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Mickey Rourke's Bark Has No Bite

2/2/2007 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke took to the streets of Miami to protest a dog store he really doesn't like -- with the lamest, least strident protest you've ever seen.
"Marching" in front of Hot Dog Puppies, a Miami Beach pet store that Rourke alleges sold him a sick puppy last year, Rourke saunters about, petting a small dog and generally radiating a lazy insouciance usually reserved for a stroll in the park. The "Sin City" star can't quite bring himself to carry a sign, or do much of anything but pet a small pooch in his grasp.

Rourke told a reporter that the store's owners "don't give a s**t" about the dogs, and that they are knowingly selling sick dogs, but given that Mickey's face appears to be incapable of movement, it's difficult to tell what he's saying. The owners of the store say that their dogs are kosher -- even if Mickey suggests otherwise.


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I am glad that he is bringing attention to that store and the Humane Society should take a look. What a sick thing people do.

Farrah is white.

2818 days ago


Is that AJ McLean next to him?

2818 days ago


That's just what the moron deserves! You don't buy puppies from stores - that's just promoting puppy mills. Maybe he should've put a bit more thought into his puppy "purchase". Go with a reputable breeder if you have to, but adopt your pet!!! There are plenty of breed rescue groups - if you insist on a pure bred dog, they're available for adoption.... I feel sorry for the dog...

2818 days ago


This store, as it winds up, has done this several times regarding sick dogs. I agree that he should have sent the $1100 to a pet rescue and got a chihuaha from them, money better spent.
Due to legal matters, he couldnt carry a sign during the march, so he made sure there were others to carry them for him...

2818 days ago


Mickey is starting to morph into Whacko Jackson.
He's had so much surgery he's unrecognizable to what
he looked like before and not in a good way.

2818 days ago


Farrah is insane.

2818 days ago


never, EVER buy from pet stores. Adopt a pet from a shelter.
We have millions of dogs (and cats) and not enough people to care for them. By buying from a pet store you're supporting the "manufacturing" of even more dogs. the world has enough, we dont need more. Buy from a shelter dudes!!

2818 days ago


Thanks Lindsay.. you are so right.. Go to shelters!!!

2818 days ago


What the f*** is a kosher dog ?

2818 days ago


I think a kosher dog is a wienie dog :)

2818 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

There are shelters everywhere that have vacinated, neutered or spayed dogs and cats. I walk by one everyday to pray with the cats for homes for all domestic animals even people.

2818 days ago


Welcome to the real world jack-ass where most of the time dogs and cats sold in pet stores are sick. I guess he hasn't ever heard of the puppy farms. When will people learn to adopt? Or if you insist on buying an animal get it from a legitimate, licensed breeder!

2818 days ago


Lindsay and b, you are exactly right. Adopt or do your homework and find a reputable breeder, but unless you are absolutely certain of the animal and the conditions in which it was bred, do not give a pet store your money. Places like Maimi have a real reputation for these unethical "pet stores". Rourke isn't one of my favorite people, but I applaud him for trying to bring attention to this issue. I'm just sorry he (and the person he gave the puppy to) had to learn the lesson the hard way.

2818 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

First of all let me point out the obvious...who in the hell would buy a dog from a shop called Hot Dog Puppies?? Sounds like a fast food joint. Not even gonna touch the subject concerning Mickey's face..YIKES.

and lastly....I AM NOT FARRAH!!!

2818 days ago


Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die.

2818 days ago
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