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What the F@*k

Are YOU Doing Here?

1/16/2007 4:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The nominees should be there. Their significant others should be there. Presenters, past winners, movie and TV legends; they can be there too. But some people just have no business being at the Golden Globes.

From former MTV VJs to washed-up reality stars, check out which "stars" had us wondering, "What are THEY doing at the Golden Globes?"


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You need to update your caption for the Perez Hilton picture.

It should read : They don't give out Golden Globes for HOGS.

2773 days ago


That is certainly true. Why in the hell was that Gummi Bear fat ass there anyway? What a waste of money and moore importantly, a human being.

2773 days ago


Clearly your professional photographer wasn't allowed in at all. I've taken better quality pictures with my $29.99 CVS digital camera.

2773 days ago


The only person more revolting than Fat Elvis Davis is Fat Frankenberry Perez. They must have been serving a lot of meth at this shindig.

2773 days ago


I understand why you posted most of these b-liters, but not Darryl Hannah. She was a pretty big actress in her day... Next you'll be saying that Tom Hanks didn't deserve to be there because he hasn't had a movie in a couple of years?

2773 days ago


Thank you for being the first site to point out the obvious: Cameron Diaz looked like Robert Smith, Beyonce looked like a whore and Jeremy Irons was probably not wearing underpants beneath that long suit jacket.

2773 days ago

the DQ    

Ya, what the HE** was that D***head Donald Trump doing there????? Almost ruined the evening showing his ugly, sexist face twice.

2773 days ago


Why did they let fatty Davis go? They won't have any food left for any of the other guests.

2773 days ago

Great Dane    

Um, what the hell was Vanessa Minillo doing there? I HATE that girl......

She looks orange from all of her fake tanning, and then she had on an ORANGE dress....she looked like a walking cheeto......

2773 days ago

Mad Balls    

Gummi Bear was there for crowd control . If anybody or any group of people got out of hand , a simple release of Bear Gas would stun these overdone , half-baked , viagra-ladened Museum pieces into submission . Dickhead . I did enjoy watching , between commercials of " 24 " , the antics of the mucho- talented and overbaked /stewed performers ... it was nice to see Martin gets a globe but that probably means Clint will grab a golden nude guy ... Sounds sorta gay but so it did all last night at the globes . Oh yeah the ladies were hot ! Lotsa' sexyback ladys ! Love you , Sexy Spanish girl ! You know who , yeah baby ! Tom was stupid idiot to drop you . He was ..whats' the word a ...a..
Dickhead .

2773 days ago



you are idiots for the most part! While some of the people you listed weren't involved in the globes, most have movies coming out later this year or high rated tv shows.

My question is: Why did your photographer cast their lense at these people and not the stars that were actually involved in the Golden Globes?

TMZ you are a loser!

2773 days ago


Is it me or does Gummi bear look like Chris Farley in this photo?

2773 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

haha the only reason I even know about the exsistence of Gummy Bear is because of TMZ.
I think TMZ is secretly having passionate bum sex with gummy bear

2773 days ago


TMZ is full of it. Spring for a camera boner heads. David Boreanaz is HOT and you're not. TOO BAD.

2773 days ago


TMZ, what are you thinking? Daryl Hannah is still gorgeous and classy as well. How refreshing to see her pretty face instead of the usual ugly mugs of Britney, Paris and Nicole.

2773 days ago
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