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Tara Reid is the Meat in a Rapper Sandwich

1/23/2007 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If Tara Reid wants to shake her party girl image, she should probably reconsider performing simulated sex with rappers onstage.

TMZ obtained exclusive footage from Sundance of Tara, moments after she climbed onstage at the Blender Sessions party at Tao nightclub, while Akon performed his hit song, "Smack That." And for this performance, the "that" was Tara Reid.Tara mounted then gyrated on Akon as he pretended to pump her all around the stage. One of his mohawked band members decided to get in on the action, and the two bounced Tara around between them.

After the hardcore ride, a discombobulated Reid was consoled by platinum-toothed rapper, Nelly. It's safe to assume that if he began singing "Hot in Herre," Tara would have probably taken off her clothes.


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Gotta See It!    


2800 days ago


All the racist people on here need to watch their mouths...I'm sick of it...I don't care where you came from..what race you are..I'm sick of it...Its a disgrace the things that come out of most of your mouths..and the fact that its allowed on here is a bigger disgrace

2800 days ago


She did look like she was being attacked!! My God!! WTH is wrong with them, like fricking animals!!! How would it have ended if no one was in the audience?

2800 days ago


Let me ask you this...If it was a black woman in the middle of two white rocker guys..would she be "attacked" I mean wtf....Thats some bullcrap...Tara was laughing the whole time...I don't know what you saw on that tape..but I know what I saw..Im not a fan of that Smack That song...and I know that I wouldn't of been there to that concert in the first place..If Tara was so afraid of the "big bad rapper man" then why the hell was she there you idiot...Tara likes hip hop...Tara loves to party...Akon has never hurt anybody....He's a man originally from Senegal, Africa..that moved to the USA...and so on...etc etc etc...Some of you people on here are so full of it...I love all kinds of music...but you'll never see me at a rock concert because its too dangerous to me...I don't want to get stomped on..and don't rockers do drugs and drink....I've never heard of an innocent rock guy...I've also never heard of a rock guy thats never been to jail in my life..I think alot of people that comment on this site make bigoted comments..and many don't...and I feel that its not fair to many people...I live in new york city and I am blessed to live around all kinds of people...I rather live here than live in a small town where Im not exposed to anybody or anything..I am a black woman in my twenties..but all my friends are of many different races..and I thank God for that...

2800 days ago


Kinda reminds me of the Roxbury on SNL. LMAO!!!

2800 days ago

Canuck's pride    

You Americans have it so bad,so much hatered among races.Did'nt you learn anything from September 11.

2800 days ago

Lenn K    

Calm down Candice, alot people are just plain ignorant and can't help using racist remarks on a blog. You can't see them and they are cowards hiding behind a keyboard. TMZ seems to love this stuff and I've notice it. Everything will be alright, and the racist will always make there comments and It's up to bloggers to call them on it. No matter what race it is!!!!!!!!

2800 days ago

Pia Zadora    

She's like a modern day Jackie Onassis.

2800 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Nothing like having a trashy White whore doing the old simulated DP thing with two Black guys. Race relations in America are good!

2800 days ago


that was fucking stupid...

and that actually made the rappers look like disgusting animals.... Not her.

2800 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Fore and Aft...
a sailors delight!

2800 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#56 Monako,
"What I learned from September 11th...
Don't get on an airplane with towelheads"
Thank you!

2800 days ago


To Above 125th Street

Didn't anyone ever teach you to only speak when spoken to? Shut your racist pie hole and go back to doing what you do best. Sitting at home in your trailer park, sucking on your fathers dick, while your brother and cousins wait their turns.

2800 days ago


Did they pay her a thousand bucks?

2800 days ago


who gives a fu** what the races are of the people on stage. It's apparent that she was only intending to be the "smack that" girl for Akon, not expecting to get dry humped from behind by a mystery band man. It's common sense people, you don't go shoving your pelvis up the back of a woman who doesn't even see you coming. It's incredibly rude at best, criminal at worst.

2800 days ago
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