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J.Lo Ambushed by PETA

1/22/2007 2:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

J.Lo's auditions for her new "Glow After Dark" reality show were derailed Friday night when two members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took the stage, pretending to audition, and launched into a tirade against the singer/actress.

TMZ obtained video of the confrontation, secretly shot by PETA at the event, which was held at Macy's in Downey, California. "J.Lo, fur ho!" screamed one of the ladies, who began by saying, "I think the most important thing about being a not only being sexy and being stylish, but is not wearing real f***ing fur!"

The shocked M.C. scooped up one of the infiltrators and strong-armed her off the stage.

J.Lo was not present during the outburst.


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PETA is a radical organization full of mentally challended idiots and hypocrites. They have no right to tell anyone what to wear. Remember folks. These are the same people that posted on their website that if they could only save one between a baby and an animal they would need to know if the baby was retarded before they could answer.

2833 days ago


I agree with #4 ..Dawn you are so right..My first run in with PETA was on a black friday trip in Chicago adn I was disgusted at the tatics, screaming and pouring blood actually made me resolve to buy more leather and more just t o piss them off....Please read a little about ecology and evolution before you mindless spineless bone freaks go around attacking people for expressing their right to breathe and wear whatever they choose. There are better way to coax people to your side than assualting and insulting them...In some countries one cannot do without animal products, get over it.

PETA has disgusting Ethics..werent they the same organization caught killing cats in a most horrid way in Virginia??????????????

Dont care much for J-LO but till PETA stops the nasty tatics, I believe every celeb should wear more leather and fur.......I beleive a greater majority actually buy leather goods, therefore PETA is a minority we can afford to ignore, what annoying flies they are........

2833 days ago


Fu*k u PETA FU*k u.

fu*k u fu*k u

i hate these poor people. fur is a choise and who want it can wear.

poor PETA poor jlo always shining and and she will always number one and she will wear a fur again again.and u will die

2833 days ago


I bet that chick went home and ate a steak though. Those PETA people are a little radical at times. They are people looking for a cause to get behind and most of them are not really that dedicated....Ricki Lake.....Naomi Campbell!! Kudos to Pam Anderson though, she puts her money where her mouth is. I agree also that wearing fur is rather gross, not my taste, and a little dated.

2833 days ago


The people who believe in not wearing fur and hurting animals probably feel abortion is ok. I would rather have the karma of dead animals following me around then the karma of tens of thousands of murdered babies.

2833 days ago


sam THE man you are my hero!
as for NORTH WOODS READER's comments: glad I touched such a nerve with you. That was exactly my intent!! ha ha ha

2833 days ago


To those posting the link to petakills, why don't you be up front and state who sponsors the site: the corporations peta criticizes. think they might have ulterior motives? hmmmm? you dimwits. PETA gets bigger and bigger each day so you might as well deal with it. PETA is here to stay, and for you morons who actually still wear fur: people aren't staring because you look good. we're thinking what a cruel, materialistic piece of human sh*t you look like.
i love it when i see articles like this because it is free publicity for peta. keep it up!!!!!!

2833 days ago


But how about those COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2833 days ago


You have just shown your intelligence Rikki.

2833 days ago






2832 days ago


Jennifer Lopez has is not talented, she can't sing or act. Worst of all she treats living creatures like nothing. It's one thing to wear leather because we use most of the cow (like the Indians didn't just use one thing they used every part of the animal so it didn't go to waste). Jennifer Lopez use's fox hair for eye lashes which she wore to the oscar awards, notorious for chinchilla fur and other exotic animals in which they are killed for only there fur.

2832 days ago


The anti-PETA posts are "plants" by a corporate lobbyist that protects his animal-abusing clients (including furriers). He pays the nutjobs to post anti-PETA stuff

Here's his story

2832 days ago


Thanks for making sense out the abortion issue you brought up out of the blue. If you're against abortions than you should certainly be against skinning animals alive for their fur. Right? And you should be against the death penalty as well. So let's say we agree with two out of three things and that's more than most folks can say.

2832 days ago


Almost forgot the war in Iraq....that's three out of four!!

2832 days ago


I sent a letter to JLo's rep and let her know I would never buy another product tied to Jennifer Lopez, never buy another CD of hers and never frequent a movie that she has a part in. She is a terrible example of a Diva and it's about time PETA demonstrated against Jennifer Lopez.

Donate your real furs to charity and exchange them for faux Mrs. Lopez!

2832 days ago
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