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Who is Tara's

Secret Admirer?

1/30/2007 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone has a crush on Tara Reid. TMZ spotted the trainwreck-in-repair exiting The Ivy with a pal, who was holding three dozen roses for the blonde starlet. Looks like there's at least one fan of "Taradise."

Paris Hilton has an admirer of her own; TMZ caught on-again-off-again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos coming out of the heiress' home early yesterday morning.

The Duff sisters were on the prowl for a few good men as well, with Hilary and Haylie hitting up Hyde last night, joined by Elisha Cuthbert, "Fantastic Four" hottie Chris Evans and Jack Osbourne.

Catch all the rosy action in today's Star Catcher.


No Avatar



doesn't he work on courtney coxs show DIRT?

2741 days ago


.......(sadly) one cares....(tear flowing from my eyes)

2762 days ago


have you ever seen britney and tara in the same place at the same time??

maybe they are one in the same??

just a thought?

they obviously buy their hair extentions at the same place.. ew.

2762 days ago


probably sent herself flowers to make it look like somebody cares about her, and now she is gonna get with the delivery guy!

2762 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

Well after all this sh*t she is still rich and she can fade into obscurity without the watchful scrutinizing eyes of all the Tara haters. Grow up all y'all sound like a bunch of a**holes. Get a grip. You know you loved her in the movies. Losers!

2761 days ago


Who cares of Hyde and all the Drama TMZ whats happening? Its horrible that you create more cybertrash with these people!

I watched TaraDITZ on E talk about Rehab!!!!

2761 days ago


C'mon what guys is gonna come near her with those massive scars all over her stomach, get real.

2761 days ago


The guy holding flowers is Richard Squire. He does PR or something with her. Met him at a party and a really nice guy.

2761 days ago


Does she look heavy in this photo or is it just me?

2761 days ago


Now I see why Tara Reid's been packing on the pounds.
She's a regular at the Ivy. Does anyone know why the Duff sisters can get into Hyde and Tara can't? I hear that Hyde doesn't let Fat Chicks in. Guy s either. Chicks have to be under 140 pounds and guys under 160 pounds
(unless your a bouncer).

2760 days ago


Its John Singleton an old rich man.

2760 days ago


John Singleton is the guy giving her flowers, he is an Australian rich old dude. He recently brought Paris to Sydney to promete his new "Bondi Beer". He met Tara when she was recently here (in Oz). Tara was seen hanging out with his twenty something daughter.
He is known for having an eye for young blondes.

2759 days ago

richard squire    

who is this richard squire guy. I am richard squire an actor who needs a PR person. That would be interesting to meet someone with my name in the business. I am trying to network with people in the movie business to market my treatments for film idea's.

what is a contact information on this person with my name. My middle name is E. For Eugene. Does his name have an E.Squire to it.

I worked for paris hiltons family who are in the casino business in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace.

2749 days ago

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