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Was Paris Hilton Born to Act?

1/15/2007 9:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Paris Hilton will make it as an actress after all – if her family tree has anything to do with it.
Paris' Family Tree
It turns out that she's got an Oscar winner, Elizabeth Taylor, for a great aunt, and a famous screen siren, Zsa Zsa Gabor, for a step-great-grandma. Taylor was married to Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (her first of eight), who is Paris' father Rick's oldest uncle. And that makes Liz Taylor Paris' great-aunt --at least for the year Liz and Nicky were married.

Zsa Zsa, now 89, was married to Paris' great-grandfather Conrad Hilton, Sr., who founded the Hilton hotel chain that keeps Paris in diamonds and Bentleys. Though Zsa Zsa is not directly related to Paris, that makes her Paris' step-great-grandmother. Let's that Paris emulates the acting chops of her famous pseudo-forbears – and not the multiple-marriage and cop-slapping antics that made their later careers notorious.

Paris' mom, Kathy, appeared in the 60s TV show, "Family Affair," and in "Happy Days." Paris could take after her mom's siblings, Kim and Kyle Richards, who were both professional actors with less than distinguished careers. Ever heard of them? Neither have we. Look for Paris in "The Hottie and the Nottie" later this year.


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Paris couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. Just rent one of her movies or buy it at the 99 cent store to prove my statement. The only quality film I've ever seen her in was her porno tape, and even then she was faking it.

Do what you do best, a lot of things, backstab your friends, wreck your cars and sleep with anything with a dick,

2845 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Born to act like a waste of good space..

2845 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


2845 days ago


Paris Slutbag Hilton has about as much chance of being a successful actress as I do of fucking Nick Lachey. Seriously TMZ why do you perpetuate this shit? You know Parisite reads this and doesn't get it that you are being sarcastic. She truly thinks she is "special" and "talented." HAR. More like "skanky" and "fugly." Parisite HIlton is the epitome of trash and will never be anything more than a dirty, ugly slut. She needs to get the beak nose of hers fixed and start a list of every dude she's ever blown - that should keep her busy for awhile.

2845 days ago


I had to check out your comment about her mom "starring" on Family Affair, one of my favorite shows as a child. Per, she appeared in one episode - not exactly "starring" in the series!

2845 days ago


You guys are REALLy digging for something to put on your website. It's ok to take a break, people will still come back!

2845 days ago


Please get your facts straight Kathy Garver starred in Family Affair not Paris' mother. What gross misinformation to print! But of course a site associated with Harvey Levin would print such a lie without checking facts. This will be the last time I visit this site as I kept seeing misinformation and disregarded it as careless now I just see lack of fact checking and anything to promote a story.

2845 days ago


OMG DAMN! TMZ you are making me laugh so hard with your ridiculous "gossip" stories!!

What happened? Did you lose some sources or did your best writer quit!?!

It is obvious that you are plummiting to your demise with these crappy articles. Shit I could do better! haha

I guess all good things must come to an end . . .

2845 days ago


Kim Richards was a child actress in the 70's. She was Prudence in Nanny and the Professor, a tv show that was on in the 70's. Also did alot of episodic tv and movies (Escape from Witch Mountain, for one). Don't know what she's done lately.

2845 days ago


Paris? Act? The only acting she does is to pretend she's got class
and isn't totally void between her ears. I think you're reaching here
TMZ just to put something on your site. Come on.

2845 days ago


She did well in her porno video, so who know, maybe talent does rum in the female side of the Hilton. As we all know, one way to the top for chicks is fucking

2845 days ago


Check your facts. Kathy Garver was in Family Affair, not Kathy Richards (Hilton). Kim Richards was a child star on both network TV and movies such as Escape From Witch Mountain. You need to do a clarification on your web site.

2845 days ago



2845 days ago


Notice all the acting stars MARRIED into the Hilton family. It's not in Paris's blood. Enjoy the buzz while you can because it's not gonna last for very long. American Idol is about to start up again!!

2845 days ago


Per, maybe Kathy (Richards) Hilton didn't "star" in Family Affair - but at least she did appear in 1 episode. In any case, I think her *sisters* Kyle (yes, Kyle) and Kim might be upset at being referred to as her 'brother & sister.' :)

2845 days ago
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