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K-Fed Too Big for the Room

2/3/2007 5:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline simply can't accommodate all the women in his life – or so he says.

The Fed is down in Miami for the Super Bowl, and Us reports that he just went all diva on the hotel he was staying at, demanding a room upgrade because his suite at the Catalina Hotel wasn't big enough for "his women" and "his girls," whatever that particular distinction means. They couldn't take care of his request, so they moved him to a new hotel altogether (probably a good move).

Meanwhile, Kev magnanimously apologized yesterday to the fast-food workers of the world, telling the AP that he never meant to insult them in his big new ad to air during tomorrow's Super Bowl, wherein he plays a daydreaming fry-jockey. But he might really be daydreaming when he says, "Maybe [the ad] will land me some roles in Hollywood." Don't stop believin', K.

Jodie's Cell Smackdown from Feds

Jodie Foster might be an Oscar winner and a bag of chips, but no one – no one – is allowed to use their cell phone in immigration. Or so the actress found out after a trip to Turks and Caicos, says Page Six, when she started gabbing away in the immigration line at LAX. A guard asked her to stop, which she did, but got right back on the horn when the guard turned his back. Foster got an earful from the Fed – he "literally screamed at her and threatened to take her out of line" – and had to be patrolled the whole way in to make sure she didn't break the rule again. Foster's rep didn't return calls.

Diddy Sued for "P" – Again

It's a whole lot of legal nonsense over one little letter, but Sean "Diddy" Combs is being sued once again by UK record producer Richard "Diddy" Dearlove, who says that "the rapper is using his nickname without permission, according to E! Online. Even though Diddy (the Yank one) agreed to use "P. Diddy" across the pond to differentiate himself, the UK Diddy says that he's once again infringing on the trademark by using "Diddy" on his MySpace and YouTube pages. Dearlove wants Combs to use a "neutral" name on those sites, or get off them completely. No word on whether anyone on MySpace or YouTube even knows who Dearlove is.

Party Favors: Affleck Says "Smokin'" Made Him Quit Cigs ... ABC Nixes Penguin Sex ... YouTube's Legal Woes

Ben Affleck tells People that making "Smokin' Aces" was such a pain in the lung that he's given up permanently. The actor says he had to smoke around five packs a day, which made him "not want to do it anymore." ... Jimmy Kimmel wanted to show a clip of penguins mating from the new "Farce of the Penguins," when Christina Aguilera – whose voice is featured in the film – was on his late-night show, but ABC wouldn't let him, according to Page Six. Says a source, "National Geographic Channel has more guts than ABC." ... In the wake of Viacom's decision yesterday to try to force YouTube to take all its videos off the site, the Los Angeles Times explores the legal troubles that YouTube could face – and the effect they'll have on the site's future.


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Christina Applegate's voice is in Farce of the Penguins--not Christina Aguilera's.

2821 days ago


I think YouTube is having growth issues. People send all kinds of video clips to the site, even some old footage from past TV shows. I've seen rare clips and music videos from the '80s that I haven't seen in a long time on the site. And it's because some TV and cable networks today don't have the time or patience to show it. They're too trapped into the next thing and their CSIs, Law And Orders and reality shows to do it. So they get very angry if some of that old footage is shown on YouTube. I thought that bride/hair clip was real, as if it was a traumatic event happening before a high profile wedding. That she hated how her hair looked. Now, the clip feels dead and lifeless, the humor sucked right out of it.

2821 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    


Here's a website that list all of Paris Hilton's endorsements. Let's send this racist, herpes infected piece of trash a message.


TMZ, why did you remove the article on Friday with the title of Paris Hilton being a Bigot and dropping the N-Bomb and F-BOMB? Also, you removed the video and the comments to the posting. You sold your loyal viewers out. Now, we are going to send Paris Hilton and you a message.

Note: The only entertainment news organization that carried this story about Paris Hiklton's racist and bigoted tirades was "Showtime Tonight." THey carried the story on Friday and showed the video as well. Please send them some love at:

There was a guest on the show from 'Court TV' who stated Paris racist tirade would blow over because, she is a media darling. (I'm paraphrasing here.) Let's organize by peacefully boycotting Paris Hilton and any media organization that supports her. Let the media know she is not "our darling." She's a disgrace!!

Also, I get all of my celebrity news from now because, Michael K has not sold his soul to the Hilton empire.


Former Paris fan

2820 days ago

IFilm Rules    

It's surprising that Viacomm did not name the site that they already own that is competing with youtube, which is

2820 days ago

in the know dont know sh*T    

Kfed you are so hot. You came on the scene while we were still tryin to spell scene. These people dont get what your about. I do . So email me.

2820 days ago

The Duke    

I'm sorry, but Jodie Foster should be able to do whatever she wants, no matter what it is. Why? Because........she's worth it! Brought to you by the makers of L'Oreal Murkin Moisturizer, for those days or nights when you're feeling a little dry and itchy.

2820 days ago


I hope Kev is very happy at Motel 6.

2820 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

lmfao That fed LITERALLY slapped the lesbian out of her! :-P That's funny.

2820 days ago


When can we stop caring about anything related to Sean Combs as well as Paris Hilton?

I'm sick of hearing about either of them. K Fed, too.

2820 days ago

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