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Nicollette Causes Photog Fight

1/18/2007 3:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Nicollette Sheridan's buddies got into a scuffle with a "Desperate" paparazzo.

After lunching with a few friends and a cute tot, Nicollette was bombarded by a gang of photogs. Instead of making a run for it, Sheridan tried to cover her face and walk slowly to her car with the help of a burly sidekick.

Her sidekick got in the face of two photogs, prompting a photog to snarl, "Don't touch me! You're gonna end up getting hurt!"

Do either of these guys realize who they're fighting over?


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it's not like she's outrageously famous, she plays a tiny role on dh?

2774 days ago


Things that make ya go "Hmmmm".....

2774 days ago


they are fighting for the honor of the slut to give them blow jobs. Unfortunately, they dont realizes that she only gives blow jobs to people who get her choice roles on TV or in the movies. Otherwise she has no time for anyone else. She needs to be famous and make a lot of money before her 15 minutes run out. If she does not make it, she will be left doing porn movies, which is not a bad way to make a living anyway.

2774 days ago

Mad Balls    

They were arguing over who is right in the T.R. , Isiah Dot- dot feature -- you know N**ger , F**got ! Someone as Nasty as me does'nt even like to print those words out should tell you something. Dickheads . I've seen better looking Tranvestites walking on Eight mile than Nichole S. Mind you , a sweet personality and very funny but Madonna called and wants her drag ensemble back , honey . Dickhead .

2774 days ago


Wouldn't be surprised if she "staged" this whole thing. Why else would you walk slowly to her car....covering her face which she never does. Oh please Nicolette! You can't be that DESPERATE can you?

2774 days ago


The real question at hand is. Why do photogs even WANT a picture of her? She is a nobody. These so-called photographers must be on shit detail for whoever they work for and that is why they get the crappy jobs.

2774 days ago


Gimme a Break. She's lucky the paparazzi's are trailing her again. They could give a **** about her before DH.

2774 days ago


Again, pepper spray. What wrong with these celebrities? Have they never heard of it??

2774 days ago


They guys are fags!! Cant someone go get a freaking coffe without a bunch of dipshits hounding them with cameras? Get a life. You're scum.

2774 days ago


This so-called hot story reminds me Hollywood gossip isn't what it used to be. Am I just imagining things or is mostly C-List folks that are taking center stage on the gossip blogs?
Boring, at any rate.

2774 days ago

Keith Warner    

Crown Guy sure is a cheap fuck.. Most people pay for their advertising.

2774 days ago


why go after her? she's boring. and she was only hiding her face because she's all wrinkled up.

2774 days ago


NOW TELL ME WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CARESS, you guys are getting worse on reporting

2774 days ago


She should be happy anyone would take her picture. all that plastic surgery she's had looking like some hard faced tranny.

2773 days ago

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