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Katie Rees Gets Crown Back ... Kinda

1/30/2007 1:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No, The Donald didn't restore her Miss Nevada tiara, but Katie Rees got a different kind of coronation last night in Las Vegas.

The dethroned beauty queen was named "Miss Jet Las Vegas 2007" by JET nightclub at The Mirage. There was no girl-on-girl tongue action this time around -- her parents and grandparents were in the crowd. They must be so proud. When asked on her runway walk what was next for her, she gleefully replied, "Hollywood, baby!" Natch.

Katie Rees: Click to launchSources tell TMZ that Rees was knocking back kamikaze shots in the VIP lounge ... now that's the party girl we know and exploit!


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Yeah, Right    

Hey, you guys will love this: I used to date her and I've know her for a long time.

She's had it rough; lots of bad boyfriends (probably me included, though I don't think I'm that bad...) and way too much partying. When she moved to Vegas I expected her to work at the Pussy Cat Lounge or something similar, and when she won Miss Nevada I thought her life was back on track, but I guess not. She used to do pageants in Florida and would always break the top 3. She went to an arts school and has been an actress her entire life, so the spotlight made sense...just didn't expect her to go this far downhill to get it... anyhow she's just a sweet girl who took a wrong turn and needs a break. She's super-comfortable with her sexuality and she can get totally stupid around her friends. ;) But is anyone different? I know I'm not.

From my perspective, shame on the Miss Nevada pageant & The Atwell Group for not doing a simple background check (try a Google search, for instance) and realizing she wasn't "Miss ANYTHING" material. I'm just glad no one posted the other 5000+ photos of her that are roaming around Tampa Bay and beyond. Or try myspace. Besides that, Katie's great and she should be famous in her own right.

BTW Katie, if you're reading this and you've figured out who it is by now, I hope all is well, don't get burnt out and keep it up. ;) AND if you ever need a place to crash in Tampa you're always welcome...

2800 days ago


This girl has ONE DRUNKEN NIGHT and it is haunting her. I am glad that I am not famous. You know you people have been there too, maybe not as sexual (LOL) but you may have done stupid things while you were drunk. I have a feeling that she may have been blacked out. Face it, famous people get crap and I have seen worse and those people that I have seen doesn't have to worry about this. She looked better then than she does now. Playboy wants her. Maybe that's next.

2821 days ago


Katie Rees is obviously a lesbian...

2821 days ago


who cares. this girl's not a celebrity, anyway. just a very well known slut.

2821 days ago


LOl Ooooh yes! her parents must be sooooo proud! Hollywood has a huge porn industry so she may be right about heading there next. Pageant girls are such the essence of wholesomeness and purity.

2821 days ago


This girl is a WHORE!!!!!

2821 days ago


Our family spent the evening watching the Miss America Pageant. 52 beautiful, talented, intelligent, and CLASSY girls participating. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MISS AMERICA AND MISS USA. Miss America contestants I found out are every bit as least this year's were, and the top 5 were incredibly talented. Most people forget the MISS AMERICA PAGEANT is the largest source of scholarships for women in the world. Good times!

2821 days ago

Pageant fan    

Working her ass off...uh yeah in more ways than one. This wasn't a one time black out of one night. This is the life this girl has chosen to live. Her momma must be SO proud!

2821 days ago


Will someone please explain to me the difference between the 2 pageants......PLEASE!

2821 days ago


These pictures are nothing but porn. I see why she lost her crown. I wouldn't want someone like that representing my state. Even if it is Sin City.

2821 days ago



MISS AMERICA.....86 years old. Operated out of Atlantic City. Contestants compete in Interview, Talent, Swimsuit and Evening Gown. Classy event.

MISS USA............50 plus years old. Co-owned by NBC and Trump Management Company. Contestants compete in INterview, Swimsuit and Evening Gown. No talent competition. Winner goes to Miss Universe Pageant.

BOTH pageants have had great winners, great pageants, and are both worthy. Miss USA Pageant as most of you know experienced troubles this past year with a few of their contestants. Nevada ( OUSTED), New Jersey (PREGNANT), Miss USA (ALCOHOLIC). There also was the immature Trumb vs. Rosie O'Donnell debate, etc.

Miss America 2007 was just crowned. She is Lauren Nelson of Oklahoma.
Miss USA 2007 will be crowned March 23rd in Los Angeles.

There you have it!

2821 days ago


Please tell me... I think one is a teen pagent and the other is not.

2821 days ago

Mad Balls    

She is really not that pretty . I've had better looking women in bed than her . She is smart enough to make the point that this stuff happened before she joined any pageants . Still she has a Bar Hoe look about her . And before anyone comment on my " Manhood " My " goods" are much longer than the average 5 1/2 inches but smaller than , say , Rosie , Paris or Farrah .

2821 days ago


Thank you Paul rock! I still dont really understand why there are 2 different pageants though...oh well, at least I know the difference b/t the 2.

2821 days ago


Famous Guy,

You'll find that most people ( women included) like a decent guy who is respectful, honest, and above all doesn't say things like you said above.
Skanky guys usually find skanky women. Decent guys usually find decent women. Which one are you?

2821 days ago
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