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Gere to Photogs: Stay Away From My Kid!

1/18/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Gere's afternoon in the park with his son turned into a paparazzi confrontation, which culminated in Gere shoving one of the cameramen.

The "Chicago" star can been seen running around a Soho playground playing tag with a group of kids, one of whom is his son, Homer James Jigme. Gere's rep tells TMZ that Richard was upset about the paps photographing his son and asked them stop. According to the photogs, Gere then angrily grabbed the younger of the two shutterbugs.

Then, in an ironic turn, the older photographer confronted Gere -- because the photog he shoved was his son.

Gere can be seen arguing with the elder lensman, pointing a finger in his face. The video cuts, then Gere can be seen shoving the man as a truck passes in front of them. Hey Richard, he was just doing the same thing you were -- protecting his son!


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I agree with #l5. With a name like that this kid is looking for a lifetime of permanent wedgies in the playground.

2774 days ago


Hmm let's see
a stranger with a camera at a playground, taking pics of kids
and selling the pictures for a profit
sounds perverted to me

2774 days ago


Oops. I mean I agree with #14

2774 days ago


I dont think celebs should whine about their pics being taken EXCEPT when it comes to kids. Leave the kids alone.

2774 days ago


leave gere alone a**holes!

2774 days ago


He should've kicked that leech (and his son) in the teeth.

2774 days ago


I think any photog that thinks they're entitle to a pic of somone's kid should get their ass handed to em. I They're all a bunch of slime bags that don't have any real job skills other than being a--holes. Plus, who the hell cares about Richard Gere playing in the park?!

2774 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Fame Photogs have no limits anymore. They don't respect basic human rights to privacy off the job. Gere reacted normally. You DON'T have the right to stalk and hound actors and actresses when they are OFF THE JOB. I don't care what profession they chose; being hounded and stalked and having their children hounded and stalked while trying to have a normal day is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I don't care if this photog had HIS kid with him. He was teaching HIS kid that it's alright to INTRUDE on someone else's private life for a buck. His kid was an adult, and if he was crossing the line with any kid, he's going to be lucky if all that happens is being shoved. Photogs have the right to access actors/actresses at movie openings, events, and press junkets, or anything related to their careers.
It will never be alright to blur the ethical lines for a shot or a story, no matter how press vultures try to justify it; this is someone's FAMILY; and I'm a journalist.

2774 days ago


Being a parent myself, I believe the children are off limits. The children never asked to be part of the spotlight. Look at all the rumoured kidnapping attempts of celebrities children. I feel we have every right to protect our young ones.

Look at Paul Sorvino with his 36 year old daughter. He pulled a gun on her abusive boyfriend.

When you are a parent, there is something in you that takes over when it comes to the protection of your children.

I feel the photogs need to respect that,

2774 days ago


How in the hell can you scumbags at TMZ compare a dad protecting his adult son to a dad protecting his young son. Quantum leap in my opinion. If Mr. Gere wanted to beat the shit out of each and every one of you dirtbags I'd gladly hold you down and let him do it. Can you get any further down the food chain than a paparazzi? Your antics haven't changed much since you killed Princess Diana. Not everyone in show business is Britney Spears and willing to pimp their children to curry favor with you assholes! Kudos to Richard.

2774 days ago


As a mother it upsets me watching the paps take pictures of other celebrities children. I understand where they are coming from. What if it is a child predator in desguise or those pictures end up in the wrong hands. Not only that but there were a lot of other children around and that can make them targets also. I would not want some stranger taking pictures of my children, famous or not, it is just creepy. Paps should have respect as peple and more than likely as parents and they should respect other parents boundries also. The only place for paps is on the red carpet so we can see the fashions.

2774 days ago


These children did not ask to be born to famous parents so I would be furious too. Also Gere is not one to bring his child to premieres or to other media events so I believe playing in the park with his kid should be respected by photogs.

2774 days ago


The kids name is Homer? Homer???? WTF?? I think it is Gere who needs his ass whipped for that name alone.

2774 days ago


Pepper Spray works wonders! I'd suggest he packs a can when going to the park.

2774 days ago


He had every right to protect his child from the photogs, He should have kicked both of their butts. The kids are off limits, period. The price of fame does not get charged to the kids.

And for the record, Richard Gere is not gay and never had a gerbil up his butt, he is bi and had Sly Stallone up there.

2774 days ago
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