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Trump Warns Kimmel: You're Too Hard on Rosie!

1/17/2007 1:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard to imagine that someone could hate Rosie O'Donnell more than Donald Trump does. Well, not that hard to imagine.

But on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, Kimmel joked, "I know you've been doing battle with this horrible, horrible monster ... and her legion of doom."

A smiling Trump then warned Jimmy, "I know you've been really going at her, and I think you need to be a little bit nicer to Rosie." And for one brief moment, there was peace.

All hope for a truce was shattered just moments later when Trump bleated, "She's disgusting."


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2784 days ago


Kimmel was funny, Donald was a dork.

I think all these talk show hosts are afraid of the Donald. Donald has snapped at Larry king a couple of times over the years, threatening not to come on his show. Last night he invited him to come to his pageant. So I guess if your nice to trump, trump will give you things. If your not, good luck ever getting to a good restaurant again.

2784 days ago


stop already! sads tmz, sad dt and jk.

2784 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

#3 Too much free time on your hands? My first suggestion would be GET A JOB.

2784 days ago


Whatever, Kimmel is no prize either.

2784 days ago


It's about time these two stop fighting!!! I myself will not watch the view as long as Rosie is on it. She think that she is a commedian and funny but actually she is very annoying,fat,discusting for being a lesbian. Rosie the fish taco eater.

2784 days ago


#4 just because #3 writes a bit to much giving his opinion does not mean he/she does not have a job. you must be like Rosie fish taco eater.

2784 days ago



i hate rosie as well,i absolutely love to see her bashed.

2784 days ago


WOW Jim Morris, you must type fast or something cuz i get tired of leaving a comment after two sentences. I can type fast too.

2784 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

A bit too much?? Maybe he should open a MySpace account. I can hardly wait for his RE RE RE EDITED version. What a tool.

2784 days ago


#4: I've got one--thank you. But talking to little turds like you is not one of them, so GOOD BYE!

2784 days ago


Garth you obviously have no job yourself for staying on top of these comments. Let not start another Rosie/Donald spat. Have a good day!!!

2784 days ago


Jim, You should never call women c**ts, p***y does not smell like fish(mine doesn't), and not everyone can fit into a size 3. Men like you are the reason women prefer other womens company. You sound like a chauvenistic pig who stereotypes women. You are a windbag, and most likely a lonely one because no female can measure up to your standards. By the way, your post makes you sound very critical of women and general and probably gay. And NO, I am not!!

2784 days ago


Hey Jim,
You sycophantic misogynist mo-fo. Let me guess. You're a white, het, middle class male, who's only ever struggled in order to keep your power in an ever-evolving diverse world.
Oh, and that Shylock comment puts you right up there with Mel Gibson and Michael Richards. Maybe the three of you could live in a Big Brother-esque house to spew your hate speech.
And just because you can look up words like bloviating on, it doesn't make you perceptive or bright...

2784 days ago

Chi-town Conservative    

To #3: People like you is what give's other male conservatives a bad name. Sure I'm not a fan of Rosie, but to go after her for her weight is at best immature and tacky. Is that all you got? The problem I have with it is that you spew out these comments about women without thinking about the appearance of men (conservative or otherwise). Dennis Hastert is much larger and more rotund than Rosie - is that something you take into account when judging him? On the liberal side, what about Barney Frank? He certainly is not a fan of mine, but this has NOTHING to do with his waistline. In truth, you sound like an insecure man that is threatened by women of power that don't agree with you.

Please talk about these women in a more mature and classy way - my office is full of female liberals, and being that your comments fit in so well to the stereotypes these women have of us conservatives, you are not helping matters at all. Peace out.

2784 days ago
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