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Mary-Kate & Ashley -- The Undercover Twins

1/23/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Will someone please tell the Olsen Twins that if it's not raining, there's no need for an umbrella?

The ensemble-challenged, itty-bitty twin hobos were "spotted" in New York last night -- doing everything they could to mask their identical mugs. Hidden beneath umbrellas, fur coats, and a large furry hat, Mary-Kate and Ashley made separate exits from NYC hotspot Butter ... at least we think it's them!

More obliging to cameras were hip-hop diva Eve, also at Butter, and Jamie Foxx, who hit up the Belvedere party at Marquee.


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Ok why do everyone say stuff about them ,thats mean, i think they are cool i watch there shows and stop saying stuff about them they have a lot of resonsbilty and you try doing all the stuff they do ,so all you people who say stuff about them stop, if you dont like them dont go on sites like this , its simple as that i hate going on sites and everyone says mean stuff about actors/actress/singer...ect... they are still people they have feelings to so stop saying mean stuff about them

2733 days ago


If these two little freaks don't want their pics taken (and they never do!), then the photogs ought to leave them alone. They are talentless, fashion-challenged, gargoyle-like grown ups whose careers panned out long ago. Photogs only take their pics because they're rich, and since they always shun the attention, leave them alone. Let them fade away into oblivion where they belong.

2774 days ago

Mad Balls    

hey how you guys doing ? My dad likes the olsen twins . he says if he got to date both of them at once they could br put together to make ONE heck of a woman . his words not mine . anyway , my dad says they look better after being skinnier than death on a stick . Do they get naked ? I don't see any TATA's like Jessica simpson has . that sucks . I think my dad says they have fish mouthe that he has the perfect hook for . I think that means something nasty but I am to yung to figure it out . My dad is goofy . anyway , heres My "NASTY BOIL jr" for just you guys . As that dude/ dudet says ay TMZ . enjoy !

The olsen twins look like skinny puppies . My dad says they are hot . BADASS . They don't have TATA "S like POSH SPICE ! WOW OW WO W ! I would like to see posh spice naked ! SHWE HA S TATA "S galore ! BADASS . HER naked is great ! WOWOO)W WOWOWOOWOWOOWOOW yeah .

Really , really bad but I'm no NASTY BOIL like my dad . i'm just a kid with a big head , scruffy hair and big brown moist eyes , almost crying eyes . My dad says only 4.69.99 more million and he can get that brain transplant . Maybe when he does get it he won't like the Olsen twins anymore . His brain is not working right , now , anyway . I gotta go . I love you guys . So be good ! See ya '

2774 days ago


YOU KNOW SOMETHING, these twins look more ridiculous by hiding from the cameras. Why are they hiding??? SMILE, wave and MOVE on twins. By hiding and wearing your HOBO clothes, you are just becoming your own PARODY. The cameras are you going to get you anyway, so show some poise and grace and SMILE. In the old days of classic movie stars, they just smiled and walked away. The twins need to take a lesson from the old movie stars and be graceful and grateful. ANOTHER recommendation, Twins, you have BIG eyes already, mimimize the eye liner. You DON'T need it. You look too scary.

2774 days ago


These two get weirder and weirder every day. Good thing they have each other.

2774 days ago

anastasia beaverhausen    

they do not have identical faces, they are fraternal twins

2774 days ago


Is having damn near a billion bucks that bad????? Why don't these girls ever SMILE? I know some people who would be grinning from ear to ear if they just the money that Mary Kate spent on those ugly ass boots she keeps wearing.

2774 days ago

Great Dane    

Maybe she just needs a VENTI Mocha latte......maybe that would make her skinny little ass smile......LOL

2774 days ago


They look like ugly little monkeys. They should cover themselves up for good.

2774 days ago


Everytime I see these two I have flash backs of watching E.T. and hearing Drew Barrymore (Gertie) screaming when she saw him for the first time. These two are butt ugly!!!

2774 days ago


They definitely seem mentally disturbed

That hillbilly, makes your skin crawl, whitetrash thing

2774 days ago

Mad Balls    

put dem girls in line and do em tag team . Yas ! Dis fr*kin thugg would dump his loads in all open spaces ! Dat and a forty and dis dick am ready to blow ! F*ck yeah ! Give it up ho girls !

2774 days ago


Yeah...that might be more effective of a disguise if they weren't midgets who travel in pairs.

Not too many fur-covered trolls hitting the town with a posse of ginormous body gaurds

2774 days ago


Is anyone else grossed out by the amount of fur these two own?


2774 days ago


Can somone explain this picture? Am i looking at it wrong cos all I can see is one big eye coming out from a fur hood - it looks like ET??

I am serious, what is that picture of?


2774 days ago
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