Ex-Queen to Tara: You're a Disgrace

2/1/2007 10:45 AM PST

Ex-Queen to Tara: You're a Disgrace

Not everyone thinks Tara Conner should be getting a second chance – and one ex-Miss USA is slamming Tara for dragging the crown through the drug-and-alcohol-soaked mud.

Two former Miss USAs told TMZ back in December that Tara shouldn't be allowed to continue if the allegations against her were true, and now the 2003 champ, MTV's Susie Castillo, tells Complex magazine (via MSNBC) that Tara's escapades have "tarnished [the crown] for a very long time now" and that "it's not the job of Miss USA to be in rehab."

Conner admitted this morning on the "Today" show that she had a drug and alcohol problem and that she would routinely sneak out of her Trump Plaza apartment to party.

Courtney Punked by "Idol" Imposter

So that whole kerfuffle about Courtney Love replacing Paula Abdul? A lot of bunk. "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe says that he never called Courtney, and that he has "no plans to add to or replace" Paula, Randy, or Simon. Lythgoe says he's "afraid someone may have misrepresented me." Love, for her part, called the buzz about her being on "Idol" "nonsense" in a post on her website, and that she "woul dnever [sic] ever do that." Plus, says Courtney, in the spelling-challenged screed, "i couldnt even get ON that show nor would I wantt o." She says that Us, which had the original story, "misrepresented and misquoted" her.

Taco Bell to K-Fed: Think Outside the Bun

Looks like Kevin Federline is just piling up the job offers. The latest? Making a run for the border – as in Taco Bell. An open letter to the former Mr. Spears was posted on PerezHilton.com, and, in it, Taco Bell's president invites K-Fed to work for the fast food chain "for an hour," and says that anyone who actually shows up to watch Kev scoop beef and fold tortillas will get free food. The exec also references Kev's proclamation last year that his kids would have to work for Taco Bell, regardless of how rich they are. Given their parents' respective paths, that might not be too far from reality.

Turner Toons Terrorize Beantown

A Cartoon Network marketing stunt went horribly awry when light boards placed around Boston were confused for explosive devices, throwing the city and the cops into utter chaos. Up to nine magnetic light packages were found on bridges and roads in Boston, prompting the arrival of the bomb squad, which had to "detonate" the suspected "bomb." Traffic was snarled for hours, fears of a terrorist attack ran rampant, and two local men were arrested for placing a hoax device. Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon's parent, apologized for the disruption; the devices were placed in several other cities but didn't cause any trouble.

Party Favors: Baron Cohen Sued (Again) Over "Wa Wa Wee Wa" ... Mickey Rourke Sues Over Dead Puppy ... Crowe to Get $20 Million for New Robin Hood Flick

Just when he thought all the lawsuits were over, Sacha Baron Cohen is facing more legal trouble over "Borat," this time from an Israeli comic who says he came up with the catchphrase "Wa Wa Wee Wa." The catchphrase is apparently still heard on the streets of the Holy Land after it was popularized in the show "Zehu Zeh." ... Mickey Rourke tells MSNBC he's going to sue a Miami pet store where he bought a puppy for a friend for Christmas – only to watch the puppy die two weeks later. Rourke says he'll never buy a pet from a store again. ... Russell Crowe is getting $20 million, reports Variety, to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in a new version of Robin Hood, to start filming in about a year.