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Celebrity Packages

1/28/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You are being redirected to Celeb Packages.


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2794 days ago


Thank you for sexualizing men.

2794 days ago

kelly clarkson is an idiot for putting out that crappy album    

Thank you TMZ for going down under. You have made a lot of women and gay men happy. It's always funny how straight men don't notice us staring at their crotches LOL.

2794 days ago


He is fine! I'm usually not attractive to white men,but he is packing. Damn!!!!! He might change my mind. Sorry brothers.

2794 days ago

Brian Mann    


You've been slacking the last few days, man...

WTF is going on -- is everybody on vacation, or something?

C'mon now!

2793 days ago

Brian Mann    

Oh yeah -- I almost forgot -- what's a brother gotta do to see some posts about Eva Mendes???

2793 days ago


TMZ seems to be a little obsessed lately with packages, tits and asses.
A little slow in the news room kids?

2793 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Maybe it is a slow news week (first to admit it seems that way to me), but HOT DAMN!! Daniel Craig is HOT HOT HOT!

2793 days ago


yeah! Daniel Craig is Hot!

2793 days ago


What the hell kind of news reporting is this? Harvey living out his wet dreams for all of us to see? YUK

2793 days ago


That Marc Anthony is SUCH a classy guy.

2793 days ago


I enjoy this site less every day. I like sexy men, but I find my own to look at. I don't need to check out this tasteless sh*t. I think I'll go read THE GLOBE for some intellectual reading.

2793 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

LOL fiery #2...

2793 days ago

my opinion    

TMZ used to be original and interesting. Now it is just a regurgitation site for some of the other sites on the net. It is just a big cut and paste from reporters out getting the stories. BORING!!!! Your comments section is outdoing your lame stories. Those comments mostly sound like disenfranchised losers without the intelligence to form thoughts or spell correctly.

Sorry Mr Levin, you now have invested your money in a glorified My Space. I suggest you start writing more of your essays that provoke intelligent thought and leave the photo journalism of who has the biggest plastic tits and the biggest package to a second or third rate site. It is really below the standard that you had developed.

I believe you need a decent webmaster. Between the unpaid ads for sales sites and the use of language strictly for the shock value that contribute nothing to further a discussion the site is turning into a high school. I am not endorsing censorship but I am asking for a more interesting site.

2793 days ago


eloquent statement (indictment), mizliz...i agree wholeheartedly. tmz's focus has become more and more juvenile each day, giving one the impression that the staff has no talent, skills or imagination. it also gives one the impression that levin doesn't even look at their work or the end product as it appears on this site..or else he just doesn't care what a pile of crap tmz has become.

2793 days ago
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