Mickey Rourke's Bark Has No Bite

2/2/2007 4:20 PM PST
Mickey Rourke took to the streets of Miami to protest a dog store he really doesn't like -- with the lamest, least strident protest you've ever seen.
"Marching" in front of Hot Dog Puppies, a Miami Beach pet store that Rourke alleges sold him a sick puppy last year, Rourke saunters about, petting a small dog and generally radiating a lazy insouciance usually reserved for a stroll in the park. The "Sin City" star can't quite bring himself to carry a sign, or do much of anything but pet a small pooch in his grasp.

Rourke told a reporter that the store's owners "don't give a s**t" about the dogs, and that they are knowingly selling sick dogs, but given that Mickey's face appears to be incapable of movement, it's difficult to tell what he's saying. The owners of the store say that their dogs are kosher -- even if Mickey suggests otherwise.