last for ever, soon she will be too old and ugly from all that partying and binge drinking, not to mention the coke sniffing, and no one will want to have a bar of her, hell even the animals hate her, that’s why her fucking pets keep running away from her. The only reason people are still taking her picture is because there are still dumb assess out there who will Falk over money for that skanks picture (losers) if it wasn’t for them no one would bother.
Parasite needs to come back down to earth and take the cotton wool out of her ears and then maybe she will realize how stupid she is. Everyone is waking up to what a moron you are parasite you skank, why do you think that there are so many people on here posting this stuff about you. If everyone boycotts parasite by not purchasing anything with her name on it, or any product she endorses, and by NOT watching crap shows she appears in like the simple life, or by NOT having anything to do with anything else associated with her, WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE SPEND OUR HARD EARNED CASH LINING THAT WORTHLES TRAMPS ALREADY BULGING POCKETS.

2730 days ago

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