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Carrot Top:

Take a Closer Look!

1/10/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There are some things you just can't take your eyes off of, no matter how much you might want to.

TMZ cameras caught the hulk of a man claiming to be Carrot Top as he strutted down Robertson Blvd. yesterday, and the burly redhead gave us the closest closeup we've ever gotten -- revealing that he was wearing more makeup for a shopping excursion than Paris Hilton does.

Also out for a West Hollywood stroll was "Coach Carter" star Robert Ri'chard.

Later that night at Hyde, we caught Lindsay Lohan making her signature backdoor entrance, Brody Jenner harassing "Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis, who was attempting to get frisky with a lady friend, and Tommy "Tiny" Lister aka Deebo, who was actually in the process of shooting a TV show. He was playing a bouncer. Big surprise.

All that glamor and more ... in today's Star Catcher.


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Not only is Carrot Top wearing a good amount of makeup, but the dude needs to STOP the plastic surgery.... dayum.

2809 days ago


he is frightening!

2809 days ago



2809 days ago


Carrot Top scares the sh*t out of me. I don't understand his face and body; I just can't get a handle on it.

2809 days ago

He's Boring now    

Good Grief wasnt that shot of this made over idiot enough yesterday when caught with Dog and Crew?...the last thing I gathered from readers postings was asking for an even closer up of this monster. His biceps look good but the rest of him looks like a Wax Manequin of a He She.

Glad he's funny on stage, but funny looking at his own making shouldnt be part of the deal.

2809 days ago

Ida Clair    

What a scary looking drag queen.

2809 days ago


put a bag over his head and I'd go a round with him in the dark...
nice abs and arms, but the face...eeeeesh.

2809 days ago


It his not his body guys.... I had 3 friends who were 5'10 155 lbs in h.s. - they took injection type steroids - lifted the same amount they always had - virtually nothing... and in about 12 months.. they all were about 5'10 220 lbs.. with arms bigger than carrot tops... it's quite sad that whenever someone seems someone with huge guns... that we think it's - He works out... NO - sorry... he doesn't. He is a fag, he is a carrot, he is a former stick (look at old photos) and he is going to die of a brain tumor in less than 2 yrs... because of his sudden steroid abuse, it's not like Arnold who abused them over a period of many years - carrott boy went for the gusto............. he is in bad health and I can see it - everyone should be able to.

2809 days ago


Carrot Top is a friend of mine and honestly, he looks a lot better in person. He actually looks bigger in front of the cameras than in person also. I have seen him with and without the makeup and yes, there is a big difference, but who cares ! People are who they are....thats what makes all of us different. He has a motto "matching is boring", so, from the close to the makeup, he is creating his own style that is him. He is a really great guy with an awesome personality and is actually quite shy !

2809 days ago


Doug...youre a jealous loser ! For one, he is not gay. He gets some of the finest women out me, I have seen it. Second, he is not a roid freak. I know this also. You should really get your facts straight before making an ass out of yourself here in public. If your friends were all dumb asses, thats their problem. Dont criticize others that you know noting about. You can look at a person and be able to tell all about them ? Please. As for your report about steroids, I took them 9 years ago for 3 years. I dont have a brain tumor, im not in bad health, and I am not gay. You are the typical person who slams people just because you can. I bet you wouldnt tell him the same to his face, and I bet you wouldnt tell me either to my face. Youre pathetic !

2809 days ago


By the way, if your "friends" used steroids at all, in 12 months, working out even 3 times a week, they would have been much bigger than you are stating in a year. You know nothing about steroids and their effects. You said CT doesnt work out ? What, do you think people get that big by sitting around ? He works out hard, 2 times a day and eats very healthy with a high protein diet. Even people on steroids have to work out hard and eat right. What ? Do you think people just inject steroids then get big without working out ? That doesnt happent smart guy because that is what you implied in your statement.

2809 days ago


Dang, I was hoping to load up on the `roids and skip the hard part. Oh, well there's always implants!
I thought I read saomewhere that CT was gay!

2809 days ago


I like Carrot Top. He's funny and smart. He was always strange-looking. The only thing really different about him now is that he's not as skinny. Give the guy a break, he just wanted to bulk up a bit. It doesn't mean he is on steroids! Love you, Carrot! ;-)

2809 days ago


UGH he reminds me of that character Jim Carrey played on In Living Color...that Viking he/she thing that wore the little fur bikini and licked armpits. HAHAHA

2809 days ago

John, hes not gay ! I havent talked to him in a while, but his girlfriend (maybe ex now) Jennifer was fine as hell !! He always has fine girlfriends and all of the fine chicks want him. I always felt like he should have thrown me a leftover here and there !

2809 days ago
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