Tiger Mauls Would-Be "Thief"

1/25/2007 1:58 PM PST

Tiger Mauls Would-Be "Thief"

Tiger Woods ad-libbed during a commercial shoot for Buick -- and his attempt at stunt work left his co-star bloodied!

The scene called for a man to steal Tiger's golf clubs and for Tiger to retaliate by throwing a golf ball at him. But Tiger decided that it wasn't a harsh enough reaction. "If someone took my golf bag, I would do something a little bit more than just throw a golf ball at him," Tiger said yesterday. Woods hasn't played in a PGA golf tournament since last October; he's apparently been watching a lot of football.

He came up with the idea to tackle the "thief" on the next take. And what a tackle it was -- golf clubs went flying everywhere -- and the actor got a nasty cut on the forehead. They don't call him Tiger for nothing!

Coincidentally, Tiger Woods tees it up in his first tournament of the year today -- the Buick Invitational, airing Saturday and Sunday at 3PM ET on CBS.