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Ex-Queen to Tara: You're a Disgrace

2/1/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tara ConnerNot everyone thinks Tara Conner should be getting a second chance – and one ex-Miss USA is slamming Tara for dragging the crown through the drug-and-alcohol-soaked mud.

Two former Miss USAs told TMZ back in December that Tara shouldn't be allowed to continue if the allegations against her were true, and now the 2003 champ, MTV's Susie Castillo, tells Complex magazine (via MSNBC) that Tara's escapades have "tarnished [the crown] for a very long time now" and that "it's not the job of Miss USA to be in rehab."

Conner admitted this morning on the "Today" show that she had a drug and alcohol problem and that she would routinely sneak out of her Trump Plaza apartment to party.

Courtney Punked by "Idol" Imposter

So that whole kerfuffle about Courtney Love replacing Paula Abdul? A lot of bunk. "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe says that he never called Courtney, and that he has "no plans to add to or replace" Paula, Randy, or Simon. Lythgoe says he's "afraid someone may have misrepresented me." Love, for her part, called the buzz about her being on "Idol" "nonsense" in a post on her website, and that she "woul dnever [sic] ever do that." Plus, says Courtney, in the spelling-challenged screed, "i couldnt even get ON that show nor would I wantt o." She says that Us, which had the original story, "misrepresented and misquoted" her.

Taco Bell to K-Fed: Think Outside the Bun

Looks like Kevin Federline is just piling up the job offers. The latest? Making a run for the border – as in Taco Bell. An open letter to the former Mr. Spears was posted on, and, in it, Taco Bell's president invites K-Fed to work for the fast food chain "for an hour," and says that anyone who actually shows up to watch Kev scoop beef and fold tortillas will get free food. The exec also references Kev's proclamation last year that his kids would have to work for Taco Bell, regardless of how rich they are. Given their parents' respective paths, that might not be too far from reality.

Turner Toons Terrorize Beantown

A Cartoon Network marketing stunt went horribly awry when light boards placed around Boston were confused for explosive devices, throwing the city and the cops into utter chaos. Up to nine magnetic light packages were found on bridges and roads in Boston, prompting the arrival of the bomb squad, which had to "detonate" the suspected "bomb." Traffic was snarled for hours, fears of a terrorist attack ran rampant, and two local men were arrested for placing a hoax device. Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon's parent, apologized for the disruption; the devices were placed in several other cities but didn't cause any trouble.

Party Favors: Baron Cohen Sued (Again) Over "Wa Wa Wee Wa" ... Mickey Rourke Sues Over Dead Puppy ... Crowe to Get $20 Million for New Robin Hood Flick

Just when he thought all the lawsuits were over, Sacha Baron Cohen is facing more legal trouble over "Borat," this time from an Israeli comic who says he came up with the catchphrase "Wa Wa Wee Wa." The catchphrase is apparently still heard on the streets of the Holy Land after it was popularized in the show "Zehu Zeh." ... Mickey Rourke tells MSNBC he's going to sue a Miami pet store where he bought a puppy for a friend for Christmas – only to watch the puppy die two weeks later. Rourke says he'll never buy a pet from a store again. ... Russell Crowe is getting $20 million, reports Variety, to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in a new version of Robin Hood, to start filming in about a year.


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coco puff    

This underage drinking, coke sniffing, trailer trash, cracker bitch, only got a second chance because Trump is a RACIST!!! My sister from California should of won in the first place but the judges didn't want to give the crown to a African American woman, RACISTS!! If they did the right thing in the first place this sh*t wouldn't of happened. The crown is tarnished by RACISM and people need to see thru the bullsh*t Trump is trying to spin here. He would never give a African American a second chance if she pulled this bullsh*t, no doubt!!! He's a RACIST and so is the pageant. I will never stop my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

2820 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Courtney Love a judge on americian idol,that would be very very odd,she would stop half way thruogh the show so she could get a fix of herion,then she could start rambling off about randy and simon were trying to hit on her

2820 days ago

Great Dane    

I think it is OBVIOUS to everyone except TRUMP....that the crown shoudl have been taken away from her......

Miss America, is SUPPOSED to be a role she is getting her flowers, taking her walk down the aisle, crying and being crowned....they are saying- in the event Miss America can not uphold her position as Miss America the runner up will assume her place......

She did drugs, she was slutty, drunk, in clubs.......there was no reason for her to maintain her position as Miss America.....


2820 days ago

Great Dane    

I hate when people make EVERYTHING about RACE.....but in this particular case....


Have the standards changed? Hvae we become a little less strict? Or would Trump prefer to have Miss America look like all of his wives, BLONDE?????

He obviously has gay issues, it wouldn't shock me if he was a racist on top of that.....

BTW, I'm white.....

2820 days ago


Great Dane- I know what you are saying but Trump didn't own the pageant then when Venessa Williams was in there.. Am I right??

Yes I agree, will Trump come out of the closet already??

2820 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Farrah,you are still a idiot,We thought you understood that after the brandy comments,You are one dumb mf

2820 days ago

in the know    

I think all teenagers should work in a fast food restaurant at least once in their lives to understand what a back breaking, thankless, horrible paying job it is, Maybe it would encourage them to stay in school, get a college degree, and not have children until you have a savings account and means to support them. Government checks and free medical care is not a means of support.

2820 days ago

We, are not amused.    

How stupid are the f***ing cops in Boston?

2820 days ago


The cops are idiots. The only reason the Boston city government (and the police) are pressing charges and getting so "outraged" is due to feeling humiliated. The other 10 or 11 cities didn't panic or cause a public panic, and you have to keep in mind that the ads were in place in all of the dozen or so cities for the last 2-3 weeks.

It's outrageous that this abuse of power is taking place, merely because the idiots involved are trying to save face by throwing around "the law".

2820 days ago

ANna MAe    

I apologize for my comments to all white people. I'm going to pray for my racist soul now.

2820 days ago


miss usa is such a disgrace. she would gain a littel head way by giving up the crown herself and stop embaressing the country. but as long as trump has his dirty old man hands dipped in miss usa( gross) this pagent will always be a joke.

2820 days ago

Lenn K    

First thing, Farrah I for one don't believe you are black, but If I'm wrong your an idiot. The problem you have with the continual race card is blacks as a people can't go forward. Jesse Jackson doesn't want blacks to get educated, because they will then know he's a race baiter and the millstone tied around their necks. People like Farrah only know one way to live and that's hating the white man for any and all problems that concerns blacks. The problem with this thinking is blacks never get any better, just like during Hurricane Katrina blacks wouldn't help themselves they wanted the Daddy Government to help them. It's not just Bush's problem, it's the black leaders who have used the holy hell out of it's own people for years with welfare and government handouts. And for Farrah, you are not fighting racism, you're perpetuating it. If you want to fight it talk about the 85% out-of-wedlock black births, talk about blacks getting education, talk about leaders who all believe that government is the only thing that helps blacks, talk about black families with black men as the leaders, and talk about why people like you think it whites fault when blacks are making the mistakes!!!!!!

2820 days ago


Lenn K: ZING!

Right on the money. Let's wait until people call you racist now. In 3... 2....

2820 days ago


Well said Lenn K., don't they realize who sold them into slavery, there OWN PEOPLE, the BLACK MAN. Think they may need a history lesson.

2820 days ago



IT'S MISS USA........................NOT MISS AMERICA!



2820 days ago
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