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Paris vs. Tara -- Who Sucks More in Bed?!

2/1/2007 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis went on Howard Stern yesterday dishing about his sexual conquests -- which he rated both good (Paris Hilton) and bad (Tara Reid).

When Stern asked Francis who gave the best oral sex, he responded, "Paris is the best ... Paris is amazing in bed ... better than anyone." Go figure.

As for the worst, Joe said it was Tara Reid, but couldn't quite, er, put his finger on why. Robin asked, "Does she just lay there?" and he said, "Yeah, pretty much." And it gets worse ... click the pic to hear it.


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duh...totally !    

omg ! Joe Francis is the biggest scumbag ! He is only "famous" for video taping drunk skanks on Spring Break...who gives a flying f*ck WHO he has slept with....we all know Paris is a whore...she also slept with Tom Sizemore !!! ok ?? gross !

like I have said before the FLUID SWAPPING in LA and HOLLYWEIRD is freaking NASTY ! They most likely ALL have some sort of disease !

as far as Tara Reid goes....I feel bad for her....that was really crappy of Joe Francis to say that garbage about her...I'm sure he slept with her around the "American Pie" popularity when she was the "it" girl....give me a beak !

I wish that dude that terrorized him a year ago, would have finished the job...he is such a disgusting piece of dog sh*t !

2822 days ago

duh...totally !    

Joe is a freaking Homo !

why is anyone interviewing him in the first place ???....oh wait, it's Howard Stern, another piece of sh*t...go figure........

they both can take a hike...and take that skank Paris too.....

freaking TRASH !

2822 days ago

Miapocca hilton

Paris hiltin is paying her way through her latest problem..unfortunately the atomic bom fullof paris sh*t hit and splattered all over the internet.................hahahahh

2822 days ago


Sounds like someone has a serious case of "pencil dick" and is placing the blame for his lack of stimulation on someone else instead of his own ineptitude....who is to say he is not a loser in bed? I think Tara deserves equal air time on this one! I am sure the world would love to know he is lousy in bed and has a teenie-weenie that wont stay up!

2822 days ago

paris's cottage chhese but f*ck and many more tales'    

HERPES HILTON? GOOD IN BED??? haha Joe we seen the tapes, either u r a real dud and will take pretty much anything, herpes infested gutter trash or not, or YOR A LYING PEDO! I think either of those options could be quite true.

2822 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hate to burst your Paris bubble but Tara is much better at head than Paris . Have you seen Paris Dance ? Have you seen the Sex tape ? Tara is well know for great head . Everyone has know for years Paris gives the best anal . This Wild-on dude is crazy or herpes has drove him nuits . He's not into hetro for sure . busted .

2822 days ago

Ape Balboa    

I watched this clip,

heres a personal message to Joe Francis,

I don't care who you think you are, but any guy knows that when you talk sh*t about a girls personal sexlife it shows how immature and grown-up you think you are. So what, you are a big star, money takes you places, but when it comes down to making someone feel miserable all that big cash is making you a bigger piece of dirt, I hope you suffer for this, you have no f***ing right to go broadcast your little sexcapades, you hormone genital anal f***er.

oh yeah, one more thing.. stern go to hell

2822 days ago


hey try it you might like it with that said had it and its not that good for now it lost any class its just one dirty ass!

2821 days ago


Kissing and telling..........what a tool that guy is. Any guy that brags about his conquests has a teeny peeny.

2821 days ago


Good all these trashy, drug addicted, alcoholic whores are sleeping around... hopefully someone will contract an STD a little more serious than herpes and rid America of these worthless sluts...

2819 days ago


Parisite Hobag is nothing but a racist, brainless, herpie ridden whore, face it you dumb ass Paris supporter,s the bitch is going down, she has had her day now everyone hates her, so she can go and get fucked.

2813 days ago


Tara Reid will NEVER escape her bad boobs and bad acting. She should become a janitor where she can put her skills to good use.

As far as Howard Stern - he is a pig and Francis is not any better.

2808 days ago


yeah they said that Tara Reid was "sloppy and loose". yikes.

1109 days ago
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