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Becks Reaches Out and Touches Tom

1/12/2007 6:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comDavid Beckham got a little support from pocket pal Tom Cruise.

At a presser today, the soccer stud said he phoned his wee BFF the other night to ask for advice about the paparazzi. "He's a very wise man and a very good friend of mine," said Beckham of Cruise, "and to have his experience and have him explain some things to me to be prepared for, that's going to be a big help."

Beck could have just watched how Tom handled Matt Lauer.


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Tom Cruise is a wise man? That says a lot about Mr. Beckham's inteligence level. Cruise is not smart. I've never heard one intelligent thing from his mouth.

It's a good thing both of these men are pretty.

2811 days ago


Most Americans would say Beck & Posh go back to Britian and Take Crazy Cruise and his puppet of a wife Katie with you.

2811 days ago


BECK STAY AWAY FROM TOM! He'll steal your soul and give it to Xenu.

2811 days ago


I'm sorry, but this just makes me sick. These people (Beckham's, celeb's in general) do NOT deserve the lives they have. $250 MILLION just to sign over to play soccer in L.A.? Are you KIDDING ME? Have they cured world hunger? AIDS? I am sickened over the fact that civil servants, teachers, scientists, researchers get minor duckets while these overpaid freak show contestants get millions for essentially doing nothing directly benefitting society (and for those in defense, don't tell me that David Beckham is a role model for kids, PUH-LEAZE). What has Posh Spice done besides fly to London for $3,000 hair extensions because she didn't like the way her hair looked in a photograph? It's sick. People in this world amuse and frustrate me. The next time you dish out $10 to see a movie or $300 on a new pair of designer jeans, don't bitch about your taxes being high. At least tax dollars (should) go to the teachers and police that educate our younger generations and provide us with safety. Humanity seems to have its priorities mixed up.
Ok, soapbox speech done. =)

2811 days ago

Great Dane    

More proff that the both of them are closet homosexuals.....

2811 days ago


I think Scieno's automatically don't like the media, but I think Tom is wiser and has learned a lot since that 2005 interview. I think that a lot of factor's contributed to him not feeling happy about the questions Matt was asking him on that day. I think in hindsight Tom saw his mistakes in that interview and in other things, and he has learned things that Beckham can learn not to do. I do think Tom is an intelligent man in other things he has said, in some of his quotes. I can' wait for Becks to get here! He's a hottie!

2811 days ago


I totally agree with #1. He wants to know how to handle to paparrazzi?? I for one, can't see why the paps would even want to take a picture of this man or his wife. She is a has-been singer and he is a foreign soccer player. Who cares?

2811 days ago

Dr Gruv    

already i'am sick & tired of these bloody people!!
they haven't even gotten here yet & already they are flooding the media...
wtf!! i just know once they get here and settle in, it will be nothning but beckman this-posh that... one day in the near furture we'll all be saying britney who??

2811 days ago



2811 days ago


A piece of advice to David---

Once you get to America STAY AWAY from Tom Cruise! Advoid him at all costs. Cruise and Co. (other scientologists) will try their darndest to get ahold of your $250 mil and have it go to "charity" and such, but in reality it'll get funneled to scientology. Next, Cruise will work on you and your family to join that whacky cult!!

Take warning, David. Cruise has plans for you and Victoria!

On another note---
No one will give two wits about David's athletic career so much as his connection to his celebrity wife. In America, people don't care too much about "footballers" and such (soccer players to us!).

David, here in America it's all about Basketball, Baseball, and REAL football (and not necessarily in that order). American's just don't care too much about soccer, man!

2811 days ago


Who cares if the Beckhams come to America. Just what we need, more "stars" like Paris Hilton around that make ridiculous amounts of money and for what? I say that we are better off without them here in America. They aren't even here yet and I'm already tired of hearing about them. Come on Becks, give us a break!!!

2811 days ago


Tom Cruise a wise man? Now we know these two are gay as blades.

2811 days ago

Cranky Pants    

#3 Right freakin on, Sister! It's disgusting the way some people drool over worthless celebrities who offer nothing to society and humanity other than "entertainment". And in the case of the beckhams, I use the word very lightly.

I honestly think these two silly tw*twaffles are going to be disappointed in the level of coverage they get over here because nobody in the states really gives a crap about either of them. They are the darlings of the Brits. For the life of me I do NOT understand it.

2811 days ago


I love these idiot posters mocking Becks and Tom.and other celebrities..while trolling a celebrity website..don't like celebrities? It is real simple 1) don't go to celebrity websites 2) don't buy the magazines that are about celebrities 2) don't spend time talking/posting about other words don't be hypocrites...

I love, love Becks, Victoria and Tom...Can't wait to get my Galaxy jersey!!! Welcome to America David we love you already.

2811 days ago

Black Sheep    

Great! Thanks alot Becks. You've officially gone from stud to dud with one sentence.

2811 days ago
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